Afterparty: Pool Party VII

Revenge from the grave, remembering what’s in your bag, and plenty of questions from the listeners.  This is the Afterparty, where we sit down after every episode to break down our game and answer your questions about how to play at home.


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- Dungeon Master: Eric Silver

- TR8c (Tracey): Brandon Grugle

- Inara Harthorn: Amanda McLoughlin

- Johnny B. Goodlight: Michael Fische

- Creative Contributors: Connor McLoughlin, Julia Schifini, Heddy Hunt

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Amanda: Hey, hi, hello and welcome to the Afterparty where we are just poised in bullet time, boulders crashing above our heads. Who knows what's going to be happening. I don't know.

Brandon: I think Eric does.

Eric: I do. I wrote down what happens next.

Brandon: What happens next?

Eric: I can't tell you.

B: Is this a scoop? can we get the scoop?

Eric: Yes. Breaking news Eric reveals plot for episode 19 in the Afterparty for 18.

Michael: Can I get a scoop of rocky road?

Amanda: It's going to be a rocky road to the Bonefish.

Michael: Oh nooooo

Brandon: we've already gone off the rails.

Amanda: But let's back up to the beginning of this episode where I, going, to be honest with you listeners, felt some personal tension across the table as Fish and I concocted a lie with Brandon sitting there watching us.

Brandon: Yeah. You mean when you lied to my face?

Amanda: Yeah

Brandon: Both of you. You lied to my face.

Amanda: Yeah.

Michael: He was not happy about that.

Amanda: No no he was not. But...

Brandon: you know I was actually more frustrated by? that you guys got out of the lie so...

Amanda: Oh yeah, we did it was really easy, really easy.

Brandon: You took the lie and you wrapped it up like a nice holiday present and you put a little bow on it and you gave it to me and my character had to accept it because he's a naive little child

Michael: Our persuasion is just so good and that lie was so mediocre.

Amanda: Yeah. Brandon's AC is 1.

Eric: I mean it doesn't help when it's like Christmas morning and then a half-zombie man runs in and lights your house on fire.

Amanda: Yeah yeah, I know, things quickly got out of hand.

Brandon: Where you at my Christmas this year?

Eric: I was so I was Santa

Brandon: Was that you who came and lit my house on fire?

Eric: Yes Santa

Amanda: and I was at your Thanksgiving where there was a rum punch on tap. And didn't end well.

Brandon: No, I mean...

Amanda: very fun.

Brandon: Yeah it was a good time.

Amanda: There were consequences though.

Brandon: Like all good fun. Speaking of people who come into my home to light it on fire with a giant sword. Jamie? Question mark? What is...? What are they? Who is he?

Eric: Yeah.

Brandon: Also, what're their pronouns?

Eric: We didn't really talk about Jaime. He/his. Jaime started out as just a regular kind of a heterosexual man bro. But then he turned into a Revenant. Revenant is the official term we were going off of. I thought that Jamie was like killed in such a sort of like, man we talk about Batman a lot of this podcast. But it's like a revengeful Batman-y sort of way that like he came back to really get his vengeance on the Blackfish. I feel like there is a way to bring him back in a way for him to be like half dead at the same time. Wizards actually has a lot of really interesting stuff on Revenants and on sort of like those kind of monsters from the Curse of Strahd module but it's really buried in there like you need to buy the module before you can get these races from it. So, it's like he was a human, to start with. And then he was like half alive half dead and only motivated by vengeance which is why he was aflame and just wanted to kill people.

Brandon: Is that a feature of Revenants that they're half alive and half dead like it or are they actually half skeleton or is that just flavor?

Eric: No, I just made that flavor. His skeleton-ness was flavor but he is like Revenants are undead

Michael: But it's not irrelevant, revenant (bad joke)

Eric: Oh... I thought you were going to say something to contribute. Revenants are in the Monster Manual and there are some interesting features that I pulled from there but the race that they did come up with actually gets into like the heart of the vengeance that the person wants to do, like you are motivated by it, you can come back as many times as you want as long as your revenge isn't done and it only takes 24 hours to come back. So, if Jamie died which there were a couple situations that I let Jamie be in danger and I wanted to see what would happen to him. He could just come back in 24 hours and you'd see him again just like walking around with the flame sword

Amanda: That would have been truly surprising.

Eric: Yeah.

