Afterparty: Bachelorette Party X

Splitting the party, speaking German and Billy Ray Cyrus. This is the Afterparty, where we sit down after every episode to break down our game and answer your questions about how to play at home.


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- Dungeon Master: Eric Silver

- TR8c (Tracey): Brandon Grugle

- Inara Harthorn: Amanda McLoughlin

- Johnny B. Goodlight: Michael Fische

- Creative Contributors: Connor McLoughlin, Julia Schifini, Heddy Hunt

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Amanda: Okay, here's a D&D hot take. Splitting the party is good, and interesting for character building. Earlier in this campaign, when we did the first solo scenes, I personally was so terrified because I didn't think I could carry a scene on my own. And this time I was like, hell yeah. No one to interrupt me and make jokes or to do impulsive actions that stop me from doing what I want to do, and vice-versa. I could just kind of sit back and watch the scene unfold and not to think about my own place in it. But I think that having one-on-one PC/NPC time is really good for characterization, and I'm glad that we split our party.

Michael: I'm always a big fan of RPGs that are heavier on the RP than the G. Splitting the party really lets you do that character development that, yes, obviously, we're doing a podcast where this is better if things like this can happen. Even in games, I love splitting the party when it is the player's choice and it's actually good for the story, not just because [grumpy voice] “I'm mad at you and I want to go this way in the dungeon, I'm mad at you and I want to go this way in the dungeon.” Then everyone dies because they actually should have just left the dungeon. The dungeon was a creature's mouth. Anyway, we'll go on.

Amanda: You can always leave the dungeon, people. Remember, you can always leave the dungeon.

Michael: Yeah. There's always option C. It's not just always A and B. Yeah, I enjoyed it because I got to, on the spot, do a lecture, which was fine. I'm glad I did Q&A because that was necessary.

Amanda: That was fun.

Brandon: That was really good.

Amanda: Both Brandon and I just defaulted to our character voices when asking questions the first time. I think my voice got closer to Inara's as I went on, and I tried to just be Janet from The Good Place so sorry, I tried.

Brandon: I think it's interesting that last time we did a split the party it was sort of like a relaxation break, like a training sort of thing.

Amanda: Montage, yeah.

Brandon: This time each character made their own decision to intentionally split up. It's a demarcation of a shift in our party, the way that our party thinks and operates as individuals and as a group.

Amanda: Yeah.

Brandon: Amanda and Michael, what were your thoughts going into this game, knowing in advance what you want to do or what you didn't do? How did you prepare for that?

Amanda: Eric asked us what we wanted to do in the next episode as he often does and I said, I don't know, man. I just want to get Alonzo back to Fidopolis and if I have to handcuff him to me to make it happen, I will. He said, okay. Suddenly, I'm handcuffed to Alonzo. Inara needed to get out of there. It was a very ... Really ended the last episode with a bang, and ...

Michael: A flash bang.

Amanda: A flash bang, and I don't think she could have taken being seen or talked to by anyone who knew what had gone down, which is all of Tortopolis, after the newspaper situation.

Brandon: This is my question, while you were actually playing this, is like, I want to hear everyone on the table's thoughts about Brinks, because from my perspective, she is still kind of a jerk, but is absolved a little bit of some guilt here, because she didn't necessarily have an entire hand in this. She was being manipulated, but it seems like you don't necessarily feel that way?

Amanda: I think as a character, she is so fascinating. I love the idea of a protagonist in a reality show, I love this whole conception of reality shows as the modern bread and circus, the modern thing to distract and entertain humanity. I love that instead of being a person that's the most attractive and telegenic, instead it's a person with a really interesting past and real motivations, and a conscious choice to do this, even though there were other people kind of pulling the strings behind the production. Me personally, I love that character.

Michael: I will say I'm a little disappointed in her. She had started out as someone who was a political activist and really cared about the community, blah, blah, blah. Doing stuff against the entire system, which was weird. But she decided to declare her love for Inara by saying, will you marry me, and not like ... I think that they could have ...

