Afterparty: Political Party III

This is the Afterparty, where we sit down after every episode to break down our game and answer your questions about how to play at home. Today we talk about skill challenges, water weirds, alignment, and moral relativism. Join the Party: Come for the gaming, stay for the armchair philosophy.


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- Dungeon Master: Eric Silver

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- Inara Harthorn: Amanda McLoughlin

- Johnny B. Goodlight: Michael Fische

- Creative Contributors: Connor McLoughlin, Julia Schifini, Heddy Hunt

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Amanda: Oh my god, I'm out of breath. Welcome to the After Party, guys. That was such a high seas adventure.

Brandon: I need a towel.

Michael: I guess we got our sea legs on this adventure.

Amanda: I need some inoculation against that pun and also scurvy because now we are career sailors and I love it.

Brandon: I have a line, do you want it?

Amanda:Well I've got a coconut. So we're going to shake it all around in this in this wonderful section of the podcast where we deconstruct the game, talk about what could have happened,t alk about what might happen next, and answer your questions. All I want to know is that not the most bad ass thing you've ever done in D&D?

Brandon: Yes.

Amanda: If the answer is no, don't answer it.

Eric: (Laughter)

Amanda: Eric can you take us through the way that we did that? Because it wasn't exactly initiative, we kind of chose when our turns were but we also were limited by rolls and checks as to what we can actually accomplish.

Eric: Sure. This is called a skill challenge skill Johns is kind of similar to the way that 5e does initiative and fights. It basically gives everybody a chance to do an action and really puts the onus on the players to be crafty and figure out what they need to do to solve a particular thing. So I have some ideas about what you need to do to secure the ship which is kind of like what the captain told you you need to do to sail the ship, which was to pull the rigging and secure the sails. And of course steer the thing. But everything else kind of just unfolded the way that your actions took you. I had some ideas of what happens in between “rounds,” with big quotes around them, but really it's just giving you all a chance to pitch in and contribute to what's going on.

Michael: Skill challenges are like a ton of fun because they can be any situation from building a house over like a year or so to sailing a ship through... that probably in game time was, in like the world time, was what, an hour or two? But you know you're able to go through a lot faster, you're able to do a ton of things. Really, really freaking cool that we got to do that because I've never parallel parked a ship before.

Brandon: I wrestled an octopus and you parallel parked a boat. A boat!

Amanda: I mean I did like a flying double dagger maneuver into a water weird. That was pretty fun cool too. And stole two great T-shirts!

Eric: (Laughter)

Amanda: I mean I guess we'll see if I get away with it...

Michael: I need, it doesn't have to be now, I want to know if either of the designs or what it says on the T-shirts.

Amanda: I mean you're going to see it for the rest of our lives as characters together because I'm not going to wear anything else.

Eric: Oh yeah we kind of ran through it because we were like in the middle of a storm but she did kiss you on the cheek.

Amanda: Uh, she super did, and I am now like star powered, Super Mario mushroom one up, forever. My little gay rogue is very happy.

Michael: (Bad Seinfeld impression) What's the deal with her turning into all these animals and stuff?

Eric: That's right. The captain is a Druid. She is a moon Druid. She has very high skills in doing polymorph.

Amanda: Hey hey. I'm a moon elf. We’re meant to be together.

Eric: Oh my God look at that! Twice per day she can turn into a challenge rating one animal that can swim. So she turned into the marlin and then she turned into the giant octopus. The marlin, she was kind of showing off, but like I have the stats for the octopus. So she actually did really up her strength. her strength before I add a modifier of 0. And then as an octopus it had a modifier of three. So that’s how she broke out of those manacales.

Amanda: I think gave a recurring segment of us requesting oil paintings from our listeners. But if we don't get a warforged and an octopus wrestling on a sailboat, I mean, what are we all here for?

Brandon: Oh, my manacles.

Eric: Yeah you gotta pick up the pieces of the manacles.

Amanda: I'm so sorry that you've lost your manacles and your javelin today. Another bad ass water creature that we met today is a water weird. I just pictured Gyarados, is that wrong?

Eric: That's not that far off, except Gyarados made entirely out of water. Water weird is a water elemental, so it is literally like part of the water elemental plane. It is like literally animated water that will come up and mess you up. It's actually very like territorial of the lake that it's in, and I made up that it can control this storm. But actually what Tracey learned in the trophy room earlier was how the water had ended up in Lake Kiko and Brando decided to take a aligator suitcase instead of a water weird security item.

