Afterparty: Bachelorette Party V

Afterparty: Bachelorette Party V


Transforming objects into animals, getting aggro at the gym, and cracking open fortune cookies. This is the Afterparty, where we sit down after every episode to break down our game and answer your questions about how to play at home.


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Cast & Crew

- Dungeon Master: Eric Silver

- TR8c (Tracey): Brandon Grugle

- Inara Harthorn: Amanda McLoughlin

- Johnny B. Goodlight: Michael Fische

- Creative Contributors: Connor McLoughlin, Julia Schifini, Heddy Hunt

- Multitude:


Amanda: Hello! Welcome to the After Party, where we are definitely not covered in mud with lots of stones in our pockets, why would you ask?

Michael: Oh, we need to see what the magic situation is of those stones!

Amanda: We do!

Brandon: What color were they, Eric?

Eric: They were like black. A lot like The Hunger in The Adventure Zone, like the black with all these like different colored streaks. Not nearly as nefarious, I can tell- 

[Brandon laughs] 

Eric: I think I get to spoil that, like don’t worry about it. Those stones are just like ornamental.

Brandon: Tracey throws his stone away immediately.

Michael: I don’t know what you’re referencing, so okay.

Eric: Yeah you’re fine.

Amanda: Looking back, in fact, yeah, there’s a lot of weird- I don’t want to say weird to offend you and your religion, Fish, but-

[all laughing]

Amanda: Unusual Light in objects. Just that image of you like silhouetted against the Jumbotron, not to mention like the Color Spray and the glitter skateboard and, you know all of the very vivid like combat that we had. It’s- mmm, it’s so cool.

Michael: The light situation was strong with us on this day.

Brandon: We glittered that mud up real good.

[all snicker]

Brandon: How did that work, Eric? I mean I know I got the basic form, but why did you choose that over, say normal Initiative or some other sort of combat form?

Eric: I think that since this was like a game with a different sort of goal, I felt pretty okay with using Initiative. Like, you weren’t trying to kill anyone. You were just trying to get these hoops on top of the head of the Nightmare. First of all, I’d like to shout out Mischa Stanton for helping me with the rules and the way that this game sort of shakes out. The Initiative is not the thing that determines who wins the throw. Like, that’s the worst part is when you’re stuck in the back of Initiative, like Tracey was rolling a one-

Brandon: You guys didn’t see it, but I finished a whole crossword puzzle waiting for every turn before it got it me.

Eric: And I think that’s still the problem with Initiative, but I think that if you’re prepping, I think there's no problem with kind of waiting and letting yourself kind of do other interesting activities.

Amanda: Yeah, and it may even be an advantage to see how other players plan to spend their turn before you’re able to kind of set yours in motion.

Brandon: Totally.

Eric: But the throwing should all happen at the same time. Like the literal thing that determines whether or not you win the game should not be, like, Initiative-bound. And I felt really good about that. Mischa did this with dino races, which they pulled from I think ‘Tomb of Annihilation’ or just like crafted their own thing. And it’s like you have to deal with the problem with your dinosaur, but then like the actual racing, like going around the track, happens on like this bonus round. And I think that was a good way to deal with winning something that wasn’t death.

Amanda: And I actually played a game of dino racer with Mischa for their birthday, and I really loved the mechanic there as well- sort of similar, because there was a lot more room for flavor. Like I was playing a Bard so I would like sing something every turn to like get Inspiration and cheer my dino on, you know, and do that before the actual like running slash dealing with obstacles occurred. I thought it was really fun. Also-

Brandon: Did you win the race?

Amanda: I did, actually. I won the race playing a character called Eric Silver, who was a-

[Brandon bursts out laughing]

Michael: Oh dear.

Amanda: A bard, yeah. I hadn’t done my preparation, and everybody else had brought a character ready to go, and I had to improvise.

Brandon: [gasping] I need that stat block immediately. 

Amanda: He’s very high in Charisma.
Eric: Hey now, this was also when I got my wisdom teeth out, so it’s just like- I’m just like bleeding out of my mouth and I’m like, “I hope I’m doing well in Dungeons and Dragons!”

