Afterparty: Bachelorette Party II

A mash-up of cutthroat competition, the verbal tics of our characters and special guest PJ Scott-Blankenship for a Greg Q&A. This is the Afterparty, where we sit down after every episode to break down our game and answer your questions about how to play at home.


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Cast & Crew

- Dungeon Master: Eric Silver

- TR8c (Tracey): Brandon Grugle

- Inara Harthorn: Amanda McLoughlin

- Johnny B. Goodlight: Michael Fische

- Creative Contributors: Connor McLoughlin, Julia Schifini, Heddy Hunt

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[theme music]

Amanda: Hey, Hi, Hello! Welcome to the After Party, where I am Tortipolis’s most eligible bachelorette, so-

Brandon: I am Tortipolis’s most bacel- most el-bigible ba- wow. Hold on

[all laughing]

Brandon: I am Tortipolis’s most- most eligible bachelorette

Eric: Sorry, Brandon hasn’t spoke for like two hours

Amanda: Brandon had a buffer. He had a buffer

Brandon: I forgot how to speak!

Michael: I think you’re all mistaken and I am Tortipolis’s most eligible dad slash bachelorette

Amanda: Okay, I’ve got it. Brandon, you are Tortipolis’s ‘Sleeping Beauty’

Brandon: Yes

Amanda: Fish, you are Tortipolis’s ‘Hello Dolly,’ and I am Tortipolis’s ‘Aladdin’

Eric: And I would say the most eligible bachelorette in Tortipolis is the Bachelorette, Representative Brink

Amanda: I am so freaking excited. Eric, during the ceremony situation I thought first of ‘Hunger Games’ and then I thought ‘Thor: Ragnarok’, so what exactly was inspiring you as you did this whole biz?

Eric: Yeah, I really wanted to smash up my favorite competitions in recent memory. I read ‘Planet Hulk,’ which is the-

Michael: Oh my god, so gooooooood!

Eric: Which is the comic that inspired-

Michael: SO GOOOOOD!

Eric: It’s the comic that inspired the Hulk parts-

Michael: [whispering] So good

Eric: -of the recent movie ‘Thor: Ragnarok.’ Basically it’s Hulk fell aground of this planet after he gets thrown into like a massive wormhole, and then he basically fights his way out through like being a gladiator, so he’s trapped in this colosseum and he’s trapped in this - I guess he’s like underneath the colosseum when he’s still like scrapping it out so like in ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ how like Thor runs around in a circle-

Amanda: Yeah

Eric: -and he doesn’t know how to get out. It’s like that. But it’s the Bachelor Mansion where you’re stuck in which is actually kind of like a Cheesecake Factory

Amanda: Amazing

Eric: Which is the best way I could think to describe it. So, I was trying to combine three very cutthroat competitions. One is ‘The Hunger Games’- this idea that like audience can affect what’s happening in the actual game, and hopefully I introduced this mechanic of using the proscenium arch or the thrust stage within the colosseum, and this is the place where you kind of like do your pleas or your confessionals, if we’re going for reality shows. We also have ‘Planet Hulk’ - this like straight up gladiator all-out fight where people can get like political gain, and like we’ll see what happens during this game, but in ‘Planet Hulk,’ Hulk rises to like pretty political folk hero status by winning all of this stuff. The stakes are high in ‘Planet Hulk’ and in ‘Thor: Ragnarok.’ And then of course ‘The Bachelor’ and ‘The Bachelorette,’ which just came back as we were playing this game, which is the most ridiculous cutthroat competition I could think of

Michael: So I’ve never actually really watched ‘The Bachelor’ or ‘Bachelorette’ but I’ve seen ‘Big Brother.’

Amanda: Yes

Michael: I’ve seen a lot of ‘Big Brother’, either ‘Big Brother’ US and ‘Big Brother’ in other countries, and I’m like really excited for like the kind of relationship building- in positive and negative ways- that’s going to happen between all these people. Chad’s obviously a big best friend for everyone.

Brandon: Well…

Michael: We love Chad

Brandon: Well…

Michael: We all love Chad.

Brandon: Well...

Amanda: Just hanging there…

Michael: Just being a hoo-man.

Eric: Oh, Chad the hoo-man

Michael: The hoo-man. And then I also really like the ‘Hunger Games’ aspect, or the audience interaction can also mean benefits where how Johnny got the potion - really loved that. I’m gonna definitely use that to my advantage

Amanda: Or last season of ‘Big Brother,’ there was this whole mechanic of the temptation so America would decide which member of the Big Brother house got tempted with an item that would have benefits for that person, but consequences for the whole house, so-

Michael: Or “America’s Player” -

Amanda: Yes

Michael: - during ‘Big Brother’ as well

Amanda: Exactly, exactly

Michael: Where they have to do whatever America votes on

Eric: Reality show competition shows are one of my favorite like guilty pleasures because it’s really the combination of relationship building with like bananas gaming and competition, and I wanna see what it looks like in Dungeons & Dragons.

You know what, Brandon, I don’t know what was wrong with your mic but I just like didn’t hear you this episode

[Amanda laughing]

Michael: No, we checked in a lot. And we were hearing full, the mic was working-

Amanda: Full silence, man

Michael: Everything was great! All that deactivation…

Brandon: I had a… dentist thing…

[all laughing]

Eric: You got a root canal, checked some emails

Brandon: Yeah

Amanda: You started the computer and then left

Brandon: Yeah

Eric: I don’t think we’ve seen the full like shut-down of Tracey. This has definitely happened before where he feels so contrite that he just kind of collapsed, like I’m thinking about when he attacked Greg, but like we got the full four hour shutdown here. Is this like a game mechanic? Is this like another thing that you’re nerfing* your barbarian against?

Brandon: Eh… I guess it’s a little bit of a nerf* but to me it’s like logical in that - we’ve talked about this before but like Tracey’s rage switch is essentially like a nos switch in the venerated - what do you call something that’s like eight movies long? Series?

Eric: It’s still the venerated-

Amanda: Dynasty?