Brandon: I didn't know what the challenge was.

Eric: That's true.

Brandon: I had no idea what—

Eric: Oh no, I'm not, I'm not faulting you. I just think it's funny. And I was waiting for that like realization to come over you. (Laughter)

Brandon: Oh yeah it came over me immediately. Like I knew I knew I should have got that popcorn bucket. And that's the casEric: you should always keep the bucket when you get a bucket of popcorn. You'll find some use for it.

Eric: All right, it's not just—it's a magical bucket of popcorn.

Brandon: Yeah like extra cheesy...

Eric: Or extra sea salt.

Amanda: Or unending! One time I mixed caramel and butter & salt popcorn and, man. That was the best decision I’ve ever made.

Brandon:  Have you ever done the carmel corn and the cheddar?

Amanda: No that doesn't sound like a very good idea. Tracey, I feel like you are being more aggressive than usual in your interpersonal decisions.


Amanda: Rage mode aside, so how is Tracey feeling about this whole situation? Obviously all of us hate Greg, but what's going on?

Brandon: I just wanted to say Tracey is a fully fledged emotional human being—or being, warforged being—but he's not happy that he's doing this. Like if you break down what's happening is that they offered us a job and then they said, “Great, you can have the job, but let's kill you first!” And that’s kind of screwed up.

Michael: After proving ourselves multiple times. I realized that we actually saved Alonzo more than the times we mentioned when we were fighting Greg. I mean, my patience is short with Greg specifically. I mean Johnny, obviously he's a fan of light and, you know, celestial beings are like friendly with lights, so. I'm not going to like throw shade at the—

Brandon: At anyone?

Amanda: At anything, ever. Shade is antithetical to your life purpose.

Michael: (Shamefully) Y’all just shut me down. I got nothing else to say.

Amanda: (Delighted) Oooh!

Michael: That's correct. You know, Tracey doesn't like speaker Martinson. Johnny wants the death of Greg to come swift and soon, not swift, painful and soon. And I personally, like my tinfoil hat conspiracy theory: Greg absolutely put that in the boat.

Amanda: The music box? Oh yeah, a hundred percent.

Michael: I am so sure he did that because he was way too happy to see us go. I have just no patience for that kid.

Amanda: Also, a music box reeks of either, one, family heirloom, or two, dumb wedding present. And who has a bunch both of those? Greg.

Michael: You know, we need to follow up on his sister at some point.

Brandon: Gregina?

Michael: Yeah, because you know what, I feel like I'm not a fan of that family and the sooner we can get Alonzo away from his husband who is clearly bad news, the better.

Amanda: Or the both of them only from the bad influence of their families. Like obviously both are under a lot of pressure. Maybe Greg is just, you know... I want to believe in Greg, is what I'm saying. I want to believe in him.

Michael: I'll give him the chance to prove himself but he's got a lot of proving himself to do. And I'm not apologizing for what we did to his people and him.

Brandon: I think that that's actually why Tracey is so upset, is he's done trying to prove himself. He's already proven himself eight hundred times over. He's done.

Michael: That's what you get with these rural families. You know, they act all, “I can do this, I can do that.” No no no no no. We are simple good adventuring folk. No no no.

Eric: I mean, I think there's a lot tied up. And I'm glad you're all running against... I don't mean to bother you. Actually, I do kind of mean to bother you. Well, I don't think you should. I think it's good for your character. Oh yeah.

Michael: I mean I was going to say as angry as we are I think it's great. I want to obviously do what's good for the land and for the Undying Light. But I can't stand these family anymore.

Brandon: It’s interesting, because I don’t think his motivation, I don't think he gives two shits about the land. I think he just cares that you, you two are safe, and you want to do it. So that's what he's going to do.

Amanda: They've been living in their uptown world! I bet they never had a backstreet guy, bet their mama never told them why. I'm going to try for that... Uptown girl.


Eric: Johnny, what was your idea of taking an oatcake from a blink dog that has boxing gloves.

Michael: So here’s the deal.

Amanda: I’m so sorry that my doorknob action ended up blowing back on you.

Michael: The thing is is that... I think it's very clear that Johnny really cares about breakfast... (screeching noise) I want breakfast! Breakfast is an important part in any Warlock's day!

Amanda: Maybe than yesterday instead of going to the library for two segments of your day you should have gone to the kitchen for one of them. Gotten some rations.