Brandon: That raises the question that you can't answer: is his quest actually done? Apparently not.

Amanda: Yeah. Is it to get Cassie back? Is it to behead the Blackfish? Is it to kill the Bone Whale? Is it to assassinate someone? You know, we don't know.

Brandon: This is interesting because I don't know if in-game I knew about Revenants I don't know, I don't think Amanda you did either, Fish you probably did, but that adds an extra dimension to who Jamie is now.

Michael: Well the question was always about the purpose, right? But that's what I really like about a lot of these characters, races, and classes that the Monster Manual and all the other books give you. Tracey has a purpose. He wants to live his best life with his second chance. Inara has a purpose you know to grow and become the assassin that she was always meant to be. Johnny has a purpose. He needs to bring the light. So, a being that is just purpose like his only existence is to complete the purpose and then be done is just so great. Because that's, D&D is all about finding out how you solve your main past storyline thing you're trying to do and then the DM also tries to take you along with a nice adventure as that happens.

Amanda: And I was surprised initially that it was so easy to convince Jamie to work with us but I think what you're saying Fish, is like if they only had one objective then it doesn't matter how they achieve it. Like a normal person would be distrustful or would have instincts or would say, you know, there are just other factors influencing their decisions. But in this case, you know we promised to help Jamie in his quests, out there outside the Giant Mistake and he was like okay fine. And here in this episode convincing him to come with us was easier.

Michael: It's not to say he doesn't have nuance but that is kind of like why a revenant is so cool because it is, ends justify means just all the way. Like a full... What would it be on the scale of things?

Eric: Lawful neutral. Well, it's interesting that you say that. This is something that we talked about with Mischa Stanton, who is the audio drama Sorcerer of our hearts. Misha has played with a bunch of players who don't think that the alignment scale really fits and instead of good and evil it's active and passive. So, what I really love about this is that, so it's like on one axis it will be active/passive and then, lawful/chaotic. So how much do you believe in your cause with what kind of like path do you take to get to that cause? And then I would call Jamie active lawful. It doesn't say anything about his like goodness or badness. He just does it. And as what happened with you guys you did convince him to go with you. But as soon as he saw the thing that he thought that he needed the other boat streaking to the other side of the river he just bolted. He's gone.

Amanda: So, once we do get to the other side of the river sans Jamie. We at the table did an awful lot of like ok, well are we going to stay within 30 feet of each other because we know the giant has 30 feet of influence and so we were trying to figure out what the configuration of us like crawling... I had an image in my mind, an image of like Lost like trying to creep into the forest to like surprise the polar bear or whatever as we tried to kind of sneak up on Zubi.

Eric: Man, spoilers for 2006.

Amanda: It was like episode two Eric, episode 2, episode 2.

Eric: Yeah, I've only watched negative one

Amanda: and this was 2004.

Michael: Wow

Amanda: and I was very excited to do an idea that I had with Zubi but then we were sidetracked by some kind of cursed arrow business. Where did that come from?

Michael: So, here's the deal. Since we left Alonzo at the tavern and he ended up on that bridge I feel like Johnny has really been trying to pay more attention to him.

Amanda: So, has Amanda. Because I wrote at the top of my notes for this episode don't forget Alonzo it's true

Brandon: Is that, when this show is all done and we are all millionaires and famous and super special, should we all just get the matching tattoos that say, "Don't Forget Alonzo"

Amanda: Brandon, if we make a million dollars from this podcast I swear here and now in January 2018 that I will get a tattoo that says, "Don't Forget Alonzo"

Michael: I will not swear to this

Amanda: Anyone second that motion

Brandon: I will

Eric: Third

Michael: I will have forgotten

Amanda: We will get you a temporary tattoo

Michael: So, this episode I really wanted to make sure Alonzo was safe with the boulder and then with the arrows, it's like if he's distracted with arrows he won't go near the thing so... No that's not true, I just wanted to mess with him. Here's the thing. Alonzo is so easy to mess with. And I have such a high persuasion that it is any little thing that I say Eric's like ok roll and I'm like damn it. And so now he has cursed arrows.

Eric: It's such a problem that you, just for you as a person Michael Fische that your jokes have consequences.

Amanda: You talk first and think later.