Eric: The venerated

Brandon: The Fast and the Furious Dynasty

Eric: Yeah

Amanda: Correct

Brandon: Where he turns it on and he attacks whatever threat is most apparent, and in this specific instance I think what was happening was that he was split between sort of like old rage mode, where he was just attacking whatever was attacking his party, and he was also split for sweetly Oatcake who was just a poor defenseless creature who was being attacked by these mud monsters, and I think he was sort of split between these two things where he had to make a choice. And you know, honestly I’m not sure exactly what happened as a player

Amanda: Chose wrong for the party

Michael: Overcomplicated if anything. Not really chose wrong, but just added a nice little complication

Brandon: Well I think the interesting thing was that we played this great game mechanic where we did before where it’s like we had a minute to think, in game time, a minute to think of what we wanted to do and for me it was like from the top I was like “Tracey’s doing this.”

Amanda: Yeah

Brandon: Like he knows what he’s going to do. Like there was not a really a question…

Amanda: No deliberation

Brandon: Yeah

Michael: And so Amanda and i had to look at each other and figure out what we were going to do to-

Amanda: [laughing] Okay, well shit.

Michael: -to try to deal with the team

Brandon: I mean like as a player I feel bad because obviously I want to help you guys, but that’s just not what Tracey would have done in that instance

Amanda: And that happened right after a very extreme event, which is that we met our doppelgängers - our sort of darkest timeline versions of ourselves

Michael: I wouldn’t call it darkest - I mean, Southern

Amanda: I mean it’s the underworld timeline

Michael: a Southern timeline

Amanda: A sort of gloomier slightly darkly version of ourselves, and by darkly I mean just different, because I fell in love with my doppelgänger, Brandon was full of disgust, and Michael was like, “I don’t. What. How do I. Huh?”

Michael: Well I’m gonna do the affectation, if that’s apparently how Alice Sunbeam thinks that Undying Light worshippers talk, I’m going to do that while I’m in front of her so that she like... yeah, great.

Brandon: Here’s the trouble. I’m actually from the South and I’m worried that I’m actually am going to start speaking Southern this entire game, this entire arc

[all laughing]
Amanda: I’m delighted

Michael: There was a moment where you did - we called you out on a bit of Southern…

Amanda: Southern-ism

Michael: Yeah, I hope I’m not too insulting, by the way

Brandon: Oh, you are. Don’t worry about it

Michael: Okay good, just insulting enough

Amanda: I mean you’re here on the podcast, Brandon, so you’re just implicitly signing off on whatever it is that we do

Brandon: Suuuuuuuure

Michael: You represent all of Texas

Amanda: Uh-huh

Brandon: I do!

Eric: That’s true

Amanda: All of the South really. South of the Mason-Dixon that’s you

Brandon: That’s why I still live there

[all laughing]

Eric: How did you- how do you feel seeing these people who seem to be matched up with you guys?

Amanda: I’m amazed. I feel like the legend of Flip Day and my reputation among the urchins

[all burst out laughing]

- has really just spread to all corners of the Concentric States, and I am delighted to be notorious, and want very badly to make out with a version of me that is like gold instead of silver and long-haired instead of mohawked

Michael: Ehhh! [stuttering, flabbergasted] I’m not sure we should respond to anything she just said

[All laughing]
Amanda: I’m just telling the truth, y’all

Michael: I am actually kind of worried because I have been either hearing - as I did in the episode- or Johnny has been hearing as he did in this episode- or talking to the Shadow-y-er side of the Light, and I’m a little worried that that’s going to bite Johnny in the ass talking to Alice Sunbeam. Listen, he’s all about the Light but does there need to be a balance or does it just need to be one or the other? Probably a balance is what I’m feeling like these days, but Alice Sunbeam probably is not there. But good news is I’m actually the messiah to these people because I have the Undying Light with me, so not just the people here but the audience members, I have the piece of the Undying Light, I’m the messiah, I’m going to win, this is the - I’m winning!

Eric: Yeah, we’ll see how that goes. Okay, Brandon, how do you feel about seeing P0R0?

Brandon: Hey...hey, Fish? Does Johnny think she’s cute?

Michael: I think, uh, Johnny is… the interest has everything to do with the Undying Light and the fact that he’s found someone else who believes in it

Brandon: So he thinks she’s cute, got it.

Eric: I love that you guys are like getting romantically involved with people on the fucking Bachelorette

Michael: I have… to me this is why this feels more ‘Big Brother’

Amanda: Yeah, it feels kind of ‘Project Runway’ to me, frankly. Having a makeover montage and Johnny having like a full mood fabric inventory worth of florals in his backpack. I love it so much

Michael: My backpack is the best thing in the world. Infinite apples, infinite fabrics, just the most useless items

Amanda: I love it. I love it so much. Inara is so like hoping to appeal to Ms.Tharthorn by like appearing the way that she thinks Ms. Tharthorn would like her to appear. Like to me it’s just so sweet and like early teenager, you know, like how do I tailor my appearance to best capture the attention of my beloved

Michael: In another universe where Tracey was awake, what would be Tracey’s whole like interaction and dealings and feelings about P-O-R-0.

Amanda: P0R0

Brandon: So here’s the thing, right - if anyone has ever read or played or like looked up warforged lore, warforged- they were stopped being created at a certain point, so I think it is a shock and also in my meditative shutdown mode, I am fully aware, I just am shut down.

[Eric laughing]

Brandon: So I think he knows-

Michael: Oh, now I just imagined Tracey judging everything we were trying on but not being able to say anything

Brandon: Oh of course!

Amanda: Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. Being like “girl that hemline is totally wrong for you”

Eric: Or all the stuff that you guys did to Tracey when he was passed out!

Michael: We weren’t… I mean yeah

Amanda: Yeaaaaaaah

Brandon: Yup. He knows -

Amanda: We used him as a human roadblock

Brandon: - all of it.