Brandon: Or like learn to cook or something.

Amanda: I'm just saying you shouldn’t have antagonize my dog man. I had extra oatcakes if you asked me for them.

Michael: I didn’t antagonize the dog. I stealthfully took it.

Amanda: You took her from her! That's all she cares about.

Eric: I also love how beat up you are now.

All: Yeah!

Amanda: You’re not good.

Michael: I have no health, basically. Out of a possible 36 I'm at 13.

Amanda: And I mean I guess next episode we'll talk in character if you need some of those potions we got.

Michael: I’d say yes, but I mean, we'll see. I'm sure everything's going to be smooth sailing, as they say—

Eric: Aha!

Michael: —from the orb back to the end of the challenge.

Amanda: Yeah this orb better be worth something or other.

Michael: It is gold and silver. Listen, here's the way I see it. We're going to be the only ones who have ever done this challenge and completed to the end. That orb is ours. It's gold and silver, we can make a good buck out of it. We're keeping that spyglass as well, made of gold. They won’t need it anymore! And it's magical! It's ours. I'm not giving it back to this family, they're crazy. They just tried to kill us!

Amanda: I love stealing stuff so I'm on board.

Eric: No one said the orb was made out of gold and silver.

Michael: Quote, “The Orb is made out of gold and silver from the library.”

Eric: I said it is gold and silver colored, like the colors. So you knew what it is. And also... what was the other thing? And also, the spyglass doesn't, actually it doesn't do spyglass things. It only does that one thing.

Michael: It's a magical item. You got collectors everywhere like that.

Amanda: It’s worth whatever someone’s willing to pay for it. So we have a question here from Brendan Miraculous, who is super awesome and active in our patron Discord. So he says, “If I remember right, Johnny is neutral, Inara is chaotic neutral, and Tracey is lawful good. But Tracey has been acting more chaotic and Inara has been acting more good. Do you anticipate your alignment changing?”

Brandon: All right, I have a lot of thoughts about this and this might be up for debate. But in my view, like, there are no absolutes in morals or laws. Like, so in relation to Tracey, his quote-unquote “lawful good” was his creator's Lawful Good. So I think what he knows as Lawful Good is doing the mission that he was given, being careful, and trying not to hurt people. But like, there aren't a ton of impediments, because he doesn't... nothing can really stop him. But I think he is also discovering the fact that that alignment of ideals that he took from his creator or his previous owner is not what other people see as that. So I think I'll actually get more aligned lawfully good as we go on.

Michael: I've always had issue with the alignment grid and I'm not the only one. There's a lot of discussions about whether or not it's a fixed thing, and whose perspective does it come from, who decides what that alignment is. Because there is a definition of chaotic, there is a definition of lawful good and of evil. But you know, the perspective that Tracey has is very unique to his own. And I think when you talk about just the grid by itself, yes, Tracey is not lawful good, especially the instance where he took Tallahassee’s bag. But you know as the character, as the person, Tracey is not just a set of rules. He has a complexity and, you know, he has a leaning towards... you have to think of it more like a line graph, where each action, each motive, each seeing that each character says, is a point on the graph. And, you know, depending on where the biggest clump is, that's kind of where you lean toward.

Brandon: It’s kind of like a scatterplot.

Michael: A scatterplot, exactly. I couldn’t think of the word. But like that may have been a moment where Tracey wasn't the most lawful good, but you know, on the whole, the statistical mean/median/mode, everything is at probably a lawful good. And you know that has changed because he's now in a different era, he's living in a different world. So you know maybe some of those things have shifted. But he's always aspiring towards there, and there's no moment where it clicks and suddenly a character who was one thing is now another boom boom like a level up. It's more like just the evolution of how the character acts. How do you feel, Amanda, with you know, the evolution of Inara?

Amanda: I think that like people characters don't always act in accordance with their stated values and they justify things to themselves. And that to me is really interesting, how people decide to act maybe they know that they are predisposed toward a certain type and want to act differently. They want to you know break out against the shell that they perceive themselves to be in. Or maybe they aspire to be something else but at the end of the day they're you know basic instinct leads another way. So I think of you know the alignment chart is less of a prescriptive, like if you're in doubt and as how your character would act and more of like opportunity or an invitation to think about how your character thinks about themselves and what is important to them when they're making decisions which is why I love the scatterplot image so much. But I think that you know Inara is all about justification, like she, the way that I that I kind of interpret chaotic neutral is that she'll make the fun choice between two. Like if all other things are equal. But then she also trusts her own moral code and what is the letter of the law is not really important to her and she also grew up outside of like a traditional kind of town or village or city where I think they kind of operate by their own traditions and laws and so I think her relationship to obviously find ourselves in a prison in the first episode like she doesn't mind stealing if she can justify to herself. And if killing is the thing that makes sense in a situation that is in accordance with her greater mission she'll do it. And I think that falls in line with the alignment that I chose.