Eric: Again, this is what I talked about this with Jess Zimmerman. I've talked about this a bunch of times before. I love the random stuff that I put on your character sheets and how they always managed to come up later, Captain Johnny

Amanda: Like our mind-reading potion.

Eric: Yeah

Amanda: Which I got in episode. What. Like 5?

Eric: Episode 4, that was when we did Chopped

Amanda: And every episode before we start recording Eric says remember what items you have, and remember how you fight, specifically to me because it's very hard because I'm a rogue. But in this case, I remembered my items, and down on my character sheet, I was looking being like, what? It just felt... I said this the first time we met Zubi, a giant feels like an insurmountable foe just not knowing Giants very much, their mechanics in D&D, I just look at the thing that's 100 times bigger than me and think well no I have no chance. So, to me, you know there needed to be some kind of item assistance and I don't know. I just saw it and thought if I can you know jive with him in his own reality which is clearly disconnected from this one then maybe I don't know. Maybe we can have a chance.

Michael: Semi canned question because I know the answer to this. Were you expecting Amanda to use the mind reading potion?

Eric: I was not expecting Amanda to use the minoring potion. This interaction was supposed to go a lot more dangerously. You guys were supposed to forget his radius of curse, someone was supposed to get charmed, and I was really waiting for, well because you guys have Elven blood so it's harder for this to happen. I was waiting for Tracey or Alonzo to get stuck to Zubi.

Brandon: I've got like like wood-sap-blood

Michael: Or Evan actually as well

Eric: Yeah, Evan too. So, any of these people were going to get stuck to Zubi and then you were going to have to kill him and figure out what happens.

Brandon: I do have to say, this mind-reading potion and your sneeze scene, Fish/Johnny, seriously one of the two most inspired D&D plays I've seen in a long time.

Amanda: Thank you.

Brandon: Sincerely

Michael: Gracias

Eric: Very good. Amanda, how do you feel about interacting with Zubi. I feel like I ran out of Shakespeare and then you just kind of like ran with it. I'm really excited for the way this turns out since we recorded before we hear the episode, but I'm just, like yeah how do you feel about talking to this otherworldly monster?

Amanda: I'm also really excited to see what Brandon does with the music or what I guess in the present moment for the listener what he has done with the music because it's something that I'm really proud of what we do with the show is sort of use music and sound effects and editing to recreate the magic that we feel here in the room, playing the game, which is otherwise really really hard to convey and like this moment felt really magical to me. Like I have so many Shakespeare quotes in my head. Like if me Amanda had to do this with some kind of foe I'd probably be able to pull it off. And so, to kind of put that skill to use in-game felt like I was born to do this you know and it was just it was really energizing. But I have spent a lot of time in mental health communities, in support groups talking to people in panic attacks you know kind of talking people through logically deconstructing how the reality that they are perceiving that is real to them is connected and disconnected from the one the rest of us are in. So, to be able to kind of go to someone in the dark place and help them re-center themselves and reconnect is like profoundly moving.

Brandon: I teared up a little bit. I mean, I'm listening back and I'm like cutting little ums and stuff and I'm still just like, (sobs) it was such a, such a beautiful moment especially I think it hit hard for me too. While we were playing I don't think I connected the mental health aspect but while we were playing I was also trying to fix some sound issues that I was having. So, I didn't really hear what was happening. So, it was almost like I was getting to hear it with fresh ears and it was really impactful for me.

Eric: I know that we said like, he says she says a lot when we were talking. But in my head, they were just like in each other's minds just like talking to each other like that. I feel like everything else was silent when it was happening. I don't know. Yeah, I thought it was, I thought it was special too.

Amanda: Yeah, I feel a lot of self-consciousness when we play, less and less over time but I often get tripped up in 'can I do this? or can I not do this?' What do I roll? I'll start saying 'Inara does this' and then switch to saying, 'I do this' but in that scene, like I just felt some kind, of you know I was really just fully immersed in the moment. And I think I probably used the first person more. I didn't look at my notes, I didn't look off to the distance to think like I felt almost as if someone else's words you know were coming through me which I feel in writing and not many other times. So, it was really really exciting. Shout up to our Why All Writers Should Play D&D article for Electric Lit. We will include it in the description because we talk there also about how this can just be a like process of the story flowing through you in a way that it's really hard to do when writing.

Eric: Alright, we got a whole bunch of...

Amanda: Dice in the mail from our listeners. Wil, shout out!