Amanda: I also love tht the Nightmare didn’t attack us. Like anticipating and fearing attacks is so boring to me, and makes me scared to do things, because I feel like if at any point, the Nightrider… The Nightrider? No.

Brandon: Yeah, it was a sentient car flying around the stadium.

[everyone laughing]

Amanda: Isn’t that a Nicholas Cage movie? Anyway, if the Nightmare at any point could have just like turned around and breathed fire on all of us, I wouldn’t have followed it on my badass skateboard, you know, I would have hid. For me anyway, it made more creative and do bolder things.

Brandon: But that Nightmare did take out our centaur friend. How-

Michael: Eh, friend’s a strong word.

[Amanda laughing]

Brandon: Touché, touché. How did that work?

Amanda: [imitating Inara] What happened to Ash? What-huh?

Eric: Okay, so there are two layers here. First of all, this is a Nightmare, which is from the Monster Manual. It’s basically like a reverse Pegasus. Like you can’t think of this thing as a horse. It’s really like a fiend or a demon that is in the shape of a horse. So it’s sentient, it’s aware, it like has feelings.

Michael: We all have feelings.

Amanda: Aw!

Eric: We do all have feelings, but like-

Brandon: How did it feel about murdering people?

Eric: Well, it has agency, so it’s like it more just wants to escape and get the fuck out of there than hurt other people. Much like you three in this game, it’s not playing the game as the monster. It’s playing the game to get a goal. And its goal was to be released. 

Brandon: Aw, I’m sad now!

Amanda: I know, it’s kind of tragic.

Eric: I mean, well, the other part of this though is that this thing is actually part of an obsidian figurine, which is like- you can conjure this thing magically from a toy using a code word, which we learned was “aground.” In the end of the previous episode, the Representative went down, whispered something to it, it turned into a Nightmare, and then she took it back, and now she can’t use it for a certain amount of time.

The thing that happened with Ash is that one of the attacks is called Ethereal Stride. The Nightmare and up to three willing creatures within five feet of it magically enter the Ethereal Plane from the Material Plane, or vice versa. Now that’s willing, and like in one hand I was like Ash is like talking to it in horse language, and that’s kind of close, but with the obsidian figurine, there’s a whole thing based around your alignment, and if you are good, you try to ask it to do something, there's a 10% chance it will take you directly to the gates of hell and then turn into a figurine.

[all snickering]

Amanda: That’s amazing.

Eric: And I- I think it’s crazy and just like the chance was so low, and the goodness was- like we all know that like the alignment chart was a construct, so I kind of smushed those two things together, and I rolled a 50/50 chance if it would like take it to the Ethereal Plane or not, and then it did. Which was pretty cool and I liked it.

Brandon: Interesting.

Eric: There’s a- this is actually one of my favorite parts of the DM’s Guide is like the magical items. I think there’s some really cool things in there. I really like figurines or being able to pull friends out of nowhere. So like the Bag of Tricks is also one of my favorite magical items.

Michael: I’m actually always worried about a certain item that Inara has, and a door that is patched onto it, because I am a fan of the- is it City of Many Doors? City of a Thousand Doors? There’s a specific- it’s in the plane system. It’s just like you go there and there’s just tons of doors leading to everywhere, and when I think of the Ethereal Plane I think of that. And it’s also not the funnest place to be. It’s also like-

Brandon: Isn’t that the matrix?

Eric: Yeah, like Dimension Door when you pull this door off it like- there are some people who say that a door to anywhere would go to this like pocket universe within the Ethereal Plane that goes to any other plane.

Amanda: I was thinking about Philip Pullman’s Subtle Knife. You know, Golden Compass, Amber Spyglass series? And there is a kind of like world between worlds there that is- when we first encounter it, it’s a completely kind of deserted, abandoned town with a bunch of water fountains, like in a park. And then you jump into the fountain. And like I mean it’s a trope played with a lot. Like The Magicians the book has that a bunch as well, but anyway I really am curious about that Ethereal Plane. 

I actually was very close to using that door patch. My impression is that when you take the patches off the cloak, like something about that symbol happens. And so when we were in that cave going to defeat the Bone Whale and the boulders were coming, and the ooze was creeping, and we weren’t sure what was going to be at the end of it, I was really close to using it. Luckily it wasn’t my turn, because then we end up needing to be there. But I am very curious and excited what the dog patch and the door patch are going to do.

