Afterparty: Pool Party III

Bemoaning bad rolls, debating Batman vs. Daredevil, and what D&D powers we’d want to bring to real life. This is the Afterparty, where we sit down after every episode to break down our game and answer your questions about how to play at home.


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Cast & Crew

- Dungeon Master: Eric Silver

- TR8c (Tracey): Brandon Grugle

- Inara Harthorn: Amanda McLoughlin

- Johnny B. Goodlight: Michael Fische

- Creative Contributors: Connor McLoughlin, Julia Schifini, Heddy Hunt

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Amanda: So I'm going to subtitle this episode “when rolls go bad.” Wow, I have never had plans foiled by terrible rolls the way that just happened in the last 15 minutes of this game.

Brandon: I don't think your rolls have ever been that poor.

Amanda: No and my nat-20 charisma and flirting didn't get me anywhere. I thought we were like going to a room above the tavern and I would like learn the secrets of the Blackfish.

Eric: Well the thing is that the nat-20 was amazing. But what you said was Inara awkwardly showed off her shoulder and then seemed like she was sunburned. What that did was that it actually worked and was flirty.

Amanda: You're right

Eric: I didn't know how...

Amanda: Oh that was the move, not the general flirting intention.

Eric: Exactly.

Amanda: I see that's something I'm still learning as like I put in characterization for comedic value but then I realized that I'm like hampering myself as a player. So my bad on that one.

Eric: I'm only trying to give you the things that you do when you do. I think when you do bigger actions though. Like you did a stealth role for like this big thing of sneaking poison into wine. So I think that would be a big general roll and it was really crappy.

Amanda: Yup it sure was sorry fish.

Michael: I mean I'd say our average rolls for this episode were probably the lowest than any other episode we've been in. So no sorries, the dice gods or whatever just weren't with us, the intentions were good. I'm still entertained with what happened. Overall everything that happened. Snail racing definitely a choice... but everything else...

Brandon: I am bummed we didn't see a half dead werewolf stalking around in midnight.

Amanda: Wouldn't it be cool to see a half-skeletal werewolf. Okay, so this is my intention Y'all. My thoughts were that it would be better to neutralize this clear threat and he would like transform during the day and create a ruckus and then we be able by that ruckus to triangulate where the Blackfish were hiding.

Michael: See that's like legitimate strategy and strategy and strategery. I was just trying to pretend to be drunk and like spill it and cause a mess and just general high jinks.

Brandon: I love that strategy. Here's what happened in reality, you tried to pour a potion into a bucket of wine

Michael: Succeeding

Brandon: Then a drunk light man tried to throw onto a half alive half dead monstrosity. And then he spilled it on the floor everywhere.

Amanda: Yeah. Listen there's only half of a body to poison so only half of the amount was necessary man, conservation of matter. Oh sorry, I'm too deep in character I have to take a little break.

Eric: I just wanted to say...

Amanda: Eric please help us.

Eric: Oh I can't really. What I love about D&D is something that I made as a joke to bother Fish with the bucket of wine then became integral to the plot as it moves forward. I love that every time it always happens.

Amanda: We are like when you are answering toddlers questions and they're asking like why is the sky blue oh because it's light, what is light, oh it's refraction, what is refraction. You know like they never forget a word that you say or a promise that you make and that is what D&D is like.

Brandon: Fish is a child.

Amanda: We are all children

Michael: I was going to say differently. I mean you're not wrong, that's exactly correct. I was going to say never give your players anything, we'll use that against you.

Eric: I know

Michael: I know that feel though

Eric: I give people snail racing

Michael: And instead you get bucket of wine spilled all over the floor. I appreciate that every time you would describe them, they would have another article of clothing or something. I wanted you to describe him one more time to see about what was his glasses situation.

Amanda: The wristwatch, the suspenders, the boot covers.

Michael: But you didn't ask so...

Brandon: I was imagining Mr. Peanut in Kobold form.

Amanda: That's not bad!

