Afterparty: Pool Party VI

Debating morality, weighing team dynamics, and reminiscing about chocolates and dice. This is the Afterparty, where we sit down after every episode to break down our game and answer your questions about how to play at home.



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Cast & Crew

- Dungeon Master: Eric Silver

- TR8c (Tracey): Brandon Grugle

- Inara Harthorn: Amanda McLoughlin

- Johnny B. Goodlight: Michael Fische

- Creative Contributors: Connor McLoughlin, Julia Schifini, Heddy Hunt

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Amanda: Hey hi. Hello. Welcome to THE AFTER PARTY WHERE I'M JUST basking in the glow of murder. I don't know what you guys are up to.

Group laughs

Michael: You sound chipper for probably the darkest episode we've had.

Amanda: oh yeah I know I'm stoked I'm really happy.

Michael: I meant that in the literal light level situation is real low this episode

Amanda: it was

Michael: I think everything that happened was pretty, pretty chipper otherwise.

Amanda: Yeah Yeah Yeah just uh

Brandon: yeah.

Group laughs

Amanda Oh no. Tracy spent the whole episode fuming

Eric: holding down a half dead man who just wanted to punch him in the face.

Brandon: Just trying to stop everyone from murdering and no one wants to not murder.

Michael: well Woah Woah Hold on there, we we all want to not murder but sometimes you gotta murder

Brandon: Can I roll an insight check on that?

Eric: Roll an insight check on Johnny

Brandon: I got a natural 20 plus 18 for a 38.

Eric: Wow. That's really high.

Amanda: Nope nope You did not.

Eric: Wow I didn't even know that this could go that high.

Mikey: That's uh very confusing.

Brandon: I’m a very good detective. Whatever, fucking therapists man.

Michael: I’m a Therapist now!

Eric: I swear to God whenever I give you guys an inch to do something goofy you all crush it.

Amanda: Yes.

Eric: Plus one to tummy rubs, therapist, raccoon buddy. All of these things

Brandon: I play within your game bounds. Eric

Eric: thank you. Thank you for playing in the space.

Michael: Thanks, detective. So let's talk about something that's kind of like becoming a theme here as we have very different ideological values as a team.

Amanda: Yeah

Michael: And the reason I bring it up is because I feel more center ish than an Inara and Tracey. There's two Tracey's there's the one where he has a rage switch on and he's just murder machine Tracey. And then there's Tracey who we all know and love who is all about murder and not about death and feels awful for everything he does when his rage switched

Eric: hashtag grappling boy

Michael: our favorite grappling boy and then we have Inara the assassin to-be has two deaths to her name now.

Amanda: Yep.

Michael: First like Hands-On real full like you saw it like it through just now.

Amanda: Yeah it was by my hand last time I mean it kind of was because I pushed him but...

Brandon: it was my hand that did push him

Amanda: but it was premeditated manslaughter. But no this was murder. This was a killing

Michael: and I feel Johnny is very in the middle trying to give callee out letting her say anything so that we could maybe not kill her. But

Amanda: yeah

Michael: there was a moment during this episode where I just knew exactly how that entire scenario would go down and I was sure that Inara was coming to the boat with me and if Callie did not convince me she could be reformed, I was just going to walk away and let Inara be Inara

Amanda: me too. I mean that's what went through my head as well is we got the information out of her that we needed to get it was clear that if this bone all went away she would find a way to bring it back or do something else destructive to the city. And if we managed to put the city back to rights I'm pretty sure no one's going to care about this outcome enough to, like, detain us, or if they try then we'll get away. Like I'm not too worried about the consequences.

Michael: Brandon, How do you feel both as someone who was really enjoying what was happening but then also as Tracey, someone who you know you don't know the outcome yet of this but you Brandon know that this is not good for Tracey's mindset and Tracey's position in the team.

Brandon: I think we are going to have to wait for the next episode to see exactly how Tracey is going to react to this, but I will say even right now as we're sitting here I haven't gotten over quite yet. Ever since Eric gave me the book reading, the dread reading of the book, I have felt a little shitty like I have that sense of dread in me and like every decision you guys are making. I knew I was going to have to go counter to that and that's not a fun place to be When you're playing a team sport. But I do want to also explain such to a degree a little bit with your assessment of Tracey.