Eric: I think it's totally fine. I mean we're creating round people we're creating round characters and everyone's allowed to have some sort of complexity if you want only 2-D characters running through your story who are just like I'm a good person and I am an evil person and we're going to fight it out, who ever wins. That's fine. But I think that everyone is really complex. Not even the people who I'm creating I'm really glad that all of you can invest this time to think about who you are and how you go through this world.

Michael: Also isn't to say that the alignment grid is bad. I mean I think it's great. I love especially when you can see those lists of Star Wars characters and which ones what, are or of anything

Brandon: Like how you put your bread away.

Michael: Yeah I mean but those are set things, our characters are still evolving and changing and that's why the scatterplot at least for characters that continue to evolve and there's a lot to ingest; scatterplot makes more sense than a grid because it has less definition.

Brandon: It's almost like nature versus nurture

Amanda: In what way?

Brandon: in that like maybe by nature your x/y alignment but like by the environment you're placed in that means something different for each individual.

Amanda: Absolutely. And I mean that's why I like Harry Potter house sorting or thinking about what your daemon or your patronus would be. It's not the be all and end all of the character and it's not as if they can have contradictory impulses but it's just a way to think about their behavior a way to take your character like hold them up and kind of turn them a certain way to just have a new perspective on them I think it's just another opportunity to be reflective and introspective and critical and I think that's going to benefit you know the end of the day. Friend of the show Mischa Stanton writes in to say "longtime first time love the show." Thanks Mischa. "Tracey's Beserker button is some of the most inspired use of a mechanic I've ever encountered in a D&D game."

Brandon: Aww

Amanda: "It's a way to justify the Beserk mechanic that had literally never occurred to me before. I'm obsessed" I'm obsessed with you Mischa, you're great. "I've also reused a particularly cleverly conceived religious organization which I read in a high fantasy novel as a young kid for a couple of my campaigns now. Are there any particularly inspired bits of other fictional works or worlds that captivate you. Little bits of other fictional universe that seem especially unique or stand out to you? Keep up the fantastic work talk to you soon"

Eric: I actually have something that I've been thinking about a lot that I haven't been able to bring in. What was the name? Garth Next? It's not Sabreel. It's the other one with like it comes like a book with the Three

Amanda: It's the Seventh Tower

Eric: Oh the Seventh Tower. Yeah. There's a whole thing about like how color aligns to your ability to do magic and also like your class and you can escalate your color by like doing these trials and like competing and like there's all these things you can do with magic. I really like how magic and your ability is then expressed in physicality and something that then starts to define the whole society. I find that very fascinating and hopefully like I've been able to fold some of those ideas about how the relationship between skill and magic then expresses itself in society. It's just a thing that I think about all the time.

Amanda: I've been captivated by the Golden Compass idea of the daemon since I read those books when I was like seven, which is that sort of half of your soul as a person that sort of complimentary contradictory impulses that we all have within us. Half of that is sort of outsourced to an animal companion that like appears when you are born, is able to shape shift, expressing different parts of personality if you're feeling really fighty., they'll be like a lion, if you feeling really flighty it'll be like a tiny mouse or a moth or something. And then eventually settles on one shape that you'll have for the rest of your life. When a child kind of grows up and reaches puberty and kind of ends adolescence and it has just been a thing, I don't know, I love reading daemon AU's, fanfic set in other you know book or movie universes. I love thinking about it. I love considering what mine would be I don't know. I love that idea that the contradictory parts of a person are so visible and that you have an actual dialogue with the two parts of you that may want to do different things or have different takes on an issue and it's not as if you have to shut one of those down but it's just always there and it's it makes it like mandatory for people to contain multitudes and be contradictory in a way that I really dig. And I want to do that in every single piece of media that I ever write or play in.

Brandon: I'm going to sound a little bit less intelligent I think.