Eric: Oh my god

Michael: Well it didn’t work. He almost fell on me

Brandon: I mean he’s probably not mad about it. But what’s interesting is I don’t know how Tracey’s going to react. Initially, like as a player, i thought for a brief second that we were looking at - it’s called the Lord of Blades actually which is sort of this warforged religious figure, sort of like almost like a Sith in warforged lore

Amanda: Oh wow

Brandon: But, clearly not [laughing]. So I don’t know. I think we’re going to have to play it out. I think he’s - Tracey’s never seen another warforged in his entire life. I don’t think he’s seen any other being that sort of lived the same experience that he has, so I don’t know if he’s going to be upset by this, or confused by this, or delighted by this. I don’t know

Michael: I am interested by the fact that there is such a major difference in the affectations or the verbal tics that P-O-R-0 speaks and Tracey-

Brandon: Oh you mean how Eric says “beep boop” to piss me off?

Michael: Well, so it’s really funny because I feel like the way each of these doppelgängers are talking are just in very stark contrast and to Eric attempting to joke and make fun of us, because Brandon hates the “beep boops” that we make jokes at thim, Inara talks decidedly not like a Valley Girl, and I have touched on Southern, but we’ve moved away from that, so I figured that’s probably where these things came from- to kind of poke at us a bit

Amanda: I feel like if you met us one time and then had to recreate our verbage to somebody else-

Michael: Oh yeah!

Amanda: - this would be it

Michael: That would be it! Yeah, that’s better

Amanda: So this is like, this is the person who comes across us once on the road and then like tales are told of us forever more- street urchin style, Charles Dickens-esque. This is how it appears

Brandon: Are we in a hologram?

Michael: So, the question is - and pure speculation - since we know that this Speaker has very, very, very masterful control over mud and creatures are these just - all of these things just elaborate, very elaborate mud creations made on purpose?

Amanda: Only one way to find out. Make out with them

Brandon: ... lick them

[Eric laughing]

Michael: Lick them?!

Amanda: Yup

Michael: Tracey goes for licking

Brandon: Well, same thing basically, you know?

[Amanda laughing]

Amanda: I have a very special surprise for you listeners, which is that we are joined by PJ Scott-Blankenship, one of our friends of the show, and the voice of Greg!

PJ: Hi everybody, it’s so nice to formally actually be in the same room with everybody. Well here, not on your end, because I don’t know where you are. Hopefully somewhere nice

Amanda: Yeah!

Eric: PJ’s outside your room being like, “Hey do you like the podcast? How do you like it?

PJ: This is making me out to be a real creep

[Eric laughing]

Amanda: PJ: is not a creep. He’s very cuddly.

PJ: Aw, thank you!

Eric: PJ, I wanna ask you about the first time that I asked you to read a letter. I only knew you through Amanda at that point and I just like sent this along to you. So how do you feel that you just like got this really emotionally charged thing, like in your Facebook inbox?

PJ: Well, I kind of want to preface that with saying that like even though you asked me to read that, I asked to be on the show

Eric: Oh, that’s right

[both laughing]

Eric: I was gonna be really charitable because I forgot about that

PJ: No, I listened to the first couple episodes and my impression was that the wedding was going to be like their tutorial and then the group would go off and travel and do their own thing, and maybe occasionally we would see Greg and Alonzo again and not that they would play such a central role. So when I asked Amanda, it was before everything like with the Red Throat Gang had gotten really bad, and before Greg had really like shunned that other side of himself

Eric: Mhm

PJ: I just thought like, “Hey if they come back and if they want a cameo, I would love to do that because I really liked Greg as a character.” And then by the time-  like you guys said yes to me being on, and by the time it got to the point where I could, so much had happened that he wasn’t what I thought he was, but I loved him more if that makes sense.

Amanda: What was your first impression of Greg?

PJ: My first impression of him and the reason why I initially really wanted to play him was because he kind of embodied everything that I would have made in a D&D character at first. Like I would have made like a gay Disney prince, 100%.

[Eric bursts out laughing]

PJ: That’s exactly what I would have done, and I kind of like that he- immediately he starts hitting the fairytale cliches where he gets poisoned, it’s by a frog, his true love stops time and everything, like I loved that [Amanda giggling] and then what made me love him even more was that when he got angry, he took on this kind of like - kind of like a villainous thing but he doesn't realize that because he thinks that he’s very justified in wanting a happy ending and he’s not getting it and it’s pissing him off. And i loved that. I loved the character that plays with every one of my favorite kind of archetypes even if traditionally in stories they are like diametrically opposed to each other. I just loved him

Michael: How’s the leg?

[all laughing]

Brandon: Sorry about that one

Eric: Oh my god

PJ: It’s been like three months. It’s fine. We don’t have to talk about it anymore

Eric: That’s exactly what Greg would say. I love it

[all laughing]

Brandon: He did say that in 21

PJ: He did

Eric: Please, I don’t- I don’t want to talk about it

PJ: Okay, well I don’t want to talk about it. But I kind of imagine now that even though he’s kind of healed up, in my mind- which you can totally like tell me I’m wrong, but in my mind he probably has like a very fancy kind of like boot-like apparatus on that leg like wrapped around kind of like wire thin, with like silver, and it’s all barbed together and it looks kind of badass, but kind of feminine, but kind of masculine, but also keeps his shit together.

Eric: I also like that Greg like wears a boot for way longer than he has to

PJ: 100%

[all laughing]
PJ: “I still feel like my toe doesn’t flex like it should, so I’m going to keep wearing this boot…”

Michael: Oh my gosh

Amanda: I feel like every time we’re in the same room, our characters, Greg will just kind of cross his leg with the broken one up top

PJ: Prominently point like his, yeah-

Amanda: And like look at Inara and Johnny and Tracey and be like well

PJ: I feel like he dislikes all of you, but he really hates Tracey

Brandon: And Tracey gets a little bit of satisfaction from that I think [laughing]

Eric: I can tell. Yeah. It’s very apparent

Brandon: I don’t think Tracey likes Greg very much at all either

PJ: No

Eric: Everything you’re saying about Greg I think really comes through for me in my headcanon for him

PJ: Yeah

Eric: He was very much-

PJ: Which is canon because it’s your character

Eric: I know it’s like the thing, it’s just canon

PJ: It’s just canon

Eric: Everything that I wanted Greg to be in the original wedding was literally him being a Disney prince

PJ: Right

Eric: And now he’s just come up with depth, and I think that when you read these letters, you really capture a lot of them

Amanda: Do you guys talk about Greg as a character, PJ and Eric?

