Punchbowl Interviews

Even on our off weeks, we're thinking about D&D. The Punchbowl is our opportunity to talk to people that are pushing the game forward: creatively, communally, and socially.

We sit down with Will and Brian, the hosts of the Dungeoncast, a podcast that breaks down every aspect of D&D one episode at a time. Find them on Twitter @thedungeoncast.

We sit down with Celeste and Britany, two creators of Venture Maidens, an all-female real play podcast. Find them on Twitter @venturemaidens.


We sit down with Lauren Bilanko, the co-owner of 20 Sided Store in Brooklyn, NY. We talk about the rebirth of Fifth Edition, community building for all players, and how to sell Dungeons & Dragons without scaring away the customer. Find her at @bilanko on Twitter, and find 20 Sided Store at http://twentysidedstore.com/ or IRL at 362 Grand Street, Brooklyn, NY. And here are Lauren’s “Master, Dungeon Master” posts she talked about in the interview.