Brandon: Let's go on a single date.

Amanda: Yeah, it wasn’t even a proposal, it was just the winner, and we didn't get a chance to hear more.

Michael: There was no chance to actually get to know each other and it was disappointing to see that, because I wanted her instead to ask Inara out on some dates, actually get to know each other. That could have been really interesting. It's a shame that she did that. I'm not saying this against you, this is who the character is. You, being Eric. This is an audio medium. (laughs)

Amanda: Me too. Sometimes The Bachelor ends with the person being like, yeah we're going to date and see how it goes, or we're going to give this a shot.

Eric: No, that never happens.

Amanda: Should end.

Eric: It should, but the reality of The Bachelor is you've got to get married at the end.

Amanda: I think that for a lot of reasons, that forcing of Inara’s hand, the answer had to be no. There was no scenario in which she would say yes, unless yes was, can you return home? Take care of your business, make sure everything's okay with your people, and some time in the next six months we'd go on a chaste date.

Michael: Yeah, that's the thing. That's why I mentioned her political strategist and stuff. If she was like a good political person, game this out. You should know that you're going to receive a no.

Amanda: Draw out the courtship, right.

Michael: Figure it out-

Brandon: I don't think she actually was. That's the thing, I think she's sort of a phony. I don’t know, we don't know her backstory.

Michael: That's why I'm disappointed because it lends credence to, she's just someone who was picked to lead this place because there's been so much political turmoil in this city. Another thing we haven't really gone over is the fact that this place has gotten over so many leaders-

Amanda: Elections

Michael: And she's just the next one. Who knows how long she's going to be there?

Amanda: To me, she seems like a person willing to do anything to help bring her home together. If it's acquiescing to the ceremony of a very formulaic and pretty unrealistic program, I see the logic in why she would do that. If this is Fidapolis and she didn't need to get married at the end and they met over coffee or something, I don't know where that would go. Instead, I'm glad that I, that Inara got the chance to at least talk to her. I think she would have felt really bad about piecing at that point. She felt shitty that it was in public, of course. But, I don’t know, I don't think Inara’s had to do that before, face up to a person that she's hurt.

Michael: You better not hurt Captain Alex. You wouldn't be able to handle it.

Amanda: We didn't hug at the end. I think leaving Anara's security blanket behind ... she might throw it out, who knows. I think we had to do something.

Brandon: We all left our security blanket behind in this episode, didn't we? You, Johnny, have now had to actually, for realsies, be into your religion and give it to other people.

Michael: Truly, who says… wait, hold on, I always have to.

Amanda: And declare that you're not unambiguously only pro-light, which I think that was really significant.

Michael: I mean, There’s just clearly more shadow now than light. I'm a light guy, but we need...

Amanda: I think we're Johnny, though, like adaptable, smooth-talking survivor now. That was my read, anyway.

Michael: I'm really interested as a player to hear what the Light and Shadow are, how they feel about this.

Amanda: Me too.

Michael: If there's an opportunity for it to get a peek into that. Actually, this whole experience at Noto Oto’s place, and the opportunity of some level ups that are coming up. Johnny's going to be multi-classing into cleric with a religion of, kind of his creation. Pretty much that was his declarative statement to both the Light and Shadow that, I'm making a religion, I'm tired of you guys telling me what to do, or I should do this or that. So he's making a religion based on the balance of the Light and Shadow and that it adapts as the times change. Currently, there's more shadow than light. And there's going to be some cleric stuff happening soon. I will keep it ambiguous, at that. More spell slots, heh heh heh  

Amanda: Is the holy text of this religion titled “Por Que No Los Dos?

Michael: “Por Que No Los Dos? is one of the tenants, of course.

Brandon: Tacos being a second?

Michael: Tacos being a second. I've also written down now that Johnny Be Good Light, comma, Prophet of Light and Shadow.