Michael: Yeah me too

Brandon: But I mean I go TV usually. One of my favorite television shows of all time is Doctor Who. And it deals with the inevitabilities and consequences of being immortal in a way that I kind of wanted to adapt a little bit with Tracey because Warforged can't die unless they are killed. So I don't think I have any huge you know overarching ideas but I think the way that, the ideas behind like the relationships that the Doctor has with people and how everything he sees is ephemeral and everything that he knows and can be is essentially intangible but he still goes with gusto and he still like approaches everything with all of himself and has as much fun and enjoyment as he can. Even though he knows it's going to suck so much worse later.

Amanda: To me that really helps explain what I view as impulsivity in Tracey. Is that why not just fully commit to the interesting option or to the fun thing or two the thought that occurs to you.

Brandon: Yeah I don't think he really I think to him death is such an abstract concept that he doesn't, it doesn't work into his calculations at all like he doesn't ever think he's going to die. So like he feels pretty much invincible so like why not just jump in head first

Amanda: and given his purpose it probably makes sense for him to like dissociate a little bit from the idea of actual death, like what he wreaks upon people. I think that probably makes sense.

Eric: Yeah that's kind of funny now because Tracey has the highest H.P. so he can take the most punches. So like why would he think he was going to die

Amanda: right.

Brandon: I think it's also like he doesn't understand it, because why would he. He doesn't really know what it is so. Or have a real understanding of what that means. So I think that's why he's a little bit gun shy now. He doesn't want to take that or force that upon other people that ephemeral idea of death.

Michael: I love when mechanics follow how you feel about the character. That's always a fun thing. Since y'all talked about books and Brandon and talked about TV I'll say videogames you know there's countless videogames where it's all about light in darkness. I don't remember what specifically inspired me on light but you know lately I've been thinking about games like Alan Wake where everything is darkness and everything is shadow and you have a flashlight and you, it's just the light. You have a gun but the gun basically is useless. It's all about using that light.

Amanda: And if folks really like media about the lived experience of immortality I think the best movie ever is Only Lovers Left Alive. A 2013 movie about two like 2000 plus year old vampires played by Tilda Swinton and Tom Hiddleston.

Eric: Oh I remember seeing trailers for that and they never saw it.

Amanda: Ummm... Movie night at my house. It is the best movie ever. It is like sad and beautiful and set in Detroit and also Tunisia. And everyone is willowy and vampiric and beautiful and it deals with just like how Actually every single day do you get up and live knowing that you have been around forever and you will be around forever. And what does a relationship look like when two people have known each other have been together for 2000 years. Like what? So it's so good.

Eric: All right for of show, Nikki, thank you for hitting us up on Twitter @jointhepartypod. "What's your most memorable game moments and what made it stick. The players? The teamwork? The story? The DM?  #learninghowtodm #terrified #needinspiration.

Amanda: Well first of all good job DMing. It is terrifying. I haven't done it yet. It would take me a lot and probably a drink to actually start. I love you girl and rock on.

Michael: One memorable moment was when I was DM'ing a game of Traveler which is basically you can do anything you want in space. There was a fight and there was an asteroid field and I remember that one of the characters was if Gordon Ramsay was like a space chef. So he had like nothing he could be doing while they were trying to maneuver through this asteroid field. So one of the other players was piloting, one was like on sensors trying to like "watch out for that asteroid, oh no over there!" someone was like a captain and this guy was making tea because the captain had asked for Earl Grey hot. So I, it was amazing just like being able to go through, as the person doing the sensors had to roll to see if they were able to catch everything the person checking the tea had to roll to make sure that the water didn't boil over and make a mess and burn themselves and you know he had to go through all these skill checks while everyone else is going through their skill checks. It had the same kind of gravitas and like energy and importance. And at the end he succeeded which gave everyone plus 2 to every single role as they were trying to get out of this asteroid field and avoid being shot down. So it was just this great moment of, I love when when you can play D&D and anything can happen and it's like you can make tea, and it's important, and it matters because if he had spilled the tea as he was walking into the other people he could have burned them, hurting them. So many number of things. And it's about tea. Like what? I loved it.