Michael: oh ok

Brandon: I don't think it's a two Tracy situation. I think it's a progression, linear progression, of Tracy where I don't have you noticed

Eric: a linear progression of Tracy was my college thesis.

Brandon: I love you-  notice that Tracy hasn't used his rage switch in a long time.

Eric: I was, I was wondering that especially because I had just been relistening to the end of Arc two where I gave Tracy his turn on his own rage switch button

Brandon: which I think he's only done once.

Eric: Yeah he did it that episode.

Brandon: Yeah he hasn't used his rage switch in a long time. I think that's very intentional I think he is getting more confident and who he is and what he believes in. And I think he as he becomes more of who he wants to be and who he expects isn't himself to be as an individual he feels less and less that he needs that. Like nos boost you know

Michael: Yeah

Brandon: cause he can do it on his own. It is a comfort to know that it's there. Especially like we don't know what Jamie is going to do but Jamie could kill all of us I think in a single blade strike. But yeah I don't know. We'll see what Tracy decides to do. I think it's a it's an important moment for the team.

Michael: Yeah I personally I know in my head how Johnny is going to handle the situation and to make sure I would remember the next time we record I've written that down just like in case I don't remember.

Brandon: I actually did the same thing.

Michael: I love this feeling of not animosity. It's this tension in our group because it's only going to make things. It's only going to make how we react to what Eric puts in front of us harder.

Amanda: yeah

Eric: who me?

Michael: Because we’re going to start self-sabotaging each other a little bit. And I think that's good. I'm just super excited.

Brandon: We're individuals. We are distinct individuals working together on our team and that's bound to create some kind of strife at some point.

Amanda: And from the player perspective this tension of our characters isn't born out of either of us wanting to sabotage the game or not caring but it's because we are so committed to the perspectives of our characters and wanting to do what is truthful for them. That is great. Any kind of tension that comes from caring too much is like a kind of tension that you know if you have to choose you will choose.

Brandon: This is the part for me specifically in all of my few years of playing D&D where this is where D&D gets really great. I really like the part of D&D where you can actually be your character and say like yeah you can do that thing but I'm gonna do this thing and that's okay. Like we're going to be at odds. We will have to have a group dynamic in order to make a decision.

Michael: That said I think that Inara and Johnny we're like a frikken tag team duo. This episode in a way that felt really good

Brandon: like the darkest sitcom ever.

Michael: Yeah

Amanda: Yeah. It's Kinda like I don't know

Eric: it was like a buddy cop, but like if a buddy cop movie was actually like about police work

Amanda: Mirror universe buddy cop

Michael: Johnny and Tracey are the good cop duo and then Johnny and Inara were like the like 9 pm or 10 pm like CBS.

Amanda: Oh yeah

Eric: like the NYPD blue that you guys are okay I got it

Michael: I got it. Johnny-

Eric: Johnny and Tracey are like fucking Rizzoli and Isles the USA. You're just like characters welcome, being goofy. but Like Inara and Johnny are fucking NYPD Blue gritty real

Michael: the shield! we’re the shield!

Eric: The shield, clean cleaning up the street.

Amanda: We are, by hook or by crook.

Brandon: What are Inara and Tracey?

Eric: Inara and Tracey are like Clifford the Big Red Dog.

Michael: oh my god Yes

Amanda: just us together are Clifford?

Eric: no just Tracy is Clifford and you're what is her name something super British it's like Emma Elizabeth isn't it.

Michael: Yeah it's Emily Elizabeth.

Amanda: get out

Eric makes airhorn sound effects

Michael: you got that Clifford knowledge up in here. (Michael makes blap gun sound effects) Clifford!

Eric: This is what I think about when you guys are making character decisions and what's the name of that British girl in Clifford the big red dog?

Amanda: No but Johnny. I really liked being able to trust you and just knowing that you had my back and my decisions and if I had to like say logically what the evidence was for me to believe that. I'm not sure I could do it. But like when you said we could trust Valentine. I mean I said it in the moment like if you feel strongly about that as you do about the other two things then I concur with them like logic would dictate that I can believe in that too.