Amanda: Kickass. That's great.

Michael: You don't have to call me that, Tracey.

Eric: Tracey will not ever call you that.

Michael: And I would never want Tracey to.

Amanda: Oh my god, Tracey and Chad's friendship though.

Michael: That was cute.

Amanda: So cute.

Michael: Remember that time where you almost go absorbed by Chad.

Brandon: At least it would be warm.

Michael: Would it?

Amanda: Would it?

Eric: I don't know.

Amanda: But is it cool to the touch?

Michael: I mean the melting of your metal would be…

Brandon: Do you think Tracy would be digested if he stayed in there too long.

Michael: Yeah. Yeah. Anything does.

Amanda: Everything gets digested.

Eric: I also wanna make clear that Chad is actually in large in terms of D&D sizing, which is 10x10. He is as large as a griffin, which is the example I got from the DM's guide.

Brandon: Fish, how did you prepare for your scenes?

Michael: Didn’t.

[Everyone laughs]

Eric: That’s the truth, that’s the truth.

Michael: That’s how I roll though. That's how I like to play D&D. I'll talk to Eric beforehand. He knows that I'm moving towards cleric. It was sprung on me that I was actually going to do a lecture. I thought that I could just say topics of the lecture topics. I was gonna give-

Brandon: Did you write a syllabus up?

Michael: No, obviously not. What part of, I do not prepare for D&D on purpose ...

Amanda: I thought you did very well. How does Johnny prepare for doing this? Does it feel good or does it feel shaky? Do you feel false or right?

Michael: I think it feels self-affirming. We've been looking at a lot of Players Handbooks recently because we've been annotating for our long-term patrons. You go to a sections and you see the planes, and there's a positive and a negative plane. It needs to be in balance. You can't have life without death. Johnny has figured it out. Also, eldritch blasts that you can control how much darkness to light is cool. I like that now he has a quirk of playing with an eldritch blast in his hands.

Amanda: Yeah, It’s very threatening

Michael: I love it.

Amanda: What consequences do you guys think our counterparts will have for us going forward. Obviously, P0R0 and pursuing them and uncovering their mystery ended up being really illuminating for Tracey and warforged backstory. Alice has forced Johnny to...

Michael: I don't feel forced.

Amanda: Given your opportunity to be a leader, is that fair to say?

Michael: Yeah. Any good religion needs disciples, needs acolytes, needs priests, whatever you wanna use the word. She can absolutely be in charge of the day to day stuff while I go out and preach, AKA go adventuring and kill some baddies.

Amanda: I think Autumn kind of gave Inara a chance to, or forced her, to confront the reality of going whole hog on assassin lifestyle. Asking herself, are these the people I want to call mine? Is this the kind of impression I want to give to others? I don't think she's answered those questions. Seeing the full evolution of a thing that you've taken two steps down that path is really useful. Who knows if I'll run into her again? I kind of hope that I do, but I know that it'll also force some reckonings and decisions. But I thought it was very cool to run across these character foils.

Michael: Amanda, do you regret choosing the assassin guild? Do you think you, much like Inara, may have hastily picked a guild that maybe doesn't fully agree with you? As both Inara and Amanda.

Amanda: Yeah, I think I picked it mostly because of the faction safe haven. I don't know, I was kind of looking through the lists of backgrounds wondering which was going to be most useful. We were going to be adventurers, this safe haven aspect of a faction agent and being in the assassins guild means that you get extra hospitality and help whenever you come across someone of your faction somewhere in the universe. I thought that was a pretty cool idea. I also wasn't prepared or really thinking about emotional connection between characters, and so choosing someone who's profession or background makes them so solitary and necessarily not attached to other people isn't a great choice for a role-playing podcast. But I didn't ever think about asking to change because, at this point, this is the character, and I think forcing myself to play someone who really needs to make choices, and having the game and the DM and other characters push my character lovingly closer and closer to a cliff, I think is useful for me as a player. I don't like conflict. I don't like suffering. I don't like seeing people fight. And so I will never make the choice to make my character face something difficult. I think if I, more than others, have to resolve something fundamentally conflicting about my character that is good, because I otherwise would run in the opposite direction.