Brandon: Oh my god, guys. Was Chad related to the ooze that died in the cave?

Eric: Wow, you’re saying that all oozes are related?

Michael: That’s- woooooooooww.

Eric: Wooooooooowwwwww.

Amanda: Woooooooooow. Wow.

Brandon: You guys turned my good, good joke into a really offensive... [laughing]

Michael: And I want to say this because it also fixes some of my sins from the past: Sigil…

[all laughing]

Michael: Is the name of the City of Doors, or it’s also known as The Cage.

Brandon: Interesting.
Amanda: Really?!

Michael: So it’s called Sigil, which is the correct way to say it, not Sig-ill. 

Amanda: Aww.

Michael: I’m just fascinated with all the planes and all the plane stuff. I’ve bothered Eric about planes many, many times. You know, the ones that fly in the air, but also-

Eric: I was literally gonna say that.

Brandon: Do you like 747s or 727… I don’t know planes.

Amanda: Fish, it takes you from one place to the other! Oh my god!

[Michael sighs]

Eric: Do you like the aisle or the window seat?

Amanda: Premium Economy, Comfort Plus…

Brandon: What’s your favorite snack?!

Eric: I like the peanuts.

Michael: I’m adamant that that door is gonna be bad news. I’m sure that Kohl gave you that for a good reason but I-I don’t trust that patch.

Amanda: I am not gonna use them lightly, don’t worry. And you know what else we’re not gonna do lightly? Weights. Because the gym is evil.

[everyone laughing]

Michael: Gym is evil.

Amanda: Heeeeey.

Brandon: Oh my god that was the best transition of all time.

Eric: Amanda’s a professional transitioner. 

Amanda: Uh, yeah, no this gym is evil. Enchantment scares me. I don’t do magic, so you know I’m kind of out of my depth here, but Fish, talk us through that.

Michael: So I got aggro’d, I guess is the terminology we’ve been using. I did tai- Johnny did tai chi early in the morning, something happened to him where he- where I was told I have two dice that I need to roll at certain times based on just being aggravated and mad. I, Michael, have had a short temperature with some of these characters.

[Eric laughing]

Michael: I don’t wanna hear, “What’s up?” from Mr. Vacation. And if some dude’s gonna come in my face and tell me that I’m doing a cheap shot, obviously Johnny’s not gonna stand for that, and Johnny overall is- like Tracey, doesn’t want to be here anymore, and I’m assuming like Inara, and he’s handling it in his own way, and I guess… We’re justifying some of these actions based on this aggro thing, but also it’s interesting that there’s an enchantment happening that’s affecting people’s personality and emotion, because you want people to get emotional and act crazy in a ‘Big Brother’ or a ‘Bachelor’ situation.

Amanda: Yeah.

Michael: So unless it’s something more nefarious, but I don’t think it is.

Amanda: Right, then that’s why actual reality TV shows so often like ban people from bringing phones, or books or music or, you know, game consoles.

Michael: But at the same time in actual TV shows behind the scenes they like- the producers and people working on it they like talk to the contestants to try to rile them up so they act-

Amanda: Exactly. “This person said this about you,” right or something like that.

Michael: Exactly. And that’s what I feel this enchantment must have been, hypothetically, and I fell into it because player Michael was game, apparently.

Amanda: Yeah, but like anything, you know, if there’s an explanation for your behavior, how much of it was the cause you think it was and how much of it was underlying, you know, desires? There’s a real kind of- that’s like a real question to ask. It’s a mixture of what you want to do already, maybe being more impulsive than usual, or more aggressive than usual, or you know, a thing that you could have otherwise pushed down if your patience has worn thin or your feelings were exacerbated, you know maybe the reaction is different. So I think it’s a very cool mechanic.

Eric: Fish, you really leaned into it, and I really appreciated it. I thought I would have to like force these d6s on you, but like I found opportunities where you were doing it anyway and it’s more, like, escalating. I think that we spend a lot of time in this game like bending but not breaking people. Like you want to hurt them to an extent that they’ll like do what you wanna do. I feel like these d6s have pushed things over the line.