Brandon: Speaking of that, how did that work? How did the Snail Race work? Because I was rolling against something.

Amanda: Can we back up one step and say, why are you betting all of your gold and your coolest bag on a snail race. Fish and I were sitting here being like what is he doing?

Michael: We were just sitting here staring at Brandon just like what, what, what, what. Yes, we trust you. But what?

Eric: I like. Things start with like Tracey's embarrassed and then he's Dick Tracey, detective.

Brandon: Two things, one Tracey doesn't care about money

Michael: Obviously

Brandon: He was so old that inflation just skyrocketed.

Amanda: Yeah, but we're in a team Trace.

Brandon: Yeah so he can count on yall for money.

Michael: No, incorrect. That was part of your allowance

Brandon: He doesn't need food or drink or really sleep so like what need does he have for money.

Eric: What I think is interesting is that Tracey is so sure that all of his plans go off and will be good. I mean like that could have went very poorly if you'd rolled poorly like your only thing was like 'I'm intimidating and I have a alligator'

Brandon: I don't think... So this is me speaking for character vs player like player yes I get that it's a risk when I'm going into it but I think it's fun but like I hear you. I understand that it's a risk that you know he could be chopped in half. But as character, I think Tracey I don't think he's really failed yet. I don't think he has run into a instance where he's actually. Things haven't gone away that have turned out to be advantageous. It might not have worked out...

Michael: Or at least that within his set of values and understanding he's succeeded every time no matter what the literal result was.

Brandon: Right, I don't think he regardless of what his plan was it always ended up in a result that benefited him somehow.

Michael: Tracey is a far more on the chaotic Lawful Neutral all that stuff scale, he is way more chaotic than I originally was going to be

Brandon: He's lawful

Michael: But wait. I mean I have no idea.

Brandon: Like if it was a group of like legitimate like folks about town doing something that was lawful and not illegal he wouldn't bother.

Michael: Sure

Amanda: Isn't the definition of chaotic though that you don't mind breaking external rules to pursue your own internal logic. He's like a cop like a vigilante vs law-abiding cop

Eric: That's literal where I was going to say he's very Batman-y but like his projection is the exact opposite.

Brandon: I think it may be more of undercover officer vs uniformed officer, so undercover officer is protected in many ways by the law. They can participate in illegal activities and leave ok

Amanda: But who is the higher authority granting him dominion.

Brandon: Exactly.

Amanda: Because I would characterize him more like Daredevil where his moral compass is just set by himself and that supersedes any law of man or beast. And like it doesn't bother Tracey at all to murder people to break what he thinks of as laws. If he is pursuing something that he deems to be just

Brandon: So this is a little too deep into Warforged lore but Warforged take commands. And when they don't have commands they either shut down or follow the last command they had.

Amanda: Like Asimov's robots.

Brandon: Yeah. So the reason that he was in the field for so long or in the desert for so long is because he didn't have a command, he didn't have anyone to give him orders. So I think he's just defaulting back to his previous owner's commands of her morality whatever that might be.

Michael: I'm 100 percent sure that Johnny by now will have at least been like

Michael (as Johnny): I order you to have a good time.

Amanda: Okay so fair enough. I don't think it matters necessarily where that moral code or that prime directive if you will comes from, but the thing that interests me is Tracey's decision making in the moment and is it to preserve peace and to preserve life. Or is it to pursue his directive and damn the consequences. And I'm seeing it come out on the latter a lot more often than I expected.

Brandon: Yes. So I agree with you. So one other context point is that warforged are born blank slates so they literally can only speak a few words of common and like are fully grown but have to learn everything from whomever owns them. On that point I think that's the entire being that is Tracy, is the fact that he's at odds with two different things where he's at odds with the previous directive and commands that he had as much as Johnny is like his friend and someone who saved him. I don't think he sees him has his owner.

Michael: Oh god no.

Brandon: So I don't think he takes commands from Johnny. Exactly

Michael: Although you would want a recommendation of having a good time.

Brandon: Oh hell yeah.