Eric: oh, dang yes oh my god Wil, thank you so much. I have red dice. a whole like classic D&D red Chessex set. I also got a gold medal D20 for extra thumpy-ness when I need to be dramatic. Thank you so much. Wil wherever you are. Thank you so much. www.wilwritesamazingaudiocritique. Go find her on Twitter and read her stuff. She's one of the best, no she's the best

Amanda: audio critic

Eric: audio critic out there

Amanda: I haven't read better ones honestly.

Eric: Absolutely

Brandon: I have either

Amanda: You don't have to send us dice to win our love. I'm not going to say that that's like an equivalent thing

Brandon: Although I wouldn't say no to some dice. I'm a little thirsty.

Amanda: When I gave Eric the dice that he got from Wil, I was like I love my dice but I just want all my dice to be gay. I want my dice to be gayest possible. And then Brandon said: "Do they have rainbow dice" I was like "Brandon: have a whole world of rainbow dice, of glitter dice, of like little holograms in the light dice." It's amazing. And I'm just saying that we have a P.O. box Amanda McLaughlin P.O. Box 58 Merrick New York 11566. And I am gonna include that address in the description of this episode just in case you want it. Just saying.

Eric: Are we done shilling for ourselves?

Amanda: Yes.

Brandon: Wait hold on.

Michael: I would like a set of non-sequential, unmarked bills so... hundreds and twenties please.

Eric: Listeners if you don't know what Michael Fische is going to say next, I want you to know that we never have any idea what's going to come out of his mouth next... non-sequential... non-sequential what? It could be anything

Amanda: I want some weird dice. I want dice would like the Zodiac on them or like the elements you know just like just weird shit.

Brandon: That's my problem is, I don't have a ton of dice because I'm so picky about how cool they are. So, like, I need some cool dice y'all help me find them. Send me links.

Amanda: We will buy them also

Michael: I have dice with a pear on it. On the six, it’s a pear, it's from Shut Up & Sit Down, it’s a board game review site.

Amanda: Cute

Eric: I got them Afterparty questions Y'all ready?

Amanda: Yes

Brandon: ready.

Eric: This first one comes from Gremlin aka audio horror aka the Eldritch One a.k.a. bridge. Bridge wants to know. 'I'm curious as to how exactly the players feel about the Book of Things to come.' If you don't remember the book of things to come is what Tracey pulled out of the Fidapolis library. He's opened it and some bad thing might happen to him in the future.

Amanda: Well I don't know about it, and I think if I did I would be curious, I think and Inara kind of trusts in the universe like she trusts that there are bigger truths out there to learn hence her like acceptance of notes of the Assassins Guild has sent her or kind of cryptic signs and just kind of belief that her hunch can be confirmed by evidence and that means that it's correct and like let's go. So, I think she'd probably be a little bit wary but kind of fascinated.

Michael: In case you guys haven't realized by now Johnny's a big book guy, he likes books. Books are very important to him. He'd probably pay attention and be like a little nervous about it. And that's understating it. No, he'd be very nervous about the contents of it. Did you tell us the contents of it?

Brandon: This is what I'm wondering, have I?

Amanda: No.

Brandon: What's... Who knows about this, is it just me?

Eric: It's you and Tammy and Taylor.

Brandon: I haven't told... Whoops sorry, guys. I guess maybe it was slightly intentional I didn't tell you specific things, like I didn't tell you the warnings that I read about, intentionally but I don't remember telling... I guess I did sort of steal it and then get like the ok from James. If I remember correctly

Eric: You kind of snuck it out, James wasn't there.

Brandon: But then I went to apologize for it.

Eric: Oh yeah

Michael: we were in the room at the time I think but we were doing other things

Eric: yeah, so I think we only Tracey actually knows about it.

Brandon: But regardless I think Tracey, I think he's skeptical because I mean it's like foreboding but at the same time I don't think he believes because nothing's quite happened yet to give him that evidence. Like you told me as a DM that something bad is going to happen to me, but I don't think Tracey knows that.

Eric: Tracey just felt an overwhelming sense of dread. There's not like, we haven't talked about any sort of mechanics.

Brandon: Right exactly. So, I don't think anything has given him the willies yet, you know

Michael: and to clarify the dread is because he wrote in it, not because he read it?

Brandon: Yes.

Michael: Oh OK.