Michael: Yeah.

Eric: And I really like that.

Brandon: Does Inara want to be here?

Amanda: I think I do, yeah. I think I want to spend time with Representative Brink. I want to learn more about Autumn and make sure she doesn’t beat me. And I theoretically hope Alonzo’s okay, but worrying about him is not quite enough to make me want to circumvent this competition that I was thrown into. Nothing about me likes quitting and I want to- I wanna win it.

Michael: I feel like Johnny likes to choose the people he’s around if he at all can, and it’s, you know, one thing to be thrown into a jail cell with a flip teen and then eventually going to become their friends, and having Tracey friend, but I don’t think he wants to hang around with 20 random people, so he definitely wants out. And then you know the whole Alonzo thing- don’t forget Alonzo. Hashtag. Hashmark.

[everyone laughing]

Michael: Hash whatever. 

Brandon: Hashmark.

Eric: Hashmark don’t forget Alonzo.

Amanda: Alonzo with a “z.”

Michael: Yeah. Definitely want out, and we all know how Tracey feels, right?

Brandon: Beep boop. He feels great!

Michael: Yup, there it is. Tracey wants to be here.

Eric: Brandon, can we do something about your dice?

Brandon: You know like in- I guess Friends is a good example- like in sitcoms when people get broken up with and they take all the ex’s belongings and put it in a trash can-

Amanda: Yeah.

Brandon: - and say some weird words, burn some sage, and light it on fire?

Amanda: Throw it out a window, yeah.

Brandon: Yeah, we can just burn my dice in a trash can.

Michael: I don’t think we should burn it, but if you don’t mind, I would like to lead us in a dice luck changing arcane type magic thing?

Brandon: Don’t touch my dice.

Michael: We need to fix it.

Brandon: They’re fine. They don’t need fixing.

Eric: You put them in time out.

Brandon: They’re in time out. 

Eric: You’re a very permissive dice parent. 

Brandon: Yeah.

Eric: I think the dice are rolling you.

[Brandon gasps]

Brandon: Eh. I’m okay with it.

Eric: Hey everybody. We’ve got some After Party questions. Let’s answer. Swa-pang! I gave myself a sting at the end.

Michael: Oh jeez. Okay.

Eric: This one's from the After Party questions channel on our Discord.

Michael: Ba-ba-ba-boooooww!

Amanda: Ba-ba-ba-Discord! Ba-ba-ba-baaaaaaa!

Brandon: Did you just say, “Ba-ba-ba-Discord”?

Amanda: Yeah.

Brandon: That’s great. I love it.

Amanda: You’re welcome.

Eric: This is from A Wild Squirtle. [making Pokémon battle noise] Ba-da-da-na-na-na-naaaaaah! 

Brandon: Uh, uh- Bait! Is this Safari Zone-

Michael: No. No. Stop. No.

Brandon: Or is this-

Eric: The Squirtle would never been in the Safari Zone.

Michael: It’d never been in the Safari- 

Eric: Get your head out of your ass, Brandon!

[Amanda laughing]

Michael: It would NEVER be in the Safari Zone!

Eric: This question is now in the Safari Zone. You can catch a Scyther at the end of it.

[all laughing]

Eric: A hypothetical question: Inara, Tracey, and Johnny get Chinese food while out on the road ,and find fortune cookies at the bottom of the take-out bag. Do they believe their fortunes?

Brandon: I also wanna know what you guys ordered.

Amanda: Sesame chicken.

Brandon: Great. That’s a good choice.

Amanda: Probably wouldn’t eat the broccoli. Maybe feed it to Oatcake.

[Brandon and Eric laughing]

Amanda: I think that Inara would believe the fortune if it confirms something that she was wondering about.

Eric: Yeah.

Amanda: If it’s like a- if it’s like a sign that she can interpret to be additional evidence for anything that she already wanted to do. And like she would definitely- I thought you were going to ask, Eric, if our characters weer going to open it, because I feel like Johnny might not. You know like the idea of fortunes is scary, but anyway, Inara would definitely open it because it could have a message from the Assassin’s Guild in it.

Michael: Johnny’s gonna order any kind of fried rice thing, and then lo mein for the next day.