Michael: We have a moment where Eric asked everyone are you just going to believe what he says because I am some guy with a book and a lantern who's just like making declarative statements as if we're fact and it's like you going to do this?

Amanda: We said Yeah

Brandon: I think it's a little bit of that a dynamic of like you believe whatever your dad or mom tells you because they are your dad or mom regardless of whether it's true or not for me at least

Amanda: in my case like his like investigative system led him to a conclusion that was Two-Thirds shared with mine. Like everything, I believed he also believed. Plus more and so I don't know. To me, it was logical to say if he has come to the conclusion that I also know after seeing the amazing graffiti journey that I went on then I have no reason to doubt that his other conclusion isn't also true

Michael: then logic dictates that the Undying Light is the best ever because the dying light is right.

Eric: I want to talk about the dying light for a second. Johnny catches the shadow of the bright lantern for the first time.

Michael: Finally

Eric: finally after seeing this shadowy figure like bob and weave throughout causing trouble it was like kind of ruining your life in various different ways.

Michael: Today was a good day for roles. I finally got my own dice back because I've been playing with other people's dice until today so this is good

Brandon: don't blame our dice.

Eric: how did you feel about your conversation with the shadow of the Lantern?

Michael: It felt good. Johnny is frustrated because he does not want to accept that there is a shadow for every light but it is-

Amanda: That is my favorite Stevie Nicks song.

Michael: No this is good I guess maybe the next time Johnny meditates he tries to talk to the shadows instead.

Amanda: Whoa. Yikes.

Michael: Since we're going dark

Eric: interesting.

Michael: We're in JTP Dark now.

Eric: JTP Nights

Brandon: Is there two batmans now?

Eric and Michael: We are both batmans now

Amanda: We have the Spock with bangs. That's what universe we're in.

Michael: We're all three of the Batman. We got the cowl assassin goes through the shadows. We have the grappling-

Brandon: my Batman and my Batman and my batman.

Eric: My batman, my Batman, and me, the modern advice show for the modern Batman

Michael: and someone who will apparently start worshipping the shadows in the dark. That's not going to happen I don't see that ever happening.

Eric: Well I mean you do have a choice. I mean there are these two paths. One is you can accept it or two is you can destroy it. I mean the acceptance and annihilation and I are very interested to see what Johnny does with that.

Michael: Myself and Johnny we have differing views on the balance of light and shadows so this will be fun to play

Eric: nice. I think this was a really interesting moment for Inara because she really started to work towards her acceptance of the assassin's guild. When I'm building an assassin's guild on an idea to have an idea of what this thing looks like even before you look at it I mean the assassin's guild is still a guild. It's like jobs like you hire a hitman. They go out they do the murder. They get paid.

Michael: You have to figure out the fees you have to figure out what kind of taxes you have to figure out like who gets what.

Brandon: I don't think there's taxes on murder, but there is health insurance.

Michael: Is there dental?

Brandon: No. dental’s too much.

Michael: But what if you get hurt on the job. Are there workers comp?

Eric: There’s Workers comp of course. You do seven murders you get one free.

Amanda: ooh an ass-punch card.

Eric: It's really nice. It's more of a stab card. But here's the thing is that Inara is being... I don't want to say hesitant about her murders, but she's not being straightforward about it.

Amanda: Listen the way I view it is that murder is a tool in the toolbox and the assassins guild teaches you how to murder correctly and efficiently and ethically. Whatever their ethics are. You know I don't know yet because I'm not a full part of it. But I think for are courting this assassins guild or applying for membership is a way to if she is going to kill people to learn how to kill them correctly and if there's going to be a tool in her toolbox like make sure that it's the best and the highest that it can be. And I see this as my reel, like my audition tape.

Brandon: Ha ha, your sizzle reel.

Amanda: Yeah sizzles of slashes

Michael: and you're showing you have restraint which is always good for an assassin. To know when is the right time or the wrong time to go stab stab stabbity stab.