Brandon: Also, Crews is alive, y'all. Autumn's a bad assassin.

Amanda: Yeah. Autumn didn't do a murder.

Eric: At the end there, Autumn was very close to killing this guy. This is not the usual way that she works. She's an assassin. She works in the shadows. She was literally on camera and had to do this as sneaky as possible and I rolled a very high slight of hand check to make this happen. Crews was bleeding out, I guess you would say, so the mud people took him away and then put him in the magic mud in the stalactites chamber. And that, as we've learned, suspends animation in all ways, so Crews is all wrapped up and there's not better suture than magic mud, I guess. Although it didn't get him together, once they cleaned him up they were able to save him. Holy water is holy water. It's stabilized, I'm fine with that. I never envisioned Crews dying. I think he was very close. Autumn wanted to look like that, and that was her intent. I never wanted him to really be dead.

Michael: There was really only one death in the entire thing, and that was that centaur dude. What was his name? Was he an Ambrose?

Eric & Brandon: Ash!

Michael: Ash, yeah. Ash was sent to this hellgate dimension thing?

Brandon: Maybe it was a nice dimension will lots of flowers-

Eric and Michael: Nooooo

Eric: No, he said it was the ethereal plane and it was bad.

Amanda: No, maybe that means that everyone just wears white gauze and frolics in fields.

Brandon: With lots of snacks!

Michael: I think technically with the ethereal plane, unless you're able to live there due to magics or whatever, you'll eventually just die.

Brandon: So maybe he just eats oats for the rest of time.

Michael: No, he just dies. He dies.

Brandon: Its just oats. Buckets and buckets of oats.

Eric: We don't know what happened to him. But he got magicked away by horse demon and ... Usually not great. Autumn's intent was really to kill as many people as possible. It just so happens that everything went belly up very shortly. There were plans. We could have done the one-on-one with the pancake bar.

Amanda: Damnit.

Eric: There were gonna be more eliminations-

Brandon: Dammit, the murder at the pancake bar of death.

Eric: There was a lot more to do.

Michael: Alonzo shot an arrow and we found an attic.

Amanda: I like to believe that the cast members will all get together and become lifelong friends.

Michael: I don't. Johnny won't. Tracey, will you?

Brandon: I don’t even like Johnny.

Amanda: Maybe there's a reunion special, maybe there's a spinoff where Minerva tries to find love. Who knows?

Eric: Our Five Ambrose.

Amanda: Well, while we wait to find out what the next arc is, do we have questions from our listeners?

Eric: Yeeeees we do. This is from [laughs], this is from Nick and Lübbers, it literally has an umlaut over the U. Lübbers?

[everyone says Lübbers]

Brandon: We apologize for mispronouncing your name.

Eric: Nick is from Germany and he asks, well first of all he says some nice stuff about us. Thank you so much, Nick. His question is for Amanda, but hopefully everyone can say something. “Amanda, you said that you've been to Germany. Did you learn a little bit of German and is it possible to use it in the game? Also I would love, exclamation point, to hear you say a German word, which means squirrel.” I can't pronounce that, but I want you to give it a shot.

Amanda: Eichhörnchen

Michael: That's very good.

Amanda: No, I did not learn any German. My grandmother is German, which sucks for me. I can basically just know what German foods I really like. I know no German at all.

Brandon: I've been to Berlin as well, and all of my family is from Germany, pretty much. I look so German that when I was in Berlin, even though I was in a group of loud Americans, German folk would turn to me and complain about the loud Americans in German to me, and I'd be like, uhhhhhhhh. I love Germany, can we move there, I want to be German.

Amanda: JTP, live, Oktoberfest, 2019. Get at us.