Michael: And the light of course.

Brandon: Yes and the light, and that's in competition with him learning his own code and individuality, his own way in the world. And those are at odds I think and that's what makes him confused a lot of time.

Amanda: So watch this space.

Michael: I just like the more we can see different choices Tracey makes and learn about his decision making because Tracey like Inara seemed to be discovering how and what they choose to do in the world and their perspectives and their motivations whereas other characters that Eric ends up portraying definitely have to be a little more defined except for Alonzo who does have a shift and then Johnny who has more or less a set perspective and path.

Brandon: I think that's also probably why Tracey likes working with Johnny because Johnny has a this is what I'm doing. This is my thing that I'm doing, this is my mission.

Michael: I got my shtick.

Brandon: Yeah I think he enjoys being with someone who has that

Amanda: I really want to see their quarterly performance reviews like how are we evangelizing the light. How is Tracey doing?

Michael: How have you represented the light this quarter?

Eric: So the way that snail races work...

Amanda: I'm sorry I was on a delay there. I was reacting in snail time which is to say: tell me! get it?

Michael: Did anyone catch my turbo reference? Yeah, Turbo!

Eric: Yeah the snail race. I mean you can turn anything you want, the flexibility of D&D is really fun. The snail races: I rolled five d20's to represent how fast or like how far all these snails were going. One of them was coming out in front and it just turns out that Brandon was also rolling for his snail. And then the one with the big shell won after I rolled the d20 three times. But you know things could have happened if that snail could have not come in second, Tracey's snail kind of thing. There's a lot of things that I work on and do that don't come to light.

Michael: I feel like you were prepared for any kind of interference or something to happen in between those rolls

Brandon: I feel like you were waiting for me to do something.

Eric: I was surprised. I didn't want to like prompt you or anything but I did want to give you a chance to act if you wanted to act. I mean I know that like if you were a druid maybe you would turn into a snail yourself. And like go do it or something. But like there's always an opportunity for you to do stuff but turns out that Tracey had a motivation that I wasn't aware of. And the point is was that the big snail happened. I mean that's the other thing, is like these other people might have had motivation like I do a lot of stuff that doesn't come out to light and that's OK.

Brandon: How far behind was my snail?

Eric: Your snail came in second. It was really close

Brandon: Oh it was second?

Eric: Yeah. That was the whole thing was that it was a stalk finish. Eye Stalk finish.

Brandon: So if I had rolled better than seven in the last one I probably would've won?

Eric: Probably. I mean that first snail was pretty far ahead but yeah it all kind of shook out.

Brandon: That was a very fun

Eric: Good. I mean the point is I know that we record and like it's kind of high stakes but the whole point is to have fun. And if it's going to be goofy snail races and Kobolds wearing top hats like I'm all about that

Michael: The kobold reminds me he mentioned The Giant Mistake. That's the name of the bar. We had like a moment where we were just like in awe, that was a great name. Nice choice

Amanda: Very Monty Python.

Eric: So we didn't actually get into this but the reason why it's called a giant mistake is that when the city was built this was actually built in the footstep of the stone giants that built the city. There was actually an exact same replica on the other side. And like if you look over there there might be a ghost inside and there's like whole bunch of lore that I came up with the giant mistake.

Amanda: Oh yeah mirrored things freak me the hell out. So I am very into this whole concept of mirrored cities across the river one ghost and one semi-living.

Eric: I do want to shout out Julia Schifini one of my good good friends who helps the pod for giving me that drink for the giant mistake. I am very happy that Alonzo got to drink that. He got a nat-20 by the way.

Brandon: Thank God, no wait Thank Adamah

Eric: He was a nat-20 for the dexterity role for drinking it but his constitution was low so he got schwasted.

Amanda: Oh Alonzo you're nothing but a liability.

Michael: That sounds about right. That's what I would expect for Alonzo lucking into being able to drink the whole thing but just failing at...

Amanda: I was going to say thoroughly fucking up in the best way possible.