Eric: Here's what happened: He wrote 'what happens next.' And whatever that might mean I'm not saying, that because he wrote in it, but something about the action that in which Tracey took triggered it.

Amanda: Yeah, like any good bookworm, I cringed in the moment as we were playing when he wrote in the book, I was like oh no... clearly it was what you had to do, but I don't know, I just follow, Amanda: I am a librarian at heart and I don't believe in defacing books that aren't yours. But B: I follow Arthur Weasley rules here which are if you can't see where it keeps its brain, don't trust it.

Eric: Very good.

Brandon: I mean I was actually just going off Harry Potter and writing in the book for that reason because I want to see what happened

Amanda: Then you shouldn't have trusted the book because it doesn't keep its brain anywhere.

Brandon: I've never said Tracey trust the book, I'm just trying to get data

Michael: Wouldn't the brain of a book be the table of contents and/or Index?

Amanda: No. That's only the like the like synapsis and like nerve relay system for getting from one place to another.

Michael: But isn't the brain just all those things?

Amanda: Nah, the book it's just it's the inner mapping of neurons

Brandon: Well there's like more pages than that.

Michael: Have you thought of a sequential...

Amanda: The brain is the processing unit and then also the guide to the processing unit which is why it's fucking crazy man.

Eric: Listen I don't know if you've ever thought about this but books have words.

Brandon: Now what are these books you're speaking of?

Amanda: Wait if you think the word 'I' then who’s doing the thinking?

Brandon: Eric I think you should read the next question.

Eric: This one's from write Katie write, Katie's delivery service. Now I'm curious what people's stats would be for these, just how high would Tracey's 'childlike wonder' stat be? And she refers us to a very popular Tumblr post. This is from philosophyshitscribble. Good name. Tumblr is the fucking best. All right. I want to play a tabletop RPG where my 6 stats are Gumption, Chutzpah, Moxie, Childlike Wonder, The Cut Of My Jib, and A Certain Je Ne Sais Quoi. You guys are all great at this.

Amanda: These are the non-canonical traits that our characters are really strong at

Michael: we should be writing this down.

Eric: I think though where everyone's highest are: I think that Inara's highest is the Cut Of My Jib.

Amanda: Yeah, I think that's true. My Lowest is probably A Certain Je Ne Sais Quoi. Which I wish I had

Brandon: Same

Amanda: but I'm obviously minus 3 to Je Ne Sais Quoi

Brandon: Same, same, same

Eric: Well I think that Tracey's highest is Childlike Wonder and his lowest is the Cut Of My Jib.

Brandon: I agree wholeheartedly. Yeah, my jib is not very cut.

Eric: I got to say with this Johnny is the most evenly distributed character I feel like he has plus one, plus two in all these things.

Michael: Yeah, I wouldn't have a negative, I guess Cut Of My Jib would be the highest but also my Certain Je Ne Sais Quoi.

Brandon: It's weird because you're broken.

Michael: I think he's talking about me. Brandon might be talking about Michael there. So that hurt a little bit

Amanda:  Plot is about conflict, so broken characters are like the most plot driven.

Eric: I'm going to take this one this is from Katie G. who does our wonderful

Amanda: JTP live tweets,

Eric: JTP live tweets, thank you. Can the baker in Antipolis occasionally be heard shouting 'Marie the baguettes hurry up!" And is Antipolis more of a sourdough or cornbread sort of place? hashtag asking them cultural questions. I would definitely say Antipolis is a sourdough sort of place. I don't know if it's just like the water being there,

Michael: It's the water

Amanda: San Francisco man.

Brandon: I didn't actually believe that until Eric and I went to San Francisco and...

Amanda: it was just a cute romantic getaway. For business

Eric: For jobs

Brandon: We had, it was just a catered lunch from some random sandwich shop in the city. But that bread on those sandwiches was phenomenally good.

Amanda: Yeah, the first time I was in San Francisco I went to Fisherman's Wharf which is very touristy but whatever, and just had a bowl of tomato soup and a piece of sourdough bread roughly the size of my head. It was a bread bowl and it was like one of those meals where you hear chefs talk about like the perfect tomato like it was perfect, it was perfect. It was like, it was like I'd never tasted food before.

Michael: Now I've not been to San Francisco. But I've had Ricearoni which is from San Francisco.