[Everyone goes awwww yes]

I have never been to Munich, which I really wanted to do.

Brandon: Me too. Cologne, Bavaria

Amanda: I loved Berlin, and I would live there, if I had a compelling reason to, without question.

Brandon: Me too, yep.

Eric: This one is from our Discord, we have an afterparty questions Discord channel where you can ask them so you should come and hang out with our Discord if you're a patron. This one comes from Mariko who asks, what would be in each character's perfect breakfast burrito or sandwich?

Brandon: I have so many thoughts about this.

Amanda: Whoa.

Brandon: In a future place where I have money and time I would open a restaurant, two restaurants. One is a bar and mac & cheese place. The other is a breakfast burrito restaurant.

Amanda: I love it.

Eric: Breakfast Mexican food is so underrated.

Brandon: Is it underrated? It's the best food of all time.

Eric: It's super regional. I don't think I've had it anywhere outside of visiting Texas.

Brandon: Interesting.

Eric: Tacos are meat, not eggs.

Amanda: I would definitely go eggs, chicken sausage, avocado, black beans, crema.

Brandon: You're going for the California baja route.

Amanda: Yeah, and maybe just a little bit fresh tomato salsa. Cilantro. Get at me.

Michael: Johnny would want something spicy. He wants to live that spice life.

Amanda: Spicy like the Light.

Michael: He's a spice lord. [Everyone laughs] Eggs, obvi. Pepper jack cheese. All sorts of peppers, but not the spicy ones, but also jalapeno and spicy peppers. Its served in a bucket of hot sauce.

Brandon: Here's what you do if you're from Texas. You get a burrito, you put the eggs in there.

Amanda: I'm so hungry.

Brandon: You put the cheddar cheese or queso, queso preferred. Then either bacon or sausage, your choice.

Amanda: Take us to Texas!

Brandon: It's very simple, just those three and then whatever salsa you prefer. Not pico, because pico, it's different. I prefer salsa verde. Then you eat it, and that's pretty much it. Flour tortilla.

Eric: Yeah, flour all the way. What's it called, migas?

Eric: Migas. That shit's the best.

Brandon: I forgot, and then you put tortilla strips in it.

Eric: Ooo, okay. Yeah, I'd wanna get whatever they serve me. Like migas, just give it to me. I don't care. This isn't about our characters. I'm just so hungry.

Michael: We all need food right now.

Brandon: I miss my state's food. Very badly

Eric: This one is from Potterless. Michael Schubert, of the Schubert podcast.

Amanda: Who's that?

Eric: It's our friend Mike.

Amanda: Oh nice.

Eric: What song at the club makes each character go, “oh shit!” and run to the dance floor to kill it?

Brandon: Cut to the feeling, Carly Rae Jepsen.

Eric: Good.

Amanda: Boyfriend, by Tegan and Sara.

Eric: I was going to say for Inara, it was gonna be either that, or anything by Janelle Monae.

Amanda: Oh, yeah yeah yeah. I have not emotionally processed Dirty Computer enough to distinguish any of the tacks from each other.

Eric: That's fair.

Amanda: Make Me Feel is also very good. Make Me Feel is too good, it makes Inara just embarrassed and hide in the bathroom for a minute.

Eric: Does Johnny like Achy Breaky Heart? [Everyone laughs at Eric’s great joke.]

Michael: I was gonna say Firework but I guess Achy Breaky Heart.

Brandon: I saw Billy Ray Cyrus at a fucking festival in Texas when I was eight, and I did not understand what was happening on the quote unquote dance floor. There was just a bunch of older Texans going like, meh, meh, meh.

Eric: We had line dancing in one of our gym class, I think in elementary school, and one of the dances we learned was Achy Breaky Heart.

Brandon: Absolutely.

Michael: What is with your guys’ school experiences?

Eric: Public school.

Michael: Yeah, me too, but way different.

Brandon: No, this is a thing, I thought everyone did this.