PJ: I would love to more than I do but I feel like - because for one thing, I’m behind because I listen to the shows in real time with everybody else

Eric: Yep

PJ: And I’m not here. But also like he’s not - even though he’s a character, he’s not a player, so like all the things that I want to know about him - those are more of a narrative thing as opposed to like finding out what people are doing like as a collaborative storytelling thing. So I don’t have ownership over him the way that you guys do your characters. And like I have so many questions, and so many things that I want to know, and so many things that I’m looking forward to, but I don’t want to like hover over Eric.

Eric: Dealing with NPCs are a little complicated depending on where everyone is, so Zach Valenti from the first 2 episodes, Julia who played Kohl at the end of the first arc, and now Heddy, who’s a part of the Bachelorette Party arc - they’re all local so we could work with them, we could tell them what we needed. Zach kind of just popped in, and he’s just like a consummate audio professional, but Julia actually came into the studio, so she was like being a PC, and I’m using Heddy for a very specific way, so I’m like giving her what she needs. The other thing with Mischa is - again kind of like the way I’m using Heddy - is that Mischa comes when Johnny needs them, so it’s like- it is dependent on when Fish does things as a player. It’s like Mischa and Fish share like a PC role together. So now for Greg it’s like I need Greg to do shit even when PJ is not here, and I also don’t want to spoil PJ because he’s really good at like listening to the story and Facebook messaging me about it. So I kind of like this dichotomy of there being like a player Greg, which is kind of like how I have him, and then this produced Greg. And I think that they’re a little bit different

PJ: I think the irony though is that produced Greg is more sincere

Eric: Yeah [laughing]

Amanda: Yeah, but I mean I love that personally, because we don’t know through whose perspective the story is being told. As of the middle of Bachelorette Party, like Alonzo is not here. So it’s not necessarily Alonzo’s story, even though in most ways it is. Like Alonzo is the character around which the rest of ours have convened, which is sort of atypical for, I think, a D&D campaign, for the player characters not to be like the person unifying everyone else and driving the thing forward. And so from that kind of narrative perspective, having a version of Greg that interacts with Alonzo, if you want to call him our protagonist, in front of us player characters, and then another version of Greg that speaks directly to Alonzo in a, you know, sincere, one-on-one, private and intimate way - I think it’s really cool. In the same way that we have a voice talking to Johnny and using, you know, Mischa’s voice just adds another kind of like layer of - it’s almost like we’re hearing the Undying Light through Johnny, and in this way like PJ’s voice is Greg through Alonzo.

Eric: Mmm

Brandon: Now that I think about it - I hadn’t thought about it before - we don’t really know who’s telling the story, do we?

Eric: Oh, no well I mean, as we’ve talked about before, and just this structure that I’ve imposed, from our recaps and from the ‘Meet the World’ episode, I mean this is like a story that just exists. We don’t really have a perspective at this point.

Brandon: That’s interesting.

Michael: I think it’s the Speaker.

[Amanda laughing]
Brandon: Yeah well what if it… yeah

Michael: They’re just like always like present just like flappin’ around just like “Hey. I’m watchin’ you.”

Brandon: I mean like we have the Centering story which happened like a millennium ago. What if this story is - and this is just my total conjecture. This is not a theory at all, but like what if this is being told a millenia in the future...

Amanda: Right

Brandon: … by the Speaker

Michael: That is technically the start of this, isn’t it? Is that Centering story, right?

Amanda: ‘Meet the World’

Michael: The ‘Meet the World’ that’s what you’re referencing?

Amanda: Yeah

Eric: Yeah. It’s like yeah, we have these two stories that are working with each other. One is like this story that you guys don’t really know about - just the story of the Centering that is just like common knowledge, and then there’s this one that, that - the campaign

Michael: This is where we finally admit all this has been scripted

[all laughing]
Michael: Including all our answers

Amanda: Damnit

Michael: It’s all been scripted, sorry

Brandon: I do think it’s - this is just, I love this idea. Sorry, I’ll stop talking soon, but this idea that whomever is telling this story also has intimate knowledge of all three of our characters, but all three of our characters don’t know the intimate knowledge about each other

Amanda: Yeah

Brandon: So who is that one person?

Amanda: Yeah

Brandon: Is it Alonzo telling the story in 1,000 years?

Amanda: Right, is it like Greg and Alonzo’s great-times-twenty grandchild?

Brandon: Yeah

Amanda: You know, who knows? Is it an official historian talking about the story that starts with a wedding and ends in… uhh? You know, something significant enough that this story has been like committed to memory, because for those who may not have listened to our recap episode, or kind of story summary, which you can find at, Eric wrote it in the style of someone telling a bedtime story, a narrative

Eric: Yeah

Amanda: You know, in the same way that the ‘Meet the World’ episode way back in June of 2017 was structured, so I live for metatextual shit. Like that is what I was the most into in college studying literature and the kinds of stories that I love reading. That’s why I chose ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ books, you know, because the second person narrative, the ability for someone to interact, personally that's the kind of story that I love the most. And it is just like a kind of cool thing that I can think about when I’m not in the middle of figuring out how to like play a scene, you know?

Brandon: Yeah, “Does my Sneak Attack apply?” [laughing]

Amanda: Yeah, zoom out, oh god, Sneak Attack. Lord.

[all laughing]
Amanda: When we pass a million downloads, I’ll get a tattoo that says…

Brandon: Can you get the flowchart? Your sneak attack flowchart?

[all laughing]

Eric: God no!

Michael: Oh no that’s like - that’s your entire back!

Eric: That’s terrible

Brandon: Yeah

Amanda: Yeah, I know that would be my entire back

Eric: Amanda gets a [chuckling] a torso tattoo of the Sneak Attack… [laughing too hard to continue]

Michael: Oh no

Amanda: I was thinking- it looked - but it’s mirrored right so I have to be able to look down and see the text myself

[all laughing]

Brandon: Just get it on your eyelids

Amanda: Oooh

Brandon: The inside of your eyelids

Michael: Oh

Amanda: The inside of my lips - so I can

Brandon: Yeah, like a Wakandan situation

Eric: It’s like, “I’m a rogue… blehhh”

[all laughing]

Amanda: Well, we also got some listener questions for PJ

PJ: Oh, cool

Amanda: This is from the perspective of Greg, so we can see this as PJ’s headcanon about Greg, not necessarily Greg canonically

PJ: Okay

Eric: I love it. I love it

Amanda: So, PJ, what are Greg’s favorite activities to do with Alonzo?