Amanda: Nice.

Eric: Oh, classic Johnny move.

Michael: Lo mein for the next day.

Brandon: Wait, is this a thing that people do that I haven’t been doing?

[everyone speaking at once]

Amanda: Yeah!

Eric: Yeah, you order twice as much and you-

Michael: The thing is- 

Brandon: Oh my god!

Michael: Lo mein the day of- lo mein the day of when you order it, never as good as the next day. Never.

Amanda: Or pad thai.

Brandon: I need to restart my 26 years of life.

Michael: You really do.

Eric: See that’s the- that’s the problem-

Amanda: And you only pay one delivery fee! One tip! And you have- you have food for two days!

Eric: That’s the thing if you get like a protein for then-

Amanda: Yeah!

Eric: Like sesame chicken, but then sesame chicken doesn’t last because then it gets sticky and gloms to each other.

Amanda: Right.

Eric: So that’s why you get noodles to leftover.

[Brandon sighs]

Amanda: Yeah, and then white rice so you can make fried rice for breakfast with scrambled eggs the next morning.

Michael: Fish would do General Tso chicken for the order that night.

Amanda: Nice.

Michael: Johnny would do fried rice.

Eric: There you go. 

Michael: I think Johnny’s not really going to trust the source of the fortune. However, Johnny’s very interested in the “Learn Chinese.”

Amanda: Ooh!

Michael: And the lucky numbers.

Eric: [laughing] The lucky numbers!

Amanda: Good.

Michael: That is where Johnny finds value of the fortune.

Amanda: Love it.

Brandon: Now, is there a lottery in our fantasyland, and does Johnny play it?

Eric: I would say yes-

Amanda: Definitely.

Eric: And definitely.

Michael: Johnny’s won it once. Not the biggest-

Amanda: Johnny does the scratchers-

Michael: But it was a significant thing.

Eric: Right. Like Johnny won like 100 gold pieces one time.

Michael: I think it was a little more.

Brandon: How much was the scroll?

Michael: That’s like nothing-

Brandon: 100 gold?

Amanda: A banquet is 10 gold!

Michael: The way we’re doing-

Amanda: That’s all I can remember is one person banquet seat: 10 gold.

Brandon: Yeah, 10 gold.

Michael: Our- our money [stops to laugh] in this game is crazy.

Eric: But there’s-

Michael: The lucky numbers, definitely.

Amanda: Um, Tracey- don’t ask any questions about money, because Tracey is, uh, is a big fan of making and also giving it away.

Michael: Mhm.

Eric: I like to think there’s a gas station somewhere outside of Fidapolis that has Johnny’s face on it.

[all laughing]

Eric: It’s like, “Adventurer winner! 150 gold pieces!” and Johnny’s just like doing thumbs up.

Brandon: Is there an LED light that just like blinks on and off?

Eric: Yeah, yeah.

Brandon: Incessantly?

Michael: [laughing] Oh my gosh.

Eric: That sounds about right.

Michael: And Tracey?

Brandon: So, Tracey would order… I think he would order the steamed vegetables and then like the most ridiculous sauce on the side, and then dip each individual steamed vegetable in the sauce.

Amanda: Like duck sauce or something?

Brandon: Yeah.

Amanda: Nice.

Brandon: And also… what’s the fried stuff called? The Japanese frying method?

Eric: Oh, tempura.

Brandon: Tempura, yeah. Tempura vegetables.

Amanda: Nice.

Eric: Oh, yeah, I see that.

Brandon: Um, I think he would not quite understand what was happening, and be very invested, and go on a 12 month long journey to figure out what the hell this- this thing meant and how it impacted his life. And then at the end of it he would realize that it was just some guy in, you know,  on a computer in 1998 writing fortunes for money.

Eric: What is this game where Tracey goes from a fantasy game-

Brandon: It’s time travel-

Eric: -and time travels until 1998?

Brandon: Not only time travels, but reality travels.

Amanda: Ooh!

Brandon: He travels into Earth in 1998.

Amanda: It’s like Jumanji.

[Brandon laughing]

Eric: Kind of.

Brandon: He opens- he opens a fortune cookie and is sucked into it immediately.