Eric: Ricearoni is! There is a really good 99% Invisible about Ricearoni.

Brandon: is it sourdough rice?

Eric: yeah, it's actually kind of similar! It's really interesting you should look it up.

Amanda: Good question

Michael: I have nothing to add.

Brandon: What is this podcast you speak of?

Eric: It's mostly invisible, it’s fine, don't worry about it.

Michael: So, an ineffective invisibility spell?

Eric: Yeah it tried to cast invisibility on itself but you can still see its nose. This is from Neon, and I want you to think about your first choices. 'If you had to go back and pick a different race and class what would you pick?' I wonder if you can like remove your personality you have for your character and then put it on a different race or class. I know a lot of that stuff is inherently tied there but it's like if Inara, Johnny, and Tracey had to be a different race or class what would it be?

Amanda: I think there's an argument for Inara of being human and having to kind of find her extraordinariness in a trade instead of in like magic or ability or brute strength or things other races have. I can see you having kind of like inferiority complex about that. But I also just super like Tiefling and I think it would be very fun to play a Tiefling.

Eric: You want a different class or you can imagine her other anything other than a rouge?

Amanda: I think barbarian would be interesting. And I also just love the mechanics of sorcery. It would be a different character I think. I actually, when I was forming Inara's character, was really going back and forth between is she like someone who's really studious and following kind of book of light style some kind of higher guidance or someone who is like, I don't know energetic and willing to try stuff and kind of like choose the direction and like goes for that one. So, I chose one that was most unlike me which is Inara's current character.

Eric: Sure.

Michael: Imagine if all of us were just disciples of the Book of Light

Amanda: Aw man we would all be doing The Name of the Wind and it would be really boring

Brandon: Aren't we?

Michael: I mean we kind of are

Amanda: Except we are doing a role-playing game.

Eric: Patrick Rothfuss if you're out there I'd like to talk to you about your beard and some other choices. Thanks. Fish how would you change Johnny?

Michael: I would probably, I know we've talked about them before but the Genasi are a race that I really really like, yeah, Brandon's saying that it's the same for him nonverbally. I actually just found at home my old Genasi character and...

Amanda: What are they?

Michael: They are humanoids that in their lineage at some point they've had interactions with, well let's say in the family way, interactions with elements or genies, they're part...

Brandon: He means sex

Eric: it's very Zeus style like a genie came out of the elemental plane and had sex with a person.

Michael: There's physical traits of an element. So, it could be earth, fire, water, wind, storm. There's a few others that can be done. My particular one was a storm. He was very actually close in the lineage to when the 'sex times happened.' So, he was...

Amanda: Oh my god... How about the convergence of those two races?

Michael: Also, that, so he had to keep himself together and had to focus on keeping himself together

Amanda: Oh, because the element part and wanted to pull him apart.

Michael: Right. Like especially if you were trying to disguise himself, and they get a lot of negatives because people look at them even worse than Tiefling.

Amanda: Wow.

Michael: But I also gave him infinitely could just send a little whisper into anyone's ear which was pretty cool

Brandon: Is that friends, the spell friends or whatever?

Eric: it's message

Michael: yeah, it's message it's a level one spell but for flavor, we were like yeah.

Eric: and what other class would Johnny be?

Michael: Paladin, or a cleric. Cleric! especially if Johnny is going to stick with the undying light. It would be cleric if it weren't, what am I? A Warlock! I knew that.

Amanda: I thought you were a monk wow, I was wrong. Episode 18 folks.

Brandon: Are you for serious?

Amanda: in that moment, I thought he was a monk. Yeah, If I had a gun put to my head and had to name his class, probably would have said, Monk.

Brandon: Okay so I can't, I literally can't imagine Tracey as any other race or class. Like I don't think it works any other way honestly.

Eric: Give me, give me a character you've been tooling around with.

Brandon: Here's what I was thinking, so I did some research and I was looking at races that I've been wanting to play and that might work. I have honestly really want to play a Kenku. I love Kenku's I think they're super interesting.

Amanda: That would be so cool.

Brandon: Yeah but my choice was also, it was actually Genasi sorcerer I think working the elemental plane. I love the sorcerer class, with wild magic?!

Eric: And you can't really say this about most classes but both archetypes are really interesting. You have the wild magic on one side and you have like the elemental of the storm one or the other so it's either your elemental attuned or then you get to roll a d100. Like all the time.