PJ: [thinking] With Alonzo… someone mentioned like - I don’t know if they meant for it to be like an AU like an alternate universe thing, or just a thick idea, but there was this idea that they both do open mic

[all laughing]
PJ: That I thought was very charming

Amanda: Is it in disguise? Or is it as themselves like in a different city?

PJ: That’s a good question

Amanda: I don’t know

PJ: I don’t feel like they travel a lot now, so maybe whenever they get the chance they sneak out

Amanda: Aww, that’d be cute

PJ: That sounded very sweet

Brandon: What is Greg’s performance? Like does he do comedy, is he singing, is he doing…

PJ: Greg’s a singer

Brandon: Singer, love it

Amanda: Yeah

Brandon: I guess he’s a bard, that does make sense. Now how does the arrow fit into his act?

PJ: It’s like a tuning fork

Brandon: I love it

Amanda: Yessssssssss

PJ: It like goes up and down and then -

Amanda: If he’s on pitch or not

PJ: Yeah

Amanda: What is Greg’s go-to karaoke song?

Brandon: What is PJ’s go-to karaoke song?

Amanda: We are all doing karaoke tonight, so I am very excited about it

PJ: I was thinking about what songs exist in the world

Amanda: Yeah, yeah

PJ: For him to be able to… whatever version of Amy Winehouse there is

Eric: True

Michael: Ooh

Brandon: Yessss! Good choice

PJ: Yeah, uh ‘Back to Black’ I think would be Greg’s

Brandon: Love it

Amanda: Love it

PJ: PJ’s is ‘Survivor’ by Destiny’s Child

[all talking at once]

Amanda: Yesss!

Eric: Nice!

Brandon: That is also an excellent pick

Amanda: Ugh, so good

Eric: That is very good

Amanda: God, I can’t wait

[Brandon laughing]
Amanda: Our other question was: what is Greg’s favorite style of fighting?

PJ: I think that he-

Amanda: There’s lots of ways to approach this

PJ: Right

Amanda: Mine is where does Greg feel most in control? Like what scenario where he has to like influence an outcome, like what scenario does he feel most in control over?

PJ: I think that Greg knows that he’s the most in control when he’s not in control. And what I mean by that is that a lot of what he does is very artificed when it comes to dealing with people, but then you see what happens when he loses his temper- he’s incredibly powerful. So I think that for him, the key to a successful fight is losing his temper in a controlled way

Amanda: Mmm

PJ: Because then it’s just like rack ‘em up


Brandon: Interesting

Amanda: Very Bruce Banner

Eric: Yeah, that’s similar to what happened at the beginning of Political Party is like you have to send out goons to like try to deal with them and then once that doesn’t happen he can like go in and mop up

PJ: I play him as a mix between Disney Princesses - mostly like Cinderella and Ariel, Little Mermaid, very throaty, but when he loses his temper - and I’m hoping that we’ll get to that at some point - he becomes much more nasal and head-voice I think. It’s like Maleficent and then Maleficent turns into the dragon

Brandon: Yeah, I love that, that’s great

Eric: That’s true, that’s very real

PJ: That’s how I feel

Brandon: It’s also funny because that’s what Tracey does with his rage switch is lose his temper in a controlled way

PJ: Uh, Greg would never admit this but I think secretly Tracey and Greg are very much alike

Brandon: [whispering] Interesting

Amanda: That’s probably why they dislike each other a lot, you know?

Brandon: Yeah!

PJ: Yeah

Amanda: They can see a lot of each other

PJ: He would never show the parts of himself that are very much like Tracey to Tracey

Brandon: And same way for Tracey I think, yeah

[Amanda laughing]

Eric: I have a question from the Facebook. This is from Matthew Julien. Thank you, Matthew. He starts by saying a lot of nice things about us.

Amanda: Aww!

Eric: Thank you for saying nice things about us. “My question is for Amanda/Inara. Is her tendency to speak quickly and in triplicate - example: cool, cool, cool - before going off on a short and hilarious recap of what just happened…

[all burst out laughing]
Eric: A character -

Amanda: Ouch!

Eric: A character choice, or is that Amanda showing through? I haven’t noticed you doing this on Spirits, which I love too by the way, so I have a feeling it’s an Inara-ism.”

Amanda: PJ’s known me the longest

PJ: I don’t wanna say

Amanda: Please. Please say

Brandon: No, I wanna hear from PJ, yeah

Michael: Yeah

PJ: She does to the triplicate thing when she gets very, very excited

[all laughing]

PJ: Or if it’s a rant but it’s like an excited rant

Amanda: Yeah

PJ: And then the tangent of recapping, that happens - it’s when she’s not thinking about it

[Amanda laughing]

PJ: Which makes sense when you’re improving. Then it’s like, “Cool, cool, cool” you know

Amanda: Yeah. I feel like, “Yeah, yeah, yeah so… blah blah blah,” you know

Eric: Yeah that’s exactly Inara. I think Inara is just excited Amanda at all times

PJ: Inara is uninhibited Amanda

Amanda: Aw

Eric: Mmm, that’s real

Amanda: That’s how I try to play her, so that makes sense. I will try not to think about it or else I’ll stop doing it

Brandon: So from my perspective I’ve edited all of you many, many hours-

Amanda: Oof

Brandon: I’ve heard your voices more than any human should hear any other human’s voices

Eric: Good!