Michael: Yeah that's also Alonzo.

Amanda: And I was super freaked out and excited about the third eye thing.

Brandon: Third Arm

Michael: third arm. Don't forget also third arm.

Amanda: I had forgotten about it but let's start with the eye and the arm. and the eye and the arm is really my favorite pub besides the giant mistake. But I love that idea. We have all had those prophetic seeming bartenders who can just like give you whatever you need. Shout out to our friend Matt who is our regular bartender of the JTP crew. But anyway, Eric: what? I feel like the after party subtitle is "Eric What?"

Eric: I was thinking the exact same thing about bartenders.

Amanda: Yeah

Eric: How they know exactly what you want before you want it. I have this idea that the bartender was magical in some way and had kind of like a creepy cryptid sort of power. How would you use this power? I mean you don't necessarily know the extent of it but you know like this idea of what you want to drink. I thought it was just like a fun way of employing it.

Amanda: I got very Cecil from Nightvale vibes. I liked that quite a lot. It's sort of like fan-non that Cecil Baldwin the narrator Welcome to Nightvale has a like third eye on his forehead and that was very much where my first instinct went

Eric: Oh yeah, the thing is that like the races in Monster Manual are awesome but like you can do whatever you want. I mean if he has a third eye and a third hand to mess with you like that's this guy's own prerogative

Brandon: Was it based on anything in the book?

Eric: No, no I mean I have the third eye and then I wanted to put the third hand in.

Michael: Yeah I mean that was clearly to mess with me.

Amanda: Where was his third hand anchored?

Michael: Apparently his head

Eric: Back of the head

Michael: Back of the head like it came out around. Anything can be explained away with the simple the result of cross-breeding between multiple races and species until this guy came out.

Amanda: Oh Fish, I wasn't worried about the genetic plausibility of our fantasy universe.

Michael: That's funny because I genuinely thought that's what you were just asking.

Amanda: Which is interesting because you can be interested in whatever you want. look again shout out to logistics D&D players who are thinking about money and water and packs and the weight of all of the things that you have

Michael: Don't worry Tracey is not thinking about money.

Brandon: He is not

Eric: I think a lot of weird stuff is happening in Antipolis and like having a bartender with a third eye and third hand is not the strangest thing that you have seen in these last few episodes.

Amanda: I'm super into it.

Brandon: We saw a ghost whale!

Amanda: And a skeleton man who was almost a skeleton werewolf man.

Michael: I didn't get to do my Ishmael joke...

Brandon: Do you want to do it now?

Michael: Mmmmm It's not worth it.

Amanda: Hey Stranger what do they call you around these parts?

Michael: They call me Ishmael...

Eric: All right we have another question here this one from Will Williams, thank you Will. If you could have one spell in real life of any class from the 5e spell book. What would it be?

Brandon: I know this one because I was looking spells the other day in Xanthar's guide there's a spell, I forgot what it's called exactly, but basically you can make a fortress and if it exists for like 3 days or something and it just becomes permanent

Michael: You have to do it for a year

Brandon: A year

Michael: Every seven days and there's a fortress that's made of stone and then there's like a magic version which is like a celestial-like being.

Brandon: This is just my catharsis about me having to pay so much rent in New York City. I just want to be able to make my own castle.

Amanda: Millennials will never buy homes so we have to build magic castles instead.

Brandon: Exactly.

Michael: Listen once every seven days for a year and I get a whole fortress or a magical like Castle like done.

Brandon: No one's invited to my castle

Michael: Actually the Castle has a bunch of unseen servants sorry that's the fortress, the castle you can set certain races to not be permitted to enter without having to take massive penalties!

Brandon: I don't like that.

Michael: Races, races in the celestial or like demonic kind of thing like fey, demons, demons.

Brandon: I wouldn't let demons in my house. Fish what would you choose?

Michael: Well it's the only answer. It's prestidigitation. It's the only answer.

Amanda: The most useless spell

Brandon: Wasted your choice.