Brandon: Yeah but let me tell you the race that I will choose now because I found it out in this list of races. There is a race called Tortal.

Eric: Yeah, the Tortal just came out, Wizards of the Coast released it for a charity stream.

Brandon: It's from the Tortal package.

Amanda: Is it a tortoise?

Brandon: It is a turtle. You get to play as a turtle and I will 100 percent be playing the Tortle at some point in the future.

Amanda: I love the idea of playing a Kenku, I think would be so great for new players as well. So, like I don't know. For your actions to be limited to a certain number of things and also your words like, I don't know, for me, it felt so crazy that whatever I say could just happen. And so, if I could before the game choose like 30 phrases or something in my lexicon and then pick others up as time went on I don't know. As like a person who loves notes and a person who loves rules and limits. That just sounds fun.

Brandon: Yeah, I saw someone on the reddit D&D page wrote this post about Kenku's and what they did was they started out with no language and then what they did is as the game progressed they wrote down phrases that their players, the actual players would say. And that was all they could say and it was brilliant.

Amanda: That's also great just for like group cohesion as well like all groups develop in-jokes you know. And so, to have some of those immortalized and to have a reason to bring it back again and again. That's awesome.

Michael: If I ever play as a Kenku I would have like recorder on to catch like everything and then make for each episode...

Amanda: Little clips?

Michael: Yeah, the little boxes where you...

Amanda: Like a keyboard?

Michael: or something where you're just playing those sound effects of the other people saying things at the table

Amanda: I love that as a former sound technician I'm in

Michael: What would be Stoneface other class?

Eric: We were just talking about this, how Stoneface you can bring gargoyles now like someone made a monster manual to make them all playable, which I think is really interesting. I think that Stoneface would be really good as a Triton, and a Triton is like a race of water people that have like kind of lived in Atlantis. So, we're talking about like a Captain America sort of frozen in ice or like a Aquaman who is living in Atlantis like a real sort of, no pun intended fish out of water scenario, but then I could play stoneface exactly the same like Atlantis is stuck in 1950. That would be amazing. I want that so bad!

Michael: That's good. That's good

Brandon: Imagine how cool their car, their water cars are.

Eric: Yeah.

Amanda: Imagine how much pomade is down there.

Eric: Water Resistant pomade. All right that was the Afterparty

Amanda: Yeah. Thanks for listening. You can find us @jointhepartypod at all of the places. Listen if you all aren't patrons you can join for one dollar per episode, one dollar and be in our Discord. And it is just, not even for us, but for you guys, it is so worth doing. It is the best. That's why we are so warm to all of these listeners that we know who ask us questions because we get to hang out with them every single day and trade pet photos and dice photos and like links to the queerest stuff we can find on the Internet and talk about character stuff and troubleshoot people's RPG's. It is the funnest place on the Internet. I'm going to say it right now. You can challenge me, whatever I don't care. But join us at One other thing that really helps and costs exactly zero dollars is to tell a friend who would love Join The Party, about Join The Party. It can be somebody who doesn't listen to podcasts. It can be somebody who's never heard of D&D and in fact, those two groups of people are the kinds of people that you should be texting about Join The Party. Maybe it's a long-distance Tumblr friend, maybe it's someone you met at a book release party ten years but you're still friends with, maybe it's your grandma or your cousin, or your brother who you're pretty sure is cooler than you think he is. You can bond over Join The Party. So, take their phone, subscribe them to the podcast. Tell them all about it. We would really really appreciate you helping to join the goodness, spread the party, grow the party, join the party.

Michael: Don't split the party.

Brandon: I mean we do that literally all the time

Amanda: Don't split the party with uninformed reasons.

Brandon: It's not quite as catchy but we'll workshop it.

Amanda: Don't split the party asterisk, on the back of the T-shirt 'if you're not really premeditating all the ways in which splitting the party can be really interesting and fun. But you also be really responsible about how you spend players time especially if you're recording for tape. It's just very important to make sure that you can keep the action going and you don't you know, repeat things duplicative on tape that you see.'

Brandon: Also bring snacks

Amanda: lots of snacks.

Eric: Always bring snacks.

Brandon: Thanks, guys. Bye.

Amanda: We love you bye

Michael: Undying Light be with you.

Eric: See you later.