Eric: Oh I know what I'm talking about. OK. So in the game I used to play with Amanda and with Julia, a friend of the show, and we played with Julia's fiance and her friend Eric and

Amanda: Other Eric

Eric: Other Eric and Jake. Jake fell out in the last second and I scrambled to come up with something. And I'm like alright give me like 20 minutes and I'm going to come up with something. And I looked at Koatoa which is this monster. When you get enough of them in a room together they can create a god or a deity. So I ended up just going off on this whole tangent where like they got convinced by this like adventure start up bro. To like come and do like a focus group and they created like this massive Panther thing because Julia had like found this Panther from like one of those like yarns that turn into a creature. And I totally didn't, like I came up with all this on the fly. At the end when they were trying to get the God back into the ethereal plane it started talking to Julia in her head. And like Julia's character was this disaffected Hunter. And by the end she was like so attached to this panther that she was genuinely upset, like her as a person

Amanda: When it had to go away.

Eric: Yeah, like she had to leave. And at the end she was like super bummed, and like had like to de-stress for like an hour. And I was so surprised by the power of something you guys can just like create together in your mind just like the chaos of what we talk about. I mean I made someone like emotionally affected from something that I came up with like about startup bros in like 20 minutes.

Michael: I love that. So I do like the sounds. I'm hearing this for the first time and it sounds kind of crazy what you just described, but also you probably made Julia cry.

Eric: I did.

Michael: I think that's like so powerful. Ugh D&D its the best, everyone should play.

Eric: Not only did it give me like inspiration in myself and like what I can do but just like the game matters like really seeing someone else be emotionally affected, like we all bought in. This was great. I'm so happy we got to all come together in Amanda's apartment and hang out and do this.

Amanda: Brandon?

Brandon: I've got nothing that great but one time, my favorite thing about being a sorcerer. I'm a sorcerer, in one of my other stories. And one time I was fighting someone and every time you do a wild magic spell you have to roll. And if you get a, I think it's like I'm butchering this but if you get a 1 or 20 on that roll you have to roll on the wild magic chart. And this is just like a chart of zero to 100 things that just randomly happen. And I did a thing and I think I killed like a big boss guy and then I rolled on the chart and I got turned into a potted plant.

All: (Laughter)

Amanda: How long?

Brandon: It lasted for X amount of time. I forgot. But like yeah.

Amanda: Oh my gosh I love that.

Brandon: And then I think I was like just out of the battle for the rest of the time.

Amanda: That is amazing.

Eric: Amanda do you have anything?

Amanda: I've gotten really swept up in images in the world like this sort of like camera pan back where one of them was I think in, in episode two when one of the stars blinked out after the wedding. And for me especially coming in as a newer player like I'm so in my own head about you know, I hope I do this correctly, I hope I remember all of the spells and I can do, when I do checks I want to remember to add the right number to it, like I don't want to disrupt the flow of play. And so I feel like my focus is always so granular on like this role, this challenge in front of us, this boss defeating this thing, or this round of combat. And so whenever I'm reminded that this is all taking place in a bigger world whether that's you know someone saying Prophesy or giving us an answer that's going to end up being really useful to a larger quest or literally doing a camera pan back you know and saying oh by the way while all of this is going on let's look up and like what is happening above you. Those images that remind me that this is a character whose actions have consequences in a big world. And are, you know very beautiful images that stick with me and that I want people to paint so that I can you know put them on my wall. That to me is really incredible. Thank you so much for listening. I cannot wait to see what happens next and I know that you all are excited as well. If you want to share your favorite moments from the episode, if you for whatever reason want to make elaborate oil painting depicting the three of us hanging on to the ship fighting an octopus and a Gyrados I mean that's totally up to you.

Eric: And I'm also there?

Amanda: Eric is also there hovering like God in the corner of a Renaissance painting laying down over all of us.

Michael: (disapproving ooooo)

Amanda: In any case you can find us @Jointhepartypod on Twitter Facebook Instagram Tumblr if you share things with us. Use #jointhepartypod on any of those platforms that way other folks can see your beautiful art and quotes and reactions as well. If you have questions, if you have stories from your game, if you have strong opinions about things that we have done you can express them in a loving manner using the email or get to our contact page at As always you get transcripts on the web site as well. You get character sheets. It's great. Our Patrons will be getting a bunch of amazing extras from this episode at for as little as two bucks you can get a bunch of behind the scenes stuff bloopers for every episode. If you become a party legend you can get episodes two days early. So instead of 13 days from now you can get the next chapter 11 days from now is going to be amazing. We are very thankful for all of you. And if you want to join us that's Mikey is putting away his dice, so it sounds like we are out of here.

Eric: Yo ho ho ho. A gamer’s life for me.

Michael: Yo ho ho ho and Undying Light protect thee.

Amanda: See you in two weeks.