Michael: It's the most useful spell. I can do anything forever. I'm thinking about you know stuff like magic circle or invisibility or...

Amanda: you just rolled your eyes real hard at Invisibility that felt judgemental.

Michael: and there's a lot of like random spells that I'm just not going to use in day to day life. I feel like with prestidigitation I can use that every day. There will be utility to this spell every single day.

Brandon: Let me tell you-you're going to save money on towels because you'll never have to buy a towel.

Michael: I'm never going to have to shower. I'm never gonna have to worry about being cold or hot. I sweat a lot. I don't have to worry about looking all gross.

Amanda: That's true

Eric: that would be nice.

Amanda: I'm often in this spot between like I'm too cold not to have a sweater on but I'm too warm for this sweater specifically and I could really use some help with that.

Eric: This feels like the landmark movie from Adam Sandler Esq called Click where he has a magic remote where he can fast forward through the things that he doesn't like in his life and maybe when you're prestidigitizing you'll realize wow I really missed all those things.

Michael: You know I will miss. I'll still take showers because I'll want to but I won't have to. And the thing is there's just so much utility out of this. I'm a very utilitarian kind of person. I want it to be worth it.

Brandon: All right. I got a castle. You got not having to shower. Man...

Michael: But I can if I want to and I will.

Amanda: So you say

Brandon: So you wasted your choice anyway.

Amanda: I think I may one up you here Fish by saying that my spell of choice would be mage hand. Never get up to turn off AC again.

Eric: Very good.

Amanda: Never lose their remote again. Never have to get up from where you are

Brandon: Wait but you will still lose the remote.

Eric: No, the hand will be holding the remote at all times.

Amanda: Never have to get out from under your blanket fort to go hit the buzzer to let someone up into your apartment. Never have to. I don't know, move.

Michael: I feel like our spells are in the same kind of realm of just utility which I adore.

Amanda: Yeah and as much as I want to be right I do really like your approach like I am almost always have some criticism about how my body feels so being to like clean make it hotter colder. I mean it's just that's ideal.

Michael: I just want to be comfortable in my own skin.

Amanda: I know fish.

Michael: Eric are you going to go grandiose like a castle?

Eric: I'm glad that you guys feel comfortable in your own skin. I like find greater steed where I summon a spirit in the form of a loyal majestic mount such as a Griffin, a Pegasus, a Pertian which I don't even know what it is but I want it, a dire wolf, a rhinoceros, or a saber tooth tiger. I will be sweaty if I get to ride around a saber tooth tiger at all times.

Brandon: I gotta say though you're going to be ostracized from society if you keep it.

Eric: But they should also get fucked because I have a rhinoceros

Amanda: Where is it going to sleep? Can't go into Brandon's Castle.

Brandon: I know, you know what your mount can't do come to my castle!

Eric: The casting time is only 10 minutes so I can have it go away and bring it back later.

Michael: Here's the thing

Eric: It's a spirit it is not a real animal.

Michael: I totally get the find greater steed. I was actually also thinking of like summon familiar where you can get like tons of different options, but here's the thing. Brandon's hit the nail on the head. You live in the real world. There's going to be real-world consequences. Having kind of minor spells that are only for us and really only affect us or maybe people around us. We're not going to get sent to a government experiment lab or get messed with by the government. Yeah, X-Men's a thing that's real life, X-Men is real life.

Eric: Hey Eric stop dreaming big with your Pegasus because the government from X Men which is also a real thing is going to come get it.

Michael: I'm glad you said it's a real thing cause it is.

Amanda: I worry about you.

Michael: We worry about you, with your magical creature that is going to get X-Men'd out of here.

Brandon: Disguise Self is good too

Michael: Disguise Self is good too.

Eric: Brandon's not even listening he's just looking at the spell book.

Michael: With Brandon's like you could find like an empty plot of land and like make it happen. And yes there's...

Brandon: Somewhere cool in Ireland or somewhere and go just build a castle.