Amanda: Oh boy, oh boy

Brandon: So I know all of y’all’s ticks, and I know when to edit and when not to edit each of y’all, so from my perspective, I think there is a little bit more of that idea of Inara in Amanda, but it doesn’t make it on tape because I tightly edit Amanda speaking so it flows better and then I literally just don’t edit when Inara speaks

[all laughing]

Brandon: I just let it go and it’s beautiful. And I originally was editing Inara too down to be a little more flowy, but eventually I was like, “You know what, this is her character. Just like let it flow. This is beautiful” You could repeat things a million times, you could say the same word seven times, “uh”, “um”s stay in. I’m keeping it in! I edit Johnny more than Fish so Johnny’s pretty - in my head Johnny’s pretty confident. He doesn’t really-

Michael: Yeah

Brandon: -mess his words up. For different NPCs, I edit them differently. Yeah, it’s interesting

PJ: How much did you edit me?

Brandon: Uh, not much. It’s different- when you have an actor who’s performing it’s different. Because you guys intentionally take words, so I try to take chunks at a time and I look for performance more than I look for like flaw in performances, so-

Amanda: How do you edit yourself versus Tracey?

Michael: Oh

Brandon: Well so this is the hard thing, because you’re always super self conscious about yourself

Amanda: Sure

Brandon: So the thing that I’m most aware of for myself is like - was that funny? Probably not. I’m gonna cut it

[all laughing]

Brandon: And that happens a lot [laughing] so I’m probably harsher on myself laugh-wise than I should be, and like I’ve had this discussion with you, Eric, where like when you’re editing yourself you take out a lot of the funny and like charming things that you say and I’m like, “No, no, no we’re putting that back in”

Eric: That’s what our bloopers are for!

Brandon: Right, but yeah. I think I edit Tracey and Brandon the same way because I’m just self-conscious about it, yeah

Amanda: Sure

Michael: Just came to me that you probably could if you wanted to re-record lines you wanted to change

Brandon: I could, but I’m lazy, so

[all laughing]

Michael: Very fair, very fair

Eric: Does Johnny have any verbal tics? Or just like being Johnny?

Michael: Many. I mean I think Brandon’s right in that he edits Johnny more so he sounds a little more confident, because Johnny’s a very confident fellow and Fish is - at least verbally - less confident sounding, so it makes more sense I think

Amanda: I think that you’re… you are like analyzing the game on so many levels because - especially early on, as a person who DMs more than plays, there must be so many levels of like metatextual seeing what’s going on, is this what he’s doing, is this not what he’s doing, you know, what is like the best way to plough through this scenario versus like the narrative. So I think whenever you, you know, hesitate before speaking, or take a minute to get to wherever you’re going, to me it’s like well I mean of course you would, because you are not only saying like, “What would my character do in this scenario?” but, “What can I as one of four players in this game... like what is the most appropriate thing?” Not the best thing, not the worst thing, not the fastest thing, not the slowest thing, but like the most appropriate one out of all those scenarios right now

Michael: My best sessions are the ones that I like let go and don’t try to anticipate the five different things Eric could do in this one specific situation, but I also love doing that, because then I can afterwards be like, “Oh my god! I assumed you were going to do this, this or this”

[Amanda laughing]

Michael: “but you did that and it was crazy!”

Amanda: You’ve also done a lot of like teeing Inara up and Amanda up for like not messing up, you know? And especially earlier on when I was even less confident than I am now, I don’t know just like giving me options or talking through things with me. So I definitely would not be as effective or interesting on mic without both of the player characters here, but I think especially the sort of like, you know, mentor-mentee relationship that Johnny and Inara have that’s been - I don’t know I’m just saying nice things now, but that’s been really nice for me.

[all laughing]

Eric: You notice that Johnny is the one who does the action and says, “Johnny’s gonna walk over and talk to this person,” and that’s because Fish knows how to play Dungeons & Dragons

[all laughing]

Eric: I wanna talk to PJ about this because we literally just talked about this-

PJ: Okay

Eric: -as we were preparing to record anotherrrrrr… thing which might come up at some point. There’s a very big difference between how I act as Greg off the cuff and how I write and how you express Greg in the written way. And I think you summed it up really well. It’s like- Greg is very sort of like harsh and like a little bit harder in person, but his written stuff he writes like he’s a Civil War wife.


Amanda: Oh no

PJ: Yeah

Eric: Yeah like intentionally

Amanda: Oh no! [laughing]

Eric: Which is really funny

PJ: I think he’s also a bit prone to the drama of it all

Eric: Oh yeah

PJ: So that’s how I really wanted to take it because, like I said, when I asked, the character of Greg as was presented was totally different than what ended up happening in the next couple of episodes. I never would have thought that he was going to like kind of become an antagonist when he first popped onto the scene. But then after that happened and after you guys were like, “Okay we’re going to include you,” and like he was just an asshole!

[Eric laughing]

PJ: He was just a little shit! I don’t - what am I gonna do? So I intentionally I did kind of read the letter to try to humanize him a bit more

Eric: Sure

PJ: And I think that - what we were talking about earlier was that we’ve seen a very interesting thing happen with people who love Greg and Alonzo lately, and where they've really like come to bat for the couple, even though it’s really been a while since they’ve been able to do anything together. And you know, as of now, Greg hasn’t really redeemed himself all that much

Eric: Right

PJ: Like right now everyone is like, “Okay, fine.” But there’s not really like been like this big change of heart, there’s not been this big change in dynamic, but people really love - it’s just a recent thing! People really, really love Greg and Alonzo now, and I think that kind of also goes back to representation being very important, and this is the kind of character that I would have wanted to see when I was a kid and it’s - he's the exact kind of character that I wanted to play because he thinks that he is very entitled to his happily-ever-after life

Amanda: Mmm

PJ: Whether or not he’s gone through enough in his life for him to literally say, “I deserve this,” - that’s up for debate, but the fact that he can’t get it [whispering] just makes him so mad

Eric: Oh yeah

PJ: And in his heart of hearts he just wants to be a good husband

Eric: Yeah

PJ: That’s it. Like the theatrics, and the quests, and the magic and the world - they’re all very intriguing. They’re very charming. He could see from another person’s perspective how that could look to be like a very romantic life, but as he says when he snaps on everybody, it’s my life. I can’t walk away. Like I have to live this
Eric: Yeah

PJ: And you guys get to be the heroes

Brandon: Yeah

Eric: I love that. I love that - I really wish you were around when I first had that-