Eric: I thought it was a thing that they made elementary school PE do.

Amanda: No, we just did Electric Slide.

Eric: “It's electric. Boogie boogie boogie.” We did that as well.

Michael: The closest was in high school having to do Soulja Boy to pass gym. [everyone says yikes] I went to DCPS, y'all

Eric: That's very good.

Brandon: More questions.

Eric: Okay. This one comes from Potentially a Lasagna, who's Katie, our mod.

Brandon: Is she a lasagna though?

Michael: I’m so hungry

Eric: What app would each of the characters use the most and why?

Michael: The flashlight app, this is easy.

Eric: The light situation's bad, here's a flashlight.

Michael: Here, it's a flashlight.

Amanda: I'm really torn between either a, like, what do you call a soundboard where you can have sound effects?

Michael: Just like a soundboard, yeah.

Eric: A soundboard app, yeah.

Amanda: Exactly. Or some kind of dog-related, like dog health, dog optimizing, dog game.

Michael: Dog optimizing. [robot voice] Optimizing dog.

Amanda: Can you tell I'm allergic to the world and I've never had a pet?

Brandon: The to-do list app, I guess?

Eric: [Tracey voice] I have so much to do, I'm Tracey!

Brandon: Just organizational apps.

Eric: I think Ev is really into League of Legends and he can't stop playing.

Michael: Wait wait wait, Ev is into Fortnight, and he has it on mobile.

Eric: Oh no.

Brandon: That’s absolutely it. What about Alonzo?

Eric: Alonzo got really into Words with Friends, but he's ruthless and no one will play with him.

Michael: No one answers his invites.

Eric: ‘Cause he mass blasts them out to everybody.

Brandon: Here's a curve ball, Tami and Taylor.

Eric: Also Fortnight.

Michael: Yeah, they’re young, also Fortnite.

Eric: This one is from Schubes, from the Potterless podcast. This is one for Michael Fische.

Michael: Ahhhh you scared me. Ahhhh get outta here.

Eric: “Don’t break my heart, my achy breaky heart.” [everyone else yells at Eric] “Eric has told me that you have loads of dice and only use the good ones when you play. That being said, how many dice have you banished and or thrown out because they're unlucky? Follow-up, have you ever done the equivalent of smashing your video game controller by chucking a D20 across the room in disgust.

Michael: I would never actually do that to a video game controller because that costs a lot of money to replace

Brandon: You have a lot of control, my dear.

Eric: Seriously.

Michael: This is getting away from the point. I will banish dice if they are consistently bad. I think I've only actually done that to no more than ten. Those are definitely back in my college, being upset as a DM days. Right now what I do is I cycle through. If a dice has been particularly good in one game I'm going to keep that in my rotation and then swap out as needed. Most of my dice disappear because people just take them. I like to give the dice that has given me bad luck to others, because generally they-

Brandon: Because fuck them?

Michael: No no no

Amanda: Because it resets!

Michael: You then roll better because it didn't work — the dice wasn't meant for me. It almost always gets good rolls for the person I give it to. Almost always. Really only ten I fully put in... I wish I buried them but all I did was go to a thrift store and place them on the counter. I wish I had done a more ritualistic thing.

Eric: That would have been cool. I like that you just abandon them and someone needs to retrieve them.

Michael: I don't want them to be gone forever. I used to carry a full set of... I'm such a nerd. I used to carry a full set of dice on me at all times.

Brandon: I love you. I love you. I love you.

Amanda: In case you were drawn by a fairy into a game?

Michael: My move past that was to carry a D20 on me at all times. I would use that if I was having decision anxiety, I would roll for answers.

Brandon: I do think I remember in the office one time where I had to do something for D&D, not our game, before we even started playing, and I was like, crap I forgot my dice. Fish, do you have a D20 on you? And you were like, yeah.

Michael: That's probably true.

Amanda: It's a good fidget toy as well.