Amanda: I know. To me being an assassin isn't choosing murder. Every time that that's an option it's doing it again professionally correctly when you choose to do it. Maybe that's because an employer employs you to do it. Maybe it's because you know you deem that it's just maybe it's because that's the only option left you know for self-defense or for information or whatever. But in this case like is a threat to Fidapolis which is a threat to my employer which is a threat to the concentric states and I don't feel conflicted about doing that.

Eric: Yeah I mean you're right. Like this is a test so you try to show your best side or the thing that makes you you. I think we're talking about like you know you make your college applications. And like there's one guidance counselor they'll tell you to do it like exactly out of the book. You're just trying to do exactly what you think they expect of you and you're gonna go straightforward. He was like put your stats like really pander to the audience. But then there are other people who just like do them, and try to see which one comes out the best.

Amanda: If the assassins guild decides that they don't want Inara then Inara doesn't want to be part of them. Like she's not going to compromise her ideals or not do what she wants to do because the assassins guild wouldn't like it.

Michael: Yeah. Also, don't put the cart before the horse. I think this is just a really cool journey that Inara is like. Just at the still, the beginning of she needs to find a member to talk to. She has like 2 confirmed kills now with witnesses that she should report to

Brandon: you need to get your punch card

Amanda: to be fair the previous kill was yesterday, so I think that I think that I am going to be I don't know hopefully wanting to somebody tomorrow.

Michael: Gosh time, I feel that was so long ago

Eric: Okay we got some e-mail questions you guys ready?

Amanda: Ready!

Eric: This one is from GuyBrushThreepwood Thank you guybrush. this person says. First of all, love the show. Thanks guybrush! That was me. I'm saying thank you.

Brandon: No editorializing.

Eric: I have a question. My brother is going to be DMing a one-shot for me so I can help introduce a friend to d&d. I decided that I want to play a rogue character but I was having difficulty trying to create a good guy backstory so I was reading through the PBH the player's handbook and came across the folk hero traits and suddenly the inspiration for my character. A bow-wielding chaotic good folk hero Rogue. Yup, he hails from Sherwood Forest.

Brandon: think I know where this is going.

Amanda: I’m still in the dark

Eric: He wants to be Robin Hood. If you all have the opportunity to play a character from a famous story legend or book who would it be?

Amanda: Lyra Silvertongue from the gold compass. Pantalaimon her daemon?

Eric: is she just like like a magical Beastmaster?

Michael: daemon powers , yeah, That makes sense.

Amanda: I don't know. I mean she's kind of like a fighter in just personality. I don't know what the better thing would be but she like wields a magical item so she like Channel spirits. You know tell sort of like tell truths and features about the world.

Brandon: Oh that's cool.

Eric: Like an Eldritch Knight sort of thing, like wielding magic through your weapons.

Amanda: That sounds right.

Brandon: Lancelot. Right? That would be fun. Like a medieval knight guy who's like the coolest Knight of all time who just destroys everything

Eric: that be cool like having a medieval character like out of time and like a magical thing.I love it when there are non-magical people in like magical settings. It really kind of like pumps up the power of the magic around it.

Brandon: Yeah I think there's something about like people who are like legend status but still human like Napoleon or something like that.

Amanda: Alexander the Great conquered half of the, known to him, world. And was a guy of woman born?

Brandon: Yeah that's interesting. I would like to play that.

Amanda: Like Natasha and Clinton the Avengers.

Eric: It's a good one.  Oh yeah, I do want to play the incredible hulk. Figure out a way to do it where I have like a human form and like a Goliath form and I would have two characters sheets and flip between the two. That would be sick.

Brandon: that would really cool. Or like Spidey and venom kind of situation.

Eric: Oh yeah.

Michael: So I was only really thinking of novelizations of video games so I was thinking of Ash-

Amanda: as you do.

Eric: You know, The only thing you consume

Michael: -or Link but actually the answer I will give here is a cleric based thing. Moses from the Bible.

Eric: Ooh OK.  hit me with it

Amanda: the original self-insert fanfic am I right?.

Michael: Definitely an interesting backstory so that's going to be really good for background

Eric: Fallen noble got it got it got it.