Michael: Yeah and you know if you don't do that in America the zoning permits are probably going to be easier. with Eric, It's just going to be X-Men.

Eric: He can disappear though

Amanda: Yeah. Okay so so imagine for like 15 minutes a week when you find yourself like in a place with no other people and a room that's wider than ten feet and also just like privacy from screeches that your fucking Hippogriff is going to make. Okay great. I'm glad that you're gonna enjoy those ten minutes but I, however, will never have to get up to close my drafty window and lean awkwardly over my table.

Michael: I'm not going to have to worry about the drafty window because I'm just gonna feel cool and comfortable the entire time.

Amanda: I know that one really, that one's really calling to me

Brandon: Create food and water is another

Amanda: There's no calories then I'm on board.

Michael: No there are calories. I have a question for all of you actually. What is the one spell you would not want either cast it upon you or something that you have to deal with every day

Brandon: Death. The one that kills me.

Michael: Okay thank you.

Eric: Oh the one where there is a cube of knives spinning!

Michael: Yeah.

Eric: It's like hey I'm going to go about my day. Except this cube of knives is spinning.

Amanda: Twelve knives a spinning.

Eric: That's my favorite verse from the D&D, the 12 rolls of Christmas. The 12 dice of Christmas?

Amanda: The d12 of Christmas?

Eric: The 12 Crits of Christmas

Amanda: ooh

E: The 12 days of Crits-mas here we are.

Michael: We finally got there.

Amanda: See listen, kids, persist and follow your dreams. Eventually, you get there.

Eric: I'm glad we have a safe space to do workshops. I have another question and let's stick on the holiday tip. So this one is from October but I want to keep it going. Thank you Pomegranate. You are the best new you ask us all the questions and now we're going to answer actually your questions. What would each character including Stoneface dress up for as Halloween? Either in-universe or in a modern day AU

Amanda: I think Inara would be a pirate and try to instigate a like flirtatious little repartee with Captain Alex. You know about like boarding the ship. Other innocent innuendo. That's really where I try to go.

Michael: What do you think Captain Alex is dressing up as?

Eric: Davy Jones

Brandon: Does she just polymorph into an animal like that's her costume?

Michael: That's too easy.

Amanda: That's true. Maybe like a zookeeper and it's ironic.

Eric: That's very good. Very good.

Brandon: I think Tracey would actually just dress up as Johnny probably.

Michael: Oh I'm going to dress up as Tracey.

Brandon: Yeah. I don't think he fully understands like the idea behind dressing up like you're supposed to have fun and be silly or do something cool. He's just like your next to me. I'll do you

Amanda: Oh no wait I have it. Let's just assume for a second that the movie Grease exists in our universe. I think that Inara and Stoneface would dress up as gender swapped Danny and Sandy and Stoneface would wear a wig. And obviously the sexy Sandy at the end leather pants suit.

Eric: Oh yeah that catsuit

Amanda: and Inara would put on a Danny Zuko jacket and style her hair in such a swoop and never let go.

Eric: I don't know what it sounds like if Danny Zuko does the other parts lines. Hey, tell me about it stud. I don't like... see it doesn't make sense.

Amanda: Whatever that is I want to see it.

Eric: You're the one that I... No, that she actually sang that song.

Brandon: Can you sing that in that voice for me?

Eric: I don't remember... Eyy a beauty school dropout

Brandon: What would Johnny dress up as?

Michael: I think he would want to participate in the swap with Tracey. Otherwise...

Brandon: I think Tracey would be confused.

Michael: Yeah that might be too much for Tracey.  

Amanda: I think he would not give up his cloak or badge. He would just you know he would wear those over it.

Michael: Exactly and I would have to like make a Johnny would have to makeshift his own version. I think Johnny will forget that it's Halloween and have to do something very last minute and it's just not going to be funny or creative really following in the footsteps of Michael Fische, just always forgetting

Eric: I think like puts on an eyepatch and says I'm a beholder and then that's it.

Brandon: That's good. What's Tammy and Taylor gonna be? What's a good twin's costume?