Michael: Totally. Other good fidget toy is a dreidel.

Eric: Very true.

Brandon: I am just picturing you in a contest with a fairy in the fae world now like [high-pitched fairy voice] “We're going to play a game, Fish.”

Michael: And If you lose, you get sent to the Shadow Realm.

Amanda: Instead of fairy food, it's a trail of dice in increasing increments going toward a bower.

Michael: It's like, Oh, a piece of candy, but it's dice.  If I see dice leading in a trail I'll follow them because I want those dice.

Amanda: Hansel and Gretel, baby.

Brandon: [laughs] You leave your dice at my home. I'm going to do this now.

Eric: Good answer, good answer.  This one is from Horkley. “The Bachelorette arc draws heavily from shows like The Bachelor and Big Brother. Are there any other pieces of pop culture you think would make compelling settings or inspirations for RPGs?”

Amanda: Drag Race.

Michael: CSI:Miami. Specifically Miami.

Amanda: The Zoo!!!!! [everyone laughs and makes jokes about We Bought a Zoo] Noooo, The Zoo. Much superior. I'm going to go home and watch it right now.

Brandon: Did you guys ever watch that 3%? The Brazilian Netflix series? That would be a good RPG.

Eric: What is that?

Brandon: It's this really cool Brazilian series that's on Netflix that, it's sort of already video game-y in that, there's the three percent of the population that gets to go this nice part of the world. Everything else is trashed because it's in the future and dystopian situation.

Michael: [foppish voice] You have to pass the trials to go in, ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Eric: You have to pass the trials, of course. It's really good. I like the show a lot.

Michael: Yeah, it's very good. Well-acted too.

Amanda: It's a little bit saturated at this point, but Hunger Games would be very interesting because there are alliances, there's a lot of random events. It's very game-ified and built on games to begin with, so I think that would be pretty cool.

Eric: Miyazaki films, of course. I've pulled from a lot of Miyazaki films just to fill stuff in. I want a Spirited Away, for mythology-based one. I also like the idea of Howls' Moving Castle, just the fact that there's a home base that can move I think solves a lot of D&D problems.

Amanda: I love that.

Michael: Here's why CSI:Miami, seeing as no one asked. David Caruso, best character in all of television.


Michael: Exactly. The punning is real. It's very important. Also, that episode where a giant tsunami kills all of Miami. We could easily do an episode about that.

Eric: Good. Good, I like that.

Amanda: Well, it's been an arc. It's been an arc.

Brandon: It's been an arc.

Eric: I can't believe I just ran an arc based on The Bachelorette.

Amanda: I love this.

Brandon: Do you feel good about your choices.

Eric: I feel so good about it. It was wild.

Michael: Should you feel good about your choices?

Eric: I do. I feel very good.

Amanda: I think I'm just going to say it. I think we did a great job. I love that we can bring pop culture stuff into our fantasy world, especially a franchise as fraught with heteronormativitiy as The Bachelor, and make it an interesting part of our fantasy.

Brandon: Next up, I dunno, Full House?

Amanda: Every D&D game is kind of Survivor.

Eric: That’s true.

Amanda: Or Amazing Race.

Brandon: Oh, I'd do Amazing Race D&D.

Amanda: Thank you for joining us for another Afterparty. We are so excited to talk with you about what you thought at the end of this arc. Your head canons for where you think our fellow contestants are going and will go in the future. Please reach out to us. We're @jointhepartypod on Twitter, on Facebook, on Instagram, on Tumblr. We also have transcripts of every episode as well as recaps of the previous arcs available at You can keep the party going all day, and night, every day, by joining our patron-only Discord. That's at For as little as $1, you can join our really wonderful community of people on Discord who chat about dogs and dice and other podcasts that they love and nice things and bummers and food and pups. So many pups.

Brandon: And pups that eat food.

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Brandon: Goodbye.

Eric: See you later.

Michael: Undying Light be with you.