Michael: right reconnecting with like this group of people and then trying to like save them. So that's a good purpose and goal, connection to a deity. Magical item as in his staff that can do stuff. Literally parting water I mean I feel like this is a good dude he can...

Eric: So is Moses a warlock?

Michael: ooo No I think he's a cleric although he does…

Eric: he does do a lot of transmutation magic in Exodus.

Michael: He does some summoning locusts and like frogs falling true or is that God doing it.

Eric: Hold on.

Amanda: Is he channeling the divine or is he like summoning?

Michael: This is all channeling, this is divine intervention stuff, this is cleric.

Amanda: That's what I would argue as he is like the emissary of power.

Michael: Yeah no Amanda is right. It's totally him not doing much but it's God doing things for him.

Brandon: Can I choose God, can I play as God?

Eric: No you can’t.

Brandon: OK.

Amanda: Well that's called being a DM, Brandon, we are players in this one

Eric: That's me. I'm the Judeo Christian god

Amanda: I am your God!

Eric: Also I've been thinking about this for the last few minutes that I want to tell you this is  +2 to Torah, our Jewish D&D Podcast. I'm Eric Silver and this is Michael Fische.

Michael: Hi there.

Brandon: that’s pretty good, I’d listen to that.

Eric: alright I’m spinning off this podcast

Brandon: Am I listening to that?

Amanda: Brandon’s and mine is called Sad ex-Christians

Eric: It's called D&D is for Devil Worshipping it's perfect!

Amanda: Dungeons and Devils?

Michael: Eric your mess up there was it should have been Join the Tribe instead of Join the party.

Group ooohs

Eric: FUCK! shit! I'm leaving the podcast

Michael: so the entire podcast us We use D&D to try to convince Brandon and Amanda to convert to Judaism, which, Yes I know is against Judaism you do not try to force people to convert.

Amanda: After about 20 minutes I guess it makes sense.

Eric: Alright I got another question. So everyone is really fascinated with our dice rolls so we're going to go deeper into that. This is from Hafsa Kanon I really hope I pronounce your name right. Hey, guys love you in the show. Love you. For the listener QA. Can I ask about what dice you guys have, have had, want, favorite dice, first dice, any dice stories, or any lucky, unlucky dice rolls. I know you've answered one about superstitions but could we hear about all the other stuff too. I'm basically into D&D because I want to eat the dice.

Michael: That's true.

Amanda: Same

Michael: dice look delicious

Brandon: I feel that I feel like whenever I really like something I just want to chew on it. Is that weird?

Michael & Amanda: No it's not.

Eric: Man, your Tinder profiles crazy

Amanda: before recording this episode. Fish brought us some lovely chocolate truffles back from a recent trip and it was something like lined up in a box really beautifully. My dice looked the exact same, just like lined up in a beautiful row and symmetrical and shiny.

Michael: I didn't take a picture because when I tried they didn't really translate but there were chocolates in Belgium that have the shininess and the look of these dice but in spheres.

Brandon: like a glass

Amanda: they temper that shit

Michael: that is tempered A-F.

Amanda: I am a baker now that I've watched four episodes of Zumbo's just desserts on Netflix

Michael: I was praying you were going to say Great British Bake Off but are you disappointed me.

Brandon: I watched Great British Bake Off I learn how to make a mirror finish on like a tart thing.

Michael: Yeah those are cool

Brandon: So cool

Amanda: listen. Zumbo's just desserts is only slow-mo footage of mirrored glazes.

Brandon: I'm going to tell you there's this, there's this-

Eric: So when I got my dice. I really love that. Actually, have a really good story-

Amanda: Shshshsh!

Brandon: This is very important. there is this show about a Japanese man in Japan who has an office job. He's a salaryman and he uses his day job as a front to go to all the dessert shops in Japan and it is the most bananas show you've ever seen in your entire life

Amanda: fiction or nonfiction.

Brandon: It's nonfiction. No sorry. Reverse that. it is fiction. the opposite of what i said

Michael: There's on Netflix for some reason great Japanese food-related ones there's this guy who retires and is so bored so he just goes and eats and he becomes like a food samurai because of dealing with people-

Brandon: yeah you're talking about What's it called.

Michael: I can't remember what but it's nuts!