Eric: Oh man they'd be the wonder twins. Wonder Twins powers activate. Form of a dragon! Form of another dragon!

Amanda: I think one of them should be Alonzo disguised as James and one of them should be Alonzo disguised as Nessy

Eric: I like that they do really intricate cosplay.

Michael: That's very intricate.

Amanda: I really enjoy like many layers of reference in my costume.

Eric: One of them is Alonzo disguised as James and the other one is James disguised as Alonzo.

Amanda: Ooh

Brandon: I kind of want the Olsen Twins in Billboard Dad.

Michael: WOW What a reference.

Eric: Let's do another holiday one. What is your character's favorite traditional Thanksgiving food? Go Amanda

Amanda: Turkey stuffed with other meats.

Eric: Good Michael Fish.

Michael: It's going to be a pumpkin pie. It's going to be a very simple pumpkin pie. Lighter than normal. Very light. I don't know if you get why.

Eric: Brandon what does Tracey like?

Brandon: Tofurkey, it's tofu turkey.

Eric: No I get that

Brandon: it's tofu made into a turkey shape. He's delighted by the fact that it's a thing that's not the thing that it looks like.

Michael: Are you sure it's not just like a bunch of bolts like screws.

Brandon: Have you ever seen Tracey eat metal.

Amanda: I haven't not seen any metals.

Michael: That's true.

Amanda: I feel like Inara and Tracey would look at the traditional sweet potato covered in marshmallow food. And look at each other like we're allowed to eat this at dinner?

Michael: That's the thing! that's the thing! That's the thing that Johnny would eat.

Amanda: You got orange but you didn't get the...

Michael: I got orange but I didn't get the marshmallow. Now, who would bring that? it would be like way too excessive.

Amanda: Yeah I think all three of us bring it to the meal and be like whoops

Brandon: Do you think we would have to roll initiative?

Eric: Stoneface likes green bean casserole.

Amanda: GROSS

Michael: What about Alonzo. Gross?

Eric: Woah! hey now

Brandon: you're an All-Star

Amanda: Get your Game on

Michael: Go Play

Eric: Alonzo would bring cranberry sauce. From the can

Brandon: Greg?

Eric: cranberry sauce. Homemade.

Amanda: Awww they were meant to be together!

Eric: They have to bring both Thanksgiving to make sure they have both from a can and the homemade.  

Amanda: We actually do that in my family because my mom only eats the canned cranberry sauce. My grandma is uh huh.

Michael: See I need these Stouffer's boxed stuffing.

Amanda: Oh yeah. Alton Brown told me that stuffing must be cooked inside the turkey

Brandon: Stuffing is evil.

Amanda: Anything else is... dressing. And so I think Alton Brown is an idiot.

Michael: Oh ok I would not go that far. He is not an idiot but

Amanda: he's wrong.

Eric: Wait, I need to circle back. Brandon, you don't like stuffing?

Brandon: No, stuffing's evil, that's what Alton Brown says because you're not supposed to... If you stuff your turkey with stuffing it doesn't reach the proper temperature for food safety.

ALL: Oh right, were on the same page.

Brandon: I've watched every episode of Good Eats twice

Michael: Also why cook it in the turkey? I don't get that

Amanda: For flavor?

Michael: I don't want turkey flavor in my stuffing I just want stuffing, all I want is every sandwich i ever eat to have stuffing.

Amanda: Yeah. Furthermore, turkey is already moisture deficient and so to put absorbent bread in the middle of it. I don't understand. You'll get much better flavor with fucking beef stock, chicken stock, Turkey stock, veggie stock. Do whatever you want.

Brandon: I was watching a mind of a chef and Ludo literally put like two sticks of butter up a chicken.

Michael: Oh my gosh. That looked so good!

Amanda: I love that man.

Eric: It's all just agree that stuffing is the best part of Thanksgiving

Amanda: and like Barefoot Contessa sometimes looks the camera like... well, we're doing this.

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