PJ: I’m always around

Eric: Yeah [laughing]

[Amanda laughing]

Eric: I really wish that we had gotten you on mic when he snapped, because like I feel like I wrote that out just as much as I write out the letters that you read

PJ: Yeah

Eric: And I feel like that speech, your letter, and then this one that-

PJ: They’re the same voice

Eric: - that we’re going to record eventually, that’s very much triangulated, like this is how Alonzo sees Greg. And I’m really excited for everyone to hear all that and then we’ll - hopefully we’ll flesh him out a little bit more and get you more on mic

PJ: [whispering] That’d be great

Brandon: I think it’s also such like a human… a human feeling to have exactly what you just described, like I think people are connecting with Greg and Alonzo in addition to the representation part because that feeling of - you were getting into a thing that you had - you had an image in your head of what it was, like I was in a relationship for a long time and I had this idea of what our future was gonna be and then suddenly something comes in and changes that. And that’s something we can all relate to, and suddenly your future is swept out from under you. Your idea - your romantic idea of what’s the next month or the next year is gonna look like is swept out from under you

Michael: I mean they didn’t even have a literal honeymoon

Brandon: Right

PJ: They didn’t even have a reception

Michael: Yeah

PJ: Really, I mean … [laughing]

Brandon: Not really, yeah

PJ: Yeah

Brandon: There were frogs

PJ: Yeah. I-I - he carries that with him. Like you know that he does, and he’s so ready for this to be done

Eric: For sure. I know that like I don’t know as much about like royal interactions

PJ: Right

Eric: But I think that this is actually kind of playing out in the royal wedding that’s happening right now is like the dating part is really hard, and like people are just speculating, and like everyone's like, “Ooh is that his girlfriend,” blah blah blah

PJ: Right

Eric: But like once people are married you’re like, “Eh you’re family I don’t care anymore.” And I think that like Greg really wanted that

Amanda: Right

Eric: And now he doesn’t get it

Amanda: Yeah

Brandon: It’s hard

PJ: Yeah, and I think that when you grow up in that kind of position of privilege and - I mean I think it’s with everybody where people say, “Oh, you know, you’re going to go to school, and then you’re going to graduate and meet someone, and you’re going to be in love, and it’s going to be great,” particularly for me, I come from a family where everybody had kids at 20 and they got married then and like that was the ideal. That was it. So much so that even when I came out ot my family, my grandma didn't care that I was gay she cared that I wasn’t in a relationship

[all laughing]

Eric: Dang

PJ: So she was like, [in Southern accent], “Well why aren’t you settled down yet?”

[all laughing]
Amanda: I love your grandma

PJ: [whispering] She’s the worst. I hope that- I don’t know the whole dynamics of Greg’s family but I hope that somewhere he has a grandma that he can’t stand who’s very controlling

Eric: Oh I’m like 99% sure. I’m putting her in now

PJ: Okay, cool

Eric: Like it’s great

PJ: Cool

Eric: Yeah. I think that’s also - and like we’ve had a little bit of a conversation about it from a larger political perspective - Fidopolis and Cronopolis - I’ve laid out like they’re the two power players

PJ: Right

Eric: And I feel like they are the ones that are closest to like - not an aristocracy or nouveau-aristocracy or like even a monarchy or whatever the fuck’s going on in the UK right now [chuckling] But-

Amanda: Constitutional monarchy! It’s not a thing, UK, it’s not a thing

Eric: Not really a thing

[Brandon laughing]
Eric: Um but it’s like there is this like “royal” - with big quotes - family from these two places, and then what we’re seeing in Antipolis is like literally supposed to be like the West Wing more, and then whatever the fuck is happening in Tortipolis right now. It’s all very different, so the government systems are different and that's why there’s a lot of conflict between all the other places

PJ: Mhm

Eric: And why they need a literal divine speaker to like tell them to chill

PJ: I think that it looks like it’s a very advantageous match as well between the Kikos and the Nectarias just because

Eric: Yeah

PJ: But for them, for Greg and Alonzo, it’s the real deal

Amanda: Yeah

PJ: Everything else is just secondary, and the fact that it kind of works to everyone else’s advantage, like that kind of gives Greg like a sigh of relief because even though he doesn’t really like - I feel like he probably doesn't really care so much about the way that it’s viewed. He’s more like happy about the fact that nobody’s going to give him shit about this relationship

Eric: Oh true

Amanda: And how perfect it could be

PJ: Right

Amanda: But instead, he hasn’t you know been with Alonzo in months

PJ: But then off the bat, his sister-

Amanda: Yeah

PJ: Yeah

Amanda: Yeah

Michael: But instead there’s a lot of resentment, like because this happened, and yes he’s with the person he loves

PJ: Right

Michael: But immediately, now the responsibilities kick in, and I think that I’m not sure if Greg thought about it, at least the way I see it he was thinking all the idealized - the honeymoon, the month after-

Amanda: The happily ever after

PJ: Yeah

Michael: But- and that it just went over his head that these are the two like powerful families of two of the cities like you c- it’s not going to be easy no matter what, and I think this is - the journey he’s on is figuring out- and I mean I think in this case it’s more than- it’s unfair what’s happening

Amanda: Yeah

Michael: Like I think it’s beyond the not easy that it should be, but he has to learn how to make that balance and work

PJ: I think he also doesn’t care about politics

Eric: No!

PJ: No, and he doesn’t care about politics, but I also think that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t care about the people

Amanda: Mmm

PJ: I think that he probably doesn’t know as much about what’s going on outside of the castle I think as- as anyone would. But I do think that he has a little bit more life experience than Alonzo, and that he’s a bit more aware of people’s true inner nature

Eric: Mmm

PJ: And he would love to make the world better, but not in the way that he’s seen it happening

Eric: Yeah, that makes sense. Especially like how oblivious he is about Gregina

PJ: Yeah, absolutely

Eric: Like Gregina - and they like named them after each other, which is wild - is like he doesn't understand the political ramifications of like having a disgruntled sibling, and I think that’s really what it boils down to is like Gregina knows, “Oh I have political power. I can bring some shit down and make people listen to me.” and Greg’s like “Why did you ruin my wedding?”