Amanda: wait why haven't you texted me the link to this already.

Michael: These are on Netflix. My brother really wants me to watch an anime which is just people cooking and it's like them trying to become better and better at cooking and they have these giant things where the taste is over 9000 kind of stuff. It's amazing.

Amanda: oh my god I gotta watch it!

Michael: I need to watch it, sorry Johnny I can't remember the name

Eric: so I got my dice and I don't know if I told the story I don't know. I told the story in the podcast before

Brandon: samurai Gourmet?

Michael: Yes. Yes. Yes.

Eric: does anyone have any dice stories we would like to share with our question asker.

Brandon: Yeah I'm using Chessex dice. I think I talked about this before but these are the first time I was given as a gift from my buddy. Trajan. He was the first one to let me play a game of D&D and I've been using it ever since. Even though they do very poorly for me but I've have a connection with them so I feel like like there's a concept when you're a musician where like the instrument fights you back but it's like a harmonious relationship you know. That's why I really love and like guitars and I feel like these dice just fight me and it's fun. I like that a lot.

Michael: That's some superstition stuff that Y'all know I'm all about because I have a very different view on that. I have some D&D branded dice from one of the earlier editions that came in a box and I also have Chessex because I like to buy their pound of dice which guarantees one full set and then the rest is a complete hodgepodge like you have random dice you have game dice you have oversized you have small size you have sequential as opposed to the correct way dice should be done for D&D. it's all over the place

Brandon: So wait, What do you mean by sequential?

Michael: So like their counters basically

Eric: it's like a magic die

Michael: so for like magic for you to like countdown. And so I like the pound of dice because I have a set of dice that's very important special to me that I bought especially at a convention. But that's my DM dice. So I don't play with that dice and instead, I use my Chessex pounds of dice because that's what I would always give to my players because I usually play with newbies and they never had dice. And so mostly they go away and I kind of give away the dice that's been really bad luck for me

Amanda: welcome do D&D here's some shit dice

Brandon: yeah how kind of you.

Michael: I mean no because almost every time I give away to someone who's playing dice that's done really badly for me. They do really well with it

Amanda: like a domovoy, they change alignment based on what house that they're in.

Michael: Right. So the dice I currently have as evidenced by these are all these episodes are actually pretty good. Knock on wood, have been really good to me. I've rolled pretty well on average Brandon looked at me like...

Brandon: it's fine

Michael: for my roles they've been really good

Brandon: I think comparatively to my rolls. your rolls look better you know.

Michael: Yeah. That's all that matters. As long as I'm doing OK that's on that matters. So yeah that's my does nothing. Nothing too crazy

Amanda: and I'm playing with the first player base that I bought for myself before the short-lived game that I did with Eric and my friends Julia, Jake, and other Eric before we started during the party there from Chessex. And they are teal and I like them a lot. And I just got some new ones in the mail. It's a present from some spirits listeners

Eric: seriously?

Brandon: aww

Amanda: So I got a beautiful gold shiny set like sparkly glittery and then a darker blue set so I'm going to bring those kind of mix them in. I'm excited about it. I also got a pound of dice mostly for decoration in my apartment not going live but I'm going to choose I think the prettiest ones out of there. I like that fish kind of has five or six of each sort of die in front of him as he plays and I like being able to kind of like the one that speaks to me in the moment.

Michael: My favorite thing about the Chessex pound of dice is dumping them all on the table organizing them all and writing down what they got.

Amanda: aww It's like inventory.

Michael: I like doing that with M&Ms too though so I don't know

Amanda: I do that as a kid. I would sort of M&Ms and Skittles by their color

Brandon: are you a vampire. have you not heard of that vampire legend where if you drop a thing on the ground they have to count it

Amanda: what?

Eric: No

Brandon: wait you guys haven't heard about this really? the co hosts of Spirits?

Amanda: Brandon, Count Dracula was a muppet.

Eric: I was just going to say that, yeah the count from the muppets.

Michael: you're just, this is just a Sesame Street thing.

Brandon: No it's real.