Amanda: Yeah.

Eric: Oh my god.

Amanda: Comes out in New York City. Elf. Will what’s-his-name is there.

[Brandon laughing]

Amanda: ...Ferrell?

Eric: Will Ferrell, yeah.

[all talking at once]

Michael: Jeez.

Eric: You got it. There it is, yeah.

Michael: Oh my god. 

Greg, Alonzo, anyone that you have a thought or feeling-

Eric: Oh, man.

Amanda: Would Stoneface order like an eggroll the size of his head?

Eric: I want that!

Michael: But then also make sure that it’s not spoiled and old?

Amanda: I did that once. I ordered an eggroll at a restaurant and it came and it was the size of a whole plate. In Berlin. I was vegan at the time, so it was very hard to find vegetarian food. So I was like vegetarian, I went to like a punk anarchist cafe, and all the food was vegan, and I was like, “Dope. Amazing.” Got an egg roll, and it was literally the size of a dinner plate.

Brandon: Was it- So it was an egg roll burrito situation?

Amanda: Yeah! It was bigger than a burrito.

Eric: That’s awesome.

Brandon: That. Is. Amazing!

Amanda: It was amazing, but also there was like a bowl of duck sauce and it was overwhelming.

Brandon: [laughing] You pick it up with two hands to dip it in!

Amanda: I didn’t know what to do. I had to like cut it in half, but then you can’t cut it in more than half, because you would like-

Brandon: Destroy the structural-

Amanda: Compromise the integrity of the egg roll.

Michael: Yeah.

Amanda: So I just had it like look at it and hold it in my hands lke a fucking chimpanzee and just eat it around the edges and then a whole bite in the middle. It was very stressful.

Brandon: I wanna go to Berlin to find this.

Amanda: It was a lot of cabbage. I know where it is, we can go there one time.

Brandon: Okay let’s go.

Amanda: Yeah.

Eric: Nice. Um let’s see. I think that Alonzo reads his fortune out loud, and then he asks everybody if you think it applies to him.

Amanda: Aww.

Eric: I think that Greg pretends that he doesn't believe in fortunes, but then secretly believes in them. And I think that Stoneface eats fortune cookies whole, and doesn’t know that there are actual fortunes inside.

Amanda: Yes! [giggling] Oh good!

Michael: I’m surprised that no one- including those three- no one does the reads the fortune cookie and no matter what it says you have to say, “in bed.”

Eric: Oh, yeah.

Amanda: Ahhhhh.

Eric: Yeah, yeah.

Brandon: Is that Johnny?

Eric: I think Ev does that. 

Michael: Ev might do that.

Brandon: But then he forgets what the saying is. 

Eric: Well he’s reading it.

Brandon: No, no, no- he forgets the “in bed.”

[all talking at once]

Amanda: In, uh…

Michael: He’s like “In… uhh…”

Brandon: “What’s that thing called, where you sleep in it?”

Amanda: “In, uhhh…”

Michael: You sleep…

Amanda: “Where you like pass out every day”

Brandon: “Sometimes, yeah…”

Amanda: “You spend a third of your life there…”

Brandon: “You read a book to a child…”

Eric: “And sometimes people have sex in it.”

Brandon: Ooh. 

Amanda: Ooh.

Brandon: Ooh.

Michael: I still pee in it.

Amanda: Aww.

Eric: Terrible.

Michael: No!

Eric: Ev doesn’t have a bedwetting problem!

Brandon: No, I think-

Michael: Oh! [sarcastically] No, we’re talking about Ev… 

Eric: Jesus.

Amanda: RIght on. So, if you have questions, remarks, ideas, you can email us any time. We’re If you’re in our Discord, there’s a channel specifically for questions for After Parties called “after-party-questions,” and we are online @JoinThePartyPod everywhere you can imagine: on Instagram, on Facebook, on Twitter, on Tumblr. Tumblr’s really fun. And we love hearing from you, so please share your songs, your art, your dravels, your ideas, your headcanons. We very much want to hear it. 

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And until next episode, I guess we will- we’ll talk to you online! Thanks, y’all!

Brandon: Bye guys!

Eric: See ya later

Michael: Undying Light be with you.