PJ: Yeah

Brandon: It’s also crazy that these- these adults are expecting these children-

Amanda: Yeah

Eric: Oh yeah

Brandon: - to be able to deal with these political ramifications and it’s just- you’re a child, you can’t. Just you can’t

Michael: Yeah. Going back I think to the letters and then to the relationship between Greg and Alonzo, the listener gets to hear all these changes and like at least get a better idea of who Greg is and who Greg and Alonzo are, but as characters, Tracey, Inara, and Johnny really have one main conception of Greg and it’s fairly negative

Amanda: Yeah

Brandon: Mmm

Michael: And there’s not - it’s not- nothing has happened to change that, not just from like, “Okay this is someone we saved and then tried to attack us, and then tried to sabotage us on the ship, and then is giving us crap even though we’re the ones who have been tasked with protecting your husband…” and we talk a lot on this show about how we forget Alonzo [all chuckling] but I think the fact that we forget Alonzo is a lot better than I think the fact that our characters really don’t like Greg

Amanda: Yeah

Michael: Or at least we’re- you know we as I think as people- Brandon and Amanda and I like Greg and want to like him, but it’s just- there’s no twisting I can do of how Johnny has interacted with Greg that he can like him, at least without any kind of major changes

Amanda: Yeah

Brandon: Totally

PJ: I think that’s good though

Amanda: Like the best case scenario so far that we can say for our characters’ relationship to Greg is that like he didn’t actively attack us when we left Fidapolis for Tortipolis

Michael: That was huge, yeah

Amanda: You know and that’s like the most positive interaction that they’ve had so far, you know?

PJ: Nobody got chopped

Amanda: No one got chopped

PJ: Everyone’s limbs are-

Brandon: We’ve played Chopped twice, haven’t we Eric?

[all laughing]

Eric: I hate it!

Amanda: Uh, ooh man fantasy Tim Allen is really harsh with his - with his penalties isn’t he? Anyway, um-

Brandon: Tim Allen?

Eric: Tim Allen?

[Amanda laughing]

Amanda: Fuck, what’s his name?

Michael: Bum bum bum buuuuummm

Brandon: No one tell her. No one tell her

Eric: No, she watches ‘Chopped’ all the time! It’s Ted Allen!

Amanda: Ted Allen, thank you

PJ: Tim Allen is an asshole

Brandon: Can you imagine Tim Allen hosting ‘Chopped’?!

Eric: It’s true

[all laughing]

Eric: Um you guys can just make ehhhhhh

Eric: Uh just make me, uh, make me a sandwich because that’s what men in America deserve

[Brandon laughing]

Eric: Ooooooooh! [singing] a bum-bum-bum-bum-bum-bum

PJ: To infinity and -

Brandon: Alice Guarnaschelli is behind a fence the entire time

Amanda: Yup

Eric: Just poking over

Amanda: Anyway, I love Greg and Alonzo. I love their relationship. I identify with both of them in different ways, like I cry every time I hear the letter because I really identify with that- that kind of sentiment of like you love this person and all you want is to like hold them to you, and spend time with them, and never let them go, but you know that to be happy and fulfilled people you need to spend time apart, or do things that will hurt each other through no fault of your own. And so I love them a lot, and I love everyone's fan art and please keep making more fan art. But that being said, we are firmly in Alonzo’s corner as our characters. And you know as much as Inara moans and groans about the annoying little brother or big brother that Alonzo is- I think he’s, you know, the same age-

PJ: Big little brother, little big brother

Amanda: [laughing] Yeah for sure. Little big brother I think. We haven’t had that opportunity to develop a relationship with Greg, and we haven’t seen a human side of Greg that the listeners have. So people ask us sometimes like why we rag on Greg so much and that’s - that’s the answer

Eric: I’m wondering how long Alonzo can be a plot hook for you three. And I think we’re gonna see what happens. We’ve done like, “Hey, this is Alonzo, this big doofus.” We did, “Hey do you wanna work for Alonzo,” “Hey go help Alonzo while he does this thing,” “Oh no, Alonzo’s missing.” I feel like that’s like the end of the road. I wonder how long they’ll do like what Alonzo tells them to do

Amanda: Our three characters have loyalties to each other, we have loyalties to the cause, we have loyalties to the Concentric States to varying degrees, so Inara doesn’t need to be paid to do the thing that we’re doing, and like at a certain point maybe Alonzo will be at odds with what we think is the right mission. Maybe, you know, the Representative will tell us something that we think is wrong, like we do almost all the time. You know, so like there’s gonna come a time where- we’re people with thoughts and opinions and like the ability to affect change in the world, and I don’t think that we have like a primary allegiance to anything but our own senses of justice

Brandon: Yeah

Michael: But aren’t you as an assassin literally being paid to do this thing? Like that’s - that’s what you- you should be wanting

Amanda: Shhhhhh

Michael: Right? Okay

Eric: Inara’s a very bad assassin

[all laughing]
Amanda: Inara’s a very bad assassin

Brandon: I think it’s going to be fun to see that- when that comes up

Amanda: Yeah

Brandon: What you just talked about

Amanda: No I’m - and honestly, like I don’t know. I think I will be reacting to challenges that Inara faces in the moment because I don’t have a ton - I feel like you two could talk all day long about what your characters would do in different situations and I chose to play an adolescent for a reason and that’s because like we are discovering this shit as we go- as me as a newbie player and as Inara as a newbie person in the world, so we’ll see

Brandon: Yeah

Amanda: Alrighty, that will do it for our After Party. We would love to hear what questions you have for the next time. You can find us at, or email us directly You can hit us up on any social media platform. We are on all of them all day long. We are @JoinThePartyPod on Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, all the places you could possible want to talk to us, and we hang out all day long- not gonna lie, it really is all day- in our Discord for our Patrons. So that’s at and for as little as two bucks per episode. It goes really to a great place and you’re going to be able to join in that Discord, so we are so grateful for your support, those of you who are supporting us already, and if you’re able to join, we’d really love that.

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I think that’s gonna do it for us! Thank you again for listening and we will talk to you soon.

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