Amanda: I mean I'm the dumb co-host of Spirits

Brandon: unless I'm incorrect. And it's not vampires but I pressure as vampires at least some mythological creature. There's one of the things it's like to stop them to deter them as you drop a, you spill salt on the floor and they have to count every granule and it's like it's a necessity and you run away while they're counting

Michael: what's that movie where he drops all the sticks and then he knows the number.

Brandon: Rainman.

Michael: Rainman. is Dracula Rainman?

Brandon: Rainman is Dracula.

Amanda: The count is a vampire and also a puppet

Brandon: Rainman is puppet is what we’re looking at

Michael: One ah ah ah

Amanda: if the count is a puppet and Rainman is a vampire... The count is Matt Damon

Brandon: we’re on a train going eastward...

Michael: guys I just realized I messed up my Curse of Strahd playthrough by not voicing Stroud as the Count.

Brandon: hey eric kind of dice you got?

Eric: the dice I have I actually got from Wizards of the coast from Greg Tito who does outreach in communities

Brandon: isn't he so fancy?

Eric: he’s such a nice boy.

Brandon: No you aren't you so fancy.

Eric: Oh I’m so fancy

Amanda: he’s so connected

Eric: but actually wanted but actually I want to talk about the dice that I really want the ones I want are just d20s. I don't necessarily need full sets. I really want to red 20 because like that's so like classic Dungeons and Dragons. I guess Wizards is like moved away from it so black with red writing but I would really love to have like a classic red d20 with white writing but I also really want a metal d20 so that I can use for like morally significant stuff so everyone can hear the womp of it on a table.

Michael: The red d20 really speaks to me because all I can imagine is the color of the starter box of classic starter box. Like that's such a specific red too it's not like a red red it's a like, red.

Eric: Yeah it's like a danger red like blood red.

Brandon: I had a conversation with my other group the other day about dice-

Eric: You have another group, you’ve been cheating on us?

Amanda: Brandon we’ve talked about this!

Eric: You backstabbing philanderer.

Brandon: There are dice sets you can buy of like almost any material not only like bone which is very cool but like also like meteorite.

Amanda: Woah, I want space dice!

Brandon: Yeah. Are you kidding? They're extremely expensive but like if I had meteorite dice I'm done like I'm done on this planet. My mortal coil is over I am ascended.

Amanda: I've shuffled off, I've fallen I’ve floated, and now a meteorite.

Brandon: Exactly.

Michael: I spend too much time at conventions just looking in the marketplace area just looking at dice that people make because there are just small groups of people making dice because just Chessex is like the Big Box brand. Everyone has Chessex Nothing against them they're great but like the bone ones or the metal ones. It's just so cool.

Amanda: We can never go to a convention then because I would just spend four thousand dollars in a merch Hall buying every single thing.

Eric: you would. they're very expensive

Michael: it's very expensive. The only reason why don't have more.

Amanda: I mean maybe a patreon goal can be for all of us to get meteorite dice.

Brandon: Hell Yeah

Amanda: Just saying

Brandon: there are also dice my other DM, sorry Eric, has uh

Eric: I bet he’s not as good as me.

Brandon: he has dice that have different things on it like there's one that has like moods like neutral happy sad like their faces like a little little emojis

Amanda: what!

Brandon: also like ones that you roll to like. Basically, make a character. So there's like alignment dice and they’re very cool

Eric: yes I've seen that before.

Amanda: I want them all! Yo!

Michael: dice is just like an RNG table of any sort. Anything can be a dice you can use a regular d20 to help decide anything but the fact that they have dice that have like the faces or the things I used to long time ago collect dice but I could just never use because they were like leftover dice from something like they're just weird icons that I have no idea what they are.

Amanda: That's awesome.

Michael: They’re over at home I should look for them.

Eric: Well now what are new thing you got from warlock. You can just read everything.

Michael: You're right. I certainly can.

Brandon: What's RNG?

Michael: Random Number Generator. Everyone knows about the RNGods.

Eric: It's a frozen yogurt flavor, it's like kind of orangey

Amanda: Snozberry

Brandon: Cheesecake

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Brandon: Discordians?

Amanda: or Discordians or whatever

Eric and Michael at the exact same time: Discordites

(general